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Furniture is one of the most important and among the oldest inventions in the world. This has been the general opinion within and outside the furniture realm because of the functionality benefit it offers to the entire household. Some furniture in this aspect gets more attention than others. Common examples include the master bed, main dining tables and sofa sets because they are a very important part of the household. This is not to say that other furniture items are not as important and in this regard, bookshelves, coffee tables, decor items and items like the shoe cabinet become important. The furniture designers however do not think that this difference in attention is valid. Even the most mundane furniture items are designed with careful considerations given to both aesthetics and functionality. 

When designers make furniture items whether they be an existing or a new unique item that is either a standalone item or a item that helps another furniture item, they also keep in mind the idea of their placement inside a house. They also make sure there is a good match between other furniture items and the one that they design. Not every furniture item fits well in a setting, and family members who are out buying the furniture items they want must always remember this. This principle also applies to wooden shoe rack designs for home. If furniture purchase decisions are made without a good idea about where such items will be placed in the house, one can expect to run into aesthetic issues or worse. In this blog, we shall explore the placement concept best applied to different kinds of shoe racks.

Effective placement ideas for different shoe rack designs

There are many places different cultures deem appropriate for placing shoe racks, and we will now take a look at how different kinds of placement combinations can best be achieved through different shoe rack designs.

Entry way of the house

Entry ways of the living rooms and households are the places where most shoe racks and shoe storage cabinets are placed. The designers know this and have designed multiple designs that fit this type of requirement very well. If you have many members in a household, you can buy the large cabinets that can hold many numbers of and many different sizes of shoes. These shoe racks that can be kept in this type of environment also come in aesthetic designs comparable to the furniture items that normally draws attention, like luxury sofas or designer decor items. While there exist purely decorative designs for shoe racks, most shoe racks placed in the entry ways of households serve a purpose and do so very well.

Living rooms

The other place where a wooden shoe rack is used the most is actually the living room. As we have said, shoe racks come in aesthetic designs and therefore a good fit for the living room. The corners of the living room can use an extra shoe rack for placing special footwear that is worn only on particular occasions. The tilt-out design is particularly popular in the living room, because it can easily conceal a large number of footwear within it and also appears to fit well in the living room. Fabric shoe racks are also popular in the living room. 


Many cultures use a separate pair of footwear or shoes when they are inside the house. The bedroom can be kept extra clean if one gets the right kind of shoe racks for their bedrooms. Apart from the usual shoe stand designs, there are also under the bed shoe racks available that can hide the shoes under the bed effectively. Such designs are also effective at organizing different kinds of shoes in a better manner than the older designs and can hold as much footwear as the older or contemporary designs.

Over the door

Over the door or wall hanging shoe rack is a fine example of modern shoe rack design, and is useful for a lot of purposes. It can be easily assembled and disassembled. It is made of plastic or fabric, unlike older designs that are made of wood. They can be quickly placed outside a room which you want to be kept clean and this type of design is mostly useful because such type of storage can also be easily washed. However, one must have shoe cabinets in their house because they generally offer more protection for the footwear than this type of design.

Other areas

There are other areas of the house that can sometimes hold a shoe cabinet of different sizes. Sometimes such placement can be done for the sole purpose of decorating the room or filling up space. They can be used when such a need arises, like when there is an inflow of guests in the house. Shoe racks and rugs are one of the least appreciated pieces of furniture when it comes to keeping the rooms of the household clean.


When it comes to aesthetics, placement is incredibly important for all kinds of furniture items. By effectively placing furniture, we can essentially make the furniture “fit into” a home only presenting itself whenever it's needed. For shoe racks this is even more important as some cultures prefer hiding such furniture during normal interactions in the household. Royaloak is one of India's best furniture designers, delivering high-quality furniture to a variety of sites across the country.we also have lots of variety in furniture including dining furniture, living room furniture and bedroom furniture. RoyalOak also is an expert at shoe cabinets, and prefers procuring multifunctional and modern versions of such furniture. Our shoe cabinets have ample storage space to hold both everyday and party shoes. We also provide free delivery and installation services for every furniture item we purchase.

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