Top Interior Decoration Tips for Urban Homes

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The concept of interior decoration  can be different for different individuals based on taste and personality. A room that is well-maintained and decorated can give positive vibes to the person that walks in. The home decor is the centrepiece of the room that attracts the glance of the visitor as soon as he or she enters the room. Several sensible guidelines and tips can result in a beautiful decor of the home that not only enhances the beauty of the home but also gives value to the emotions relating to the home.  

Make Adjustments To Make Room

In most Indian homes, the problem lies in the heavy and oversized furniture that take up much of the space of the home and the rooms. A living room is the heart of the home and also the hub where the visitors gather to spend the most of their time. The oversized sofa placed in the middle takes up much space which you need to replace with modern furniture. Thus, going off the beat is the best option. 

One can place a modern sofa or a leather sofa and also plan the rest of the room’s décor around it. A genuine leather sofa or fabric sofa with throw pillows can enhance the entire appearance of the room by giving it an additional dimension and splendour.

A heavy sofa takes up lots of space and leaves little room for other furniture. 

However, the modern sofa is efficient and less space-consuming and therefore other small furniture like coffee tables can be easily placed. Creative design and decor ultimately blend with every type of Indian home. Additionally, some corner flower vases increase the beauty of the room. Storage drawers with shelves, ottomans and accent tables are the other small pieces of furniture that can serve as excellent decoration tips.

Similarly, for the old wooden bed in the bedroom that might have worn out over the course of time, add the modern wooden bed or foldable bed by replacing the oversized bed furniture. Besides giving extra space for other furniture like a dressing table and functionality, it also adds an aesthetic look to the bedroom. 

Add Some Greeneries

The 21st century is all about apartment living and staying indoors in buildings due to the prevailing pandemic. Thus, people always search for some greens. This can be achieved by creating home gardens or balcony gardens by placing indoor plants such as basil, ferns, rose, lilies and others. Royaloak offers exclusive garden furniture within a cost-effective range. One can add ornamentation and prepare a herb garden with plants. However, there are no hard rules to restrict the placement of plants in the outdoor area, one can place them in living areas and some in study rooms too.  

In the study room, adding greens like a spiky snake plant in small pots acts as a natural air purifier. This will circulate positivity in the room and also bring green vibes while you study. Placing small pot green plants like lucky fengshui plants can be placed on a study table with bookshelf for increased functionality of the furniture.

Eradicate the Blank Space

Most individuals have the habit of collecting small figurines or similar items as collectibles, or have an impulse to buy things as a hobby for a collection like antiques and souvenirs. However, these things need to be placed in an organized way so that they do not appear haphazard. Therefore, one can display the materials on a book shelf with glass door so that the collectibles remain transparent and visible. The combination of a bookshelf with antiques or collectibles, books and lamps can create an enlightening effect beauty to the negative space. 

A Balanced Environment

Creating a balanced environment inside the home is essential to maintain harmony. Several dark pieces of furniture residing in the home for generations can considerably narrow down the atmosphere of the Indian home. It is time to infuse some modern decor into the room and brighten up the overall atmosphere of the home. Significantly, colourful rugs, throw pillows, and upholstered armchairs, lounge chairs, or artistic wall art can enhance the demeanour of the home.

If you have a bleak, dark and oversized wardrobe occupying a lot of space in your bedroom, then it's time to replace it with a modern wardrobe design and free up space for a bedside table.

Be Ready To Welcome Guests At Any Time

Prepare the home decor in a way that can show up even when you are not expecting guests. As the doorbell rings, you should not panic as to where to accommodate, try to place stuff in their place and always be ready to greet visitors. Surprise visits are the most frequent ones that friends and relatives prefer when it comes to showing up at your house. Do you have any secret storage space? Then a king size bed with storage can be a great option where you can keep the relevant things and stuff that you do not want to remain visible to guests. Many such storage spaces have a hydraulic gas lift mechanism which makes it easier to store and lift the bed easily.  

Keeping in mind these kinds of situations, a sofa bed can work well. Even if guests show up unexpectedly, you are able to manage their accommodation if they stay overnight. Maintaining the sofa for sitting is the best idea and proper organization of the clutter otherwise it may appear clumsy. 

Pick A Sleek Design & Style

For a particular home, a specific design style remains consistent with every room and corner of the house including the kitchen space. A number of Indian Homes are just a mix of different design styles which lacks the charm. Herein it's time to restore the charm of your home with exclusive designs. One can set up an ethnic look by installing a wooden sofa, dining table and chair sets with floral cushions, ethnic rugs, and so forth. 

Final Conclusion

An excellent interior decor is the result of sensible choices and creativity. Perfect home decor is a combination of sleek furniture and the right selection. Royaloak is the best furniture brand in India that offers high-quality furniture products for all home decor types. Our furniture also comprises international furniture designs such as American, German, Malaysian, Vietnam, Turkish, Italian, and Emperor design collection of furniture. 

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