Types of shoe rack solutions

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We frequently ignore what is mundane and part of everyday life. However, when such things hide important information about the world in plain sight. Shoe rack is one such piece of furniture that is often overlooked, but plays an important role in daily life. In fact, it is a piece of furniture that has evolved independently in various cultures. Almost every modern home has a dedicated space for a shoe cabinet, and those that have this type of furniture can better take care of their shoes or other footwear compared to those who don’t. Wooden shoe stands are a subtype of this kind of furniture that can be found in a variety of locations throughout a house, the most common of which is the entrance or main doorway. Fabric shoe racks are the other most common type that are mostly only used indoors for the storage of footwear and often take up less space than their wooden counterparts. There are also other types of footwear storage depending on the way you look at the storage item.

Footwear can become a major problem for cleanliness for the family if they don’t use some kind of space for footwear storage. The modern shoe racks are designed to perfectly hold any dust that is accompanied with the footwear out of the house. The footwear storage also helps the different kinds of footwear have a long life by keeping them away from any environmental factors that may harm them. The cluttering of footwear too can be prevented by a well made shoe stand, and additionally there is an aesthetic aspect of this type of furniture. By knowing the different types of shoe rack solutions one can better pick the right type of footwear storage that suits the house in both functional and aesthetic aspects, even factoring in the extra space that can be consumed when your guests visit your house.

Different modern shoe rack solutions for your home

Depending on the design, material and aesthetics of the said design, modern shoe rack solutions come in many variants. The different materials that are popular in such furniture include natural and engineered wood, fabrics and even sometimes fibres. In this blog we will look at all the different kinds of shoe storage and navigate how you can choose the best for your household

Wooden cabinets

Wooden shoe cabinets are the most popular and well known of all the different kinds of shoe rack solutions. They can be further divided by the size of the cabinets, mostly equivalent to the number of doors and separate spaces the cabinets have. They may be made of engineered or natural wood and can come in many aesthetic designs. Due to this versatility, it is very popular among the public. They are mostly used in the entrance of households, but it can be used almost anywhere else in the home. 

Fabric shoe rack

This is the other type of available shoe rack online which is as versatile as the cabinet designs but not as famous. This shoe rack design is made of fabric which is specially designed for high strength and environmental resistance. It can hold as much footwear or shoes as regular wooden cabinets designed for the same purpose. They also come with a cover which can help complete protection of the footwear. They are also lighter and easier to carry than wooden cabinets and can be used when you are out camping or on vacations.

Over the door shoe hangers

This is the alternate design for storing the most commonly worn footwear including shoes. This type of design can hold a large amount of footwear and does not require any assembly. It is made of plastic or a combination of fabric and plastic. It is one of the most user-friendly shoe rack designs available. They can be hung over the door or on the wall as their name implies and can be easily transported in other places. 

Under the bed solution

This is the kind of shoe rack solution for home that is useful especially for kids. This wooden shoe rack can be effectively placed under the bed, and is made of a horizontal wooden or fabric storage space. It is also available in large and small sizes. It can be removed from under the bed like a drawer, and can be a very effective furniture item for indoor slippers giving rise for more cleanliness inside the household. They can have many compartments in them for organizational purposes.

Tilt-out shoe cabinet

This is a unique style of shoe cabinet that tilts out to make room for a fresh pair of shoes.This design holds more pairs of shoes or other footwear than similar-sized shoe cabinets. This is due to the design's inherent space efficiency. It is also an enclosed design like the others and is available in many aesthetic designs. These however cannot hold footwear of unusual sizes, and is most useful when the people in the household use standard sized footwear.


As you can see, there are a lot of different types of shoe racks and they can be helpful in different circumstances. If one chooses carefully, one can not only make shoe racks more than effectively functional, but also very aesthetic. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture brand that sells a variety of furniture styles and is not limited to Indian styles. In our exclusive collections, we sell furniture styles from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. We have a wide range of furniture, including dining room, bedroom, and living room sets. We also have durable patio furniture and decor items to go with it. We can help you with all kinds of shoe rack solutions, as we have years of experience in the furniture realm. We also provide free delivery and installation services for every customer order, as we believe that is what our customers deserve. 

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