Which shape should you get for your dining table

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Dinner room is one of the most important rooms in a house, and as such must be planned according to various considerations. It must be able to function in various situations and furniture is one of the many things that determines the utility of the dining room. As people say, the details become important when setting up such an environment. The material of the dining table set, the space it provides for the people and the equipment, and the overall aesthetic matters. Dining rooms are one of the few places people get together these days given their busy schedules, so it becomes extra important to set them up right. The aesthetics of the dining room can be increased by adding decor items and crockery units, and getting items that are easy to maintain and clean. The shape of the tables can matter a lot if you have a smaller house, but also matters a lot if you want to bring extra elegance into the environment.

Dining tables come in various sizes and shapes, the most popular of which is the 6 seater table which can hold 6 people comfortably at a particular moment with enough room to spare. They are a luxury class of dining tables that require a lot of space, and are usually bought by people who have such spaces in their dining rooms. The designer dining table class though is not limited to such a large size, and many small dining tables with an aesthetic that can catch anyone’s eye. The other important thing one needs to consider is the table top of the dining table. They come in different materials. The glass top and marble top tables have become very popular due to the aesthetic appearance they offer to the dining table. These tables are available in various shapes. However, today, we shall look at the shapes themselves rather than things like material, design or functionality of the dining table and how it can affect things in your dining room.

What shape should your dining table be

As noted, even the smallest of the wooden table  comes in a variety of shapes. If you have a modernistic taste, you can even get uniquely shaped dining tables. We shall go over every variation of shape and what are their usual uses, advantages and disadvantages in the following.

Round dining table

The round dining tables are by far the most common of all dining tables because they are easy to manufacture. They come in both large and small sizes and can host more people than the square shaped tables of the same size. Round glass top dining table sets are incredibly aesthetic and are preferred by many. However they are not very spacious in small sizes and it is better to opt for a square dining table if you want to make use of the most space in small rooms. Round tables can also serve as places to keep all your decor items, as they look very aesthetic, much like a coffee table in the living room when they are considerably smaller in size.

Square dining table

The square shaped dining table is another common dining table that is used in most houses. Since they use the most space available in a room, they can be used in both smaller and larger rooms of a house. Their edges may be a bit bevelled to make them look aesthetic and minimise damage to humans from sharp edges. The marble top dining table that is squarely shaped is very popular within the market because they are easy to clean and resist years of environmental changes. A variation of the square dining table is the rectangular dining table, which is when one of the sides is longer than the other. These can be used to host more people than the traditional square shaped dining table.

Oval dining table

This is another shape that is popular among the certain class because of its unique design advantages over the previously discussed types of dining sets. An oval dining table or a dining set design is a trade off for the typical round dining table design to help the former encroach greater space while having the aesthetic of the round dining table. They can hold 4 to 6 people at the same time or even more considering the elongation of the design. 

Folding dining table

Designers in the past have come up with innovative solutions in the furniture realm, and folding dining chairs make the most of this ability. They enable their users to make use of most space when it's needed and can be folded back when they are not needed. They are modern designs that not many people may find themselves familiar with at first, but are pretty comfortable once they figure them out. 

Apart from this, there are some really uniquely shaped dining tables in the market. The unique designs can be for aesthetic or functionality purposes, and one must look into them deeply for the best choice in their own homes.


The shape of the material matters a lot when it comes to dining table furniture in particular as dinner rooms usually come with different requirements. A 6 seater dining table with a oval shape is the most well suited for a lavish household dinner. On the other hand, one should pick small dining tables which are of a round or square shape if their house is smaller to accommodate the same number of guests if they ever are having a special occasion. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller that has been selling premium furniture for years now. We offer the best of living room, bedroom and dining room furniture. We always give free delivery and installation services to every customer for each of their furniture orders within minimum time. 

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