Tips To Spruce Your Home For This Diwali

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When it's time to celebrate the festival of the year, you need to spruce up your home in a grand way. The upcoming month will bring the festival of Goddess Kali and with it the warmth of Diwali when every home is lit up with lights, candles, lanterns, diya and many more. Diwali is celebrated in almost all states in India. The festival marks the end of Navratri and the beginning of the occasion of lights. Many people welcome the goddess in their way. It starts decorating homes with new furniture designs, lights, dhanteras, and so forth. Are you ready to prepare your home this Diwali with new design ideas and furniture collections? We have discussed the different tips for sprucing up your home with unique designs and decor ideas that you can follow to rejuvenate your home this Diwali.  

In this blog, our main focus was to acknowledge readers with the best approach to design ideas and the effective ways to spruce up your home space with decor ideas. A festival marks positivity and brings prosperity and well-being to your home. Therefore, your home should have the approach to receive the blessings of the Goddess Kali. It should be clean and decorated to render an aesthetic approach within it.

Tips To Design Your Home For The Upcoming Festival

Herein you will learn the ways to spruce up your home by decorating it with new lighting, new furniture pieces, and many more. Let's take a glance at the different approaches.                       

Eliminate The Old Worn Out Furniture Pieces

It is time to eradicate worn-out furniture pieces by greeting new furniture items for sprucing up your home. You can design the living room with a new sofa set design of leather, wood, or fabric. Ensure that the furniture size matches the size dimension of the available space inside the living room.

If your old sofa has become rugged and worn out, it is better to opt for a new fabric sofa that will match the interior of the living space. A fabric sofa with rich upholstery can bring in an absolutely elevated atmosphere. If you have a bright color background theme then you can opt for the dark colored furniture for your living room.             

Decluttering The Home and Make It Clean

It is important to make sure that the home remains spacious and for this, you need to ascertain that it remains clutter-free everywhere. May it be your bedroom or living room, outdoor or kitchen, a decluttered atmosphere has a positive impact on the rest of the available space. This can be done by changing the direction in which the furniture pieces are kept. You can change the direction of the sofa design to the opposite side paired with a center table. The center table can be placed at the center and enable free movement across the sofa furniture by leaving enough space for individuals to get in the space.  

Before greeting the new furniture items, make sure you have deep-cleaned the existing furniture pieces like bookshelf designs, mattresses, wardrobes, queen-size beds, and many more. One can clear the piles of old newspapers and magazines that have already been used and read. If you want to add some greenery to the space then you can resort to planting pots to give a greener look to the space.     

Consider The Decor Accents

One can easily start by rearranging the smaller furniture products and then proceed further. The smaller furniture pieces comprise side tables, bedside tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, shoe racks, and many more. Additionally, changing cushion covers can have a major impact on the overall interior of the home. This is accompanied by changing curtains, bed sheets, and bed covers, and revamping them with festive designs. 

If you have a wooden shoe rack, you can cover the top of the surface shoe rack design with a floral design cover and place some decorative items like wall lamps, plant pots, and flower vases. Change the old rustic planter pots with modern planter pots for a festive touch to the accent. 

During the festive season, one of the most important spaces to revamp and remodel are the puja room and the dining room. The puja room is where you have installed the gods' podium and set up space for rituals. The dining room plays another important role in shaping the celebratory look of your home. As the family members sit together to dine and enjoy together, there are chances that you may expect guests and thus, it is always wise to be ready with an aesthetic dining table set along with utility.     

Boost The Lighting Arrangements

Lighting is an influential factor when it comes to decorating your house for the next Diwali. You will not leave a single space unturned while decorating light fixtures. One can switch up the lampshades with festive pieces. Small lights can be settled in mason jars to give a beautiful look to the room. Similarly, Diwali is known for Diya decorations. One can create Diya lights and uniquely place them combining them with flowers. It can be placed on the center table or in the middle of the dining table during Deepavali. Some perfumed candles can be lit that will render a warm glow during the festivity.           

Balcony Decoration For Diwali

A balcony is another decorative space that should never be forgotten while being busy with decorations. The interior of the home decor can be easily extended to the outdoor patio unit. Here you can set up a festive decoration by adding candles, floral bouquets, adding colorful cushion covers on the chair lounge, and add rangoli as a part of completing the absolute Diwali look.

Final Thought

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