Work from Home and the Importance of Office Chairs

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It was a long standing argument from the employees that going to their office every day especially for work that only requires sitting for extended periods of time is not essential. This turned out to be true, as the pandemic that started in December 2019. Employers around the world had no choice but to initiate the largest work from home movement as governments imposed partial and total lockdowns to control the spread of the pandemic. While this is all good for the work from home culture, it is important to note that one should have the appropriate Office like set up including Office chair for home to work effectively and productively without the loss of comfort.

Modern work from home requires that the employee to be as productive as he or she normally is in the workplace. This means people often sit for hours on end in the same place and this can seriously harm the health of an individual. This is why before buying an office table and chair set, it is important for a person to know whether they are suited for long term use. It does not help that the human spine can have serious problems if such a choice is not made carefully. Modern ergonomic chairs are the types of chairs that help keep such problems away. Most offices these days also have ergonomic chairs paired to their office tables because of their advantages

Ergonomic chair: How it is different from a normal chair

There are a few features that make the ergonomic chair far different from normal chairs that are common among the household. We will now explore the most important of such features which are present in every ergonomic chair. These features are responsible for extended comfort in such chairs that are incredibly beneficial for people who use them.

Adjustable Height and armrests

The first most important feature is that the height of both the chair and the armrest is adjustable. This helps the chair provide the best comfort for no matter who sits on it. It is known by research that armrests of the wrong height contribute to shoulder pain, and the modern office chair for home cannot afford to do that.

Backrest adjustment feature

The backrest is one of the most important parts of the ergonomic chair and is tied to the comfort level it can deliver very strongly. The backrest automatically adjusts itself depending on the weight distribution that each user places on it. Furthermore, the angle of the backrest is highly adjustable. 

Neck support

Every Ergonomic chair contains an adjustable neck support, which is important when the user lays back on the chair when they become uncomfortable. This is important, as, without it, the productivity of the work being carried out is largely hindered.

Swivel base

The other important feature that must come with any office chair for home is the ability to traverse the length of the table as easily as possible. This is possible in the modern ergonomic chair. Normally 5 supports with wheels on them are provided for this feature. The base can also rotate independently, which helps give an additional degree of freedom.

How Ergonomic chairs are beneficial to the human body

The modern ergonomic chair is undoubtedly one of the must-have products in the list of work from home furniture. After studying the important features that are present in such chairs, we will now look at the important benefits for the human body when ergonomic chairs are chosen over a normal chair for most office work.

It supports your posture

The modern office chair for home is designed to support whatever poster the user is currently in, and helps reach the optimal comfort levels for the office environment. While the ergonomic chair is designed for maximum comfort on most procedures, it does not support postures that are not suited for long term seating. The chair is adjustable to the height of the computer table and also the height and weight of the individual.

It reduces neck pain

Without neck support, while sitting, neck muscles will experience pain and this will worsen with time. This is easily visible when a person sits for long periods of time. Shoulders also experience pain when neck support is not present in a chair. An ergonomic office chair for home use prevents this from happening by easily adjusting such a support mechanism for every human.

It reduces the pressure on your hips

The base of the normal chair is hard and hence is not comfortable for sitting for long amounts of time. The most pressure is pointed at the hips when normal chairs are used for prolonged work. The ergonomic chair, on the other hand, has a good seat depth of at least 2 to 4 inches that is responsible for reducing the stress to one’s hips while working at the computer table.

It reduces the risk of back pain

Years of bad sitting posture can cause chronic back pain that can be because of the spinal cord damage that happens over time. Such a scenario could be avoided with backseat that automatically adjusts itself to each person that may sit on it.


It is highly important to preserve the health of the employees once they are part of an organisation and this can be done by controlling how their habits affect their productivity. This includes taking a good look at their seating arrangements and hence the chair itself. Good office chairs help maintain the health of the back and the spine, while not providing too much comfort. RoyalOak is a premier furniture manufacturer and sells all types of furniture in India. This also includes office furniture like ergonomic chairs and other WFH(work from home furniture). They have premium collections imported from all around the world, and hence can be trusted upon.

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