Top Living Room Designing & Styling Ideas That are Ruling 2022

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The year 2021 has left behind many aspects paving the way to new living room styling trends in 2022 that offers inspiration to refurbish the living rooms by giving them an update. If you are planning to revamp your living room with top styling tips, then you have come to the best destination. It is time to learn the way of designing your living room giving an elegant look with practicality, comfort, and other space-saving ideas. At the time of styling the living room atmosphere, one must consider certain aspects such as texture, furniture, decor, theme and so forth.  

Subsequent to curating the trendsetting designs, one can choose the several sleek, minimalist, and back to nature looks. In this blog, we have given different styling and designing ideas with popular living room furniture that can upgrade the entire decor of your living room. Different furniture ideas are trending and becoming popular these days. Here is a glimpse of the best style curated from trending furniture items. 

Discovering Top Living Room Trends That Are Popular

Multifunctional furniture & Uses 

Choosing furniture for refurbishing the living room can be a challenging task. However, it is wise to opt for multifunctional furniture functionalities. With the pandemic, our homes are doubling up as places which we are unable to find outside such as outdoor space for hangouts and many more. Similarly, people are indulged in doubling up home office spaces, home gym corners, and many more. A study table with bookshelf will help to provide enough space for a home office corner. It will serve the double-duty purpose of work from home space, study corner and also bookshelf.    

While a storage ottoman can give space for keeping gym equipment, it can also serve spaces for mini seating arrangements. Midway thru 2021, individuals started looking for versatile furniture items. The advent of the flexible storage units helped to maximize storage space for keeping essential and personal belongings. A furniture unit becomes more functional when it is able to serve dual-functional value at the same time.  

Amazing Hues for Living Spaces

Apart from the modern furniture items, adding natural hues to the living space is needed to make it feel comfortable and tranquil. Adding some oceanic colour that is able to complement all furniture types is a trend. One can colour contrast with the dark colour of the corner sofa making the living space more beautiful than ever. Make sure that the colours not only complement the decor but also the furniture. 

Urban Rugs

The modern home with a unique living space can be styled with several additions and changes. One of the various styling ideas includes urban rugs. Throwing in modern colourful rugs around the living room gives an extra comfort underfoot while moving across the sofa set and drinking tea. It gives a definition to the living area to take it to next level. If it is an open-plan space, then you can opt for bold and big prints having large scale patterns for creating a focal point inside the space.

Touch of Traditionalism 

The traditional touches have never become obsolete from wooden dining tables to antique pieces, classic rugs, wallpapers, and traditional furnishings. These types of traditional home decor trends are becoming popular in recent times. Sleek furniture designs with minimalist ornamentation can sync well for a living room revamping.  

A modern coffee table with an elegant flower vase in the middle gives a chic look to the living room decor. Setting up space with essential urban furniture items, textures, colour contrast, and decor along the clean lines of geometry can complement the space greatly. It is the complete embodiment of minimalism, aesthetics, and elegance. 

Add Grandeur With Vintage

With the comeback of the curved furniture and curved countertops, nothing can be better than using it for creating excellent living spaces. Furniture items that are inspired by vintage designs are ruling in 2021. They are becoming the ideal choices for living rooms as well as entertainment spaces. Vintage designed furniture such as wooden king size beds, solid wood bookshelf and many more are becoming popular. 

One can easily place curved vintage furniture in the living room by matching the decor. For instance, a curved sofa couch can be placed with an accent chair. And combining this sofa set with a coffee table can be splendid for designing the space adding elegance, aesthetics and functional value to the setup. 

Go Green with Theme

The green theme not only wards away your monotony of not staying close to nature but also gives you a green-themed living area. Green is the colour of nature and associating your home with nature can be amazing. The living area is an important part of any home as the family members join together after the day’s work in this space. Therefore, making it super comfy with a recliner sofa can be a great idea.


Minimalist designs of furniture fit the urban Indian homes when matched with the decor. A clutter-free space will look more aesthetically pleasing and vivacious at the same time. Individuals want to make their living room comfortable, aesthetic, and functional. You can transform your living space into comfortable interior space with are as follows:

Comfortable recliners and lounge chairs
L-shape sofa and corner sofa
Smart lighting based on decor
Urban coffee table and so forth.
Modern wallpapers, wall hangings,
Lamp and LED lightings
Flower vases
Final Thought

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