What Makes Premium Sofas More Comfortable?

Premium sofaPremium sofa

It is often the case that the general public does not understand the fine details of the product manufacturing process. While such knowledge is not for everyone as many may not find it interesting, this kind of knowledge helps a lot when actual purchasing or selection is to be done. Furniture is one such area, and from vintage dining tables to the modern leather sofa, the manufacturing process involves lots of individual tasks over various stages. When one learns about the different types of manufacturing process and materials in a particular furniture product they are highly likely to choose the product that is most right for them.

This kind of attention to detail is incredibly helpful when it comes to the modern sofa set. The sofa sets of today are highly varied both in terms of their functionality and aesthetics. Their capacity of seating and storage also differs. There are also multifunctional sofa sets available, like the sofa cum beds and the L shaped sofa set. These are helpful for particular purposes. In this blog, we will look at the specific manufacturing processes and specialities of the premium and luxury sofa sets, and their specific benefits you may enjoy if you choose to purchase them.

What determines the quality of the premium sofa set?

When coming to the premium sofa set, there are lots of key details which you may want to look into when determining its quality. Higher the quality, higher its longevity and the comfort you and your family will experience with it. We will explore each such key aspect in detail and will tell you how the premium and luxury category sofa is built so that you recognize these characteristics.

The frame

The frame of a premium leather sofa is built in a way so that it provides a sturdy base for every other component that follows. Usually, the base holds the seating and cushions, and the weight of the person sitting on the sofa is carried down to the legs via the frame. The premium quality sofa frame gets special attention to its joints in the manufacturing process. They are screwed together with high-end metal or dowelled. Reinforcing blocks are added to the joints for extra strength. The frame of premium sofas sets is made of with the least number of dried hardwood pieces which give them both their strength and aesthetic.

The Seating support

The seating support is the term used to refer to the part of the sofa that supports one's back. Premium quality sofas always take care that maximal comfort positions can easily be attained with their seating support designs. Both Sofas and the Sofa cum bed have to take care of any issues when it comes to this part. Sinuous spring systems and eight-way hand-tied springs make up the majority of seating support systems for premium quality sofas. Sinuous springs are “s” shaped springs that run to the whole length of the back support. Hand-tied springs, on the other hand, are designed to connect adjoining springs not affecting the cushioning or the comfort levels of the sofa for a long time.

The Cushion filling

The cushion filling is an important thing to consider when you are looking for comfort in both the sofa and the sofa bed. The premium sofa sets make sure they always use the right cushion fillings to increase their comfort levels. The cushion filling is usually made of dense but soft materials which are placed beneath anti-down ticking which prevents the sofa from losing the softness after repeated use. Sometimes polyester fibres and down cushion material which are known as pads will surround high-density foam. They give the leather sofa its soft outer layer but with resilient support inside. Royaloak only uses pocket spring foam for all its premium sofas.

Quality of material

The quality of materials used can be easily used to distinguish the quality of the sofa, however, it is more deeper than just the aesthetics of the material. The handlebars for storage in the sofa are made of alloys that prevent rust. Premium furniture retailers like Royaloak only use Leather which has been rub tested 30,000 times to ensure its smoothness. The materials in a premium designer sofa sets are also made dust resistant and microbe-resistant and thus making it easier to clean. After these functional properties, the aesthetic properties of the material define its quality. Texture and colour should be the next thing customers can use to pick the better quality sofa.

Ease of use

The ease of use is also an important thing in determining the quality of a product. Single-use sofa sets are a thing of the past, and sofas that manage to have multiple functions are now taking over the market. People expect sofas to save space when it needs to and accommodate as many people whenever the occasion presents itself. As the material manufacturing price has gone lower, so has the sofa price become more affordable. Extendable sofa set with a leatherback seating support is a common desire for every family and the premium class of sofa provides just that for people who will select it.


The ornamentation and aesthetics of the sofa matters, and manufacturers struggle hard to create the most visually appealing designs that are both unique and do not affect the functionality of the sofa. The trending aesthetics of today are the larger sofa sets with modular storage and sofa beds of a larger size. The corner sofa is also aesthetic when it is of the premium range. Usually, your stores will have many types of options available for each type of premium sofa, so one should check it out if they want the aesthetics to match their desires.


It is a common mistake to go and select the cheapest of furniture as most of them look unnecessarily to the untrained eye. But the premium quality sofa set is actually designed for maximal comfort and also functions well under different circumstances. They also impact the aesthetic of the room they are placed in, and this impact can be increased when the colours are mixed and matched perfectly with the room and its content. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture brand that sells all kinds of furniture including normal and premium sofas. We also offer free delivery and installation services for our customers

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