Tips for Choosing and Styling a Bookshelf for Home 


A bookshelf is an important furniture item for many homes where there is an attempt to be a book lover having a major collection of books of different genres such as thriller, fiction, nonfiction, and many more. A well-organized bookshelf has the capability of adding vivacity and aesthetics to the interior of the home. Bookshelves serve as popular storage furniture for books, magazines, newspapers, and so forth. It has also turned out to be the best space for accommodating accessories. However, there lie questions when it comes to choosing the perfect bookshelf for your home and styling them. 

This blog will enlighten readers with the various ways through which you can pick the right bookshelf for your home. The diverse bookshelf decor ideas will pave the way for turning an empty shelf into functional book storage. In this context, we have delineated ideas regarding the ways to pick a bookshelf and how to make them functional with unique styling ideas.

Effective Tips To Choose The Right Bookshelf

Herein given the distinct tips that serve as influential in choosing the perfect bookshelf design. Following these factors will not only be effective but also beneficial. 

Amazing Styles That Serves As Inspiration

Different types and styles of bookshelf furniture are leading the market trends. Consider choosing the style matching with the decor of the home. If you have a traditional home look with existing farmhouse features, then you can opt for a wooden wall bookshelf design. While choosing make sure that you have selected the right bookshelf design complementing the existing furniture products. 

For more ideas, you can take a look at the inspirational ideas from Royaloak furniture designers in order to make a striking interior styling with a bookshelf and its functionality.

Considering The Size Of The Furniture  

At the time of picking a bookshelf, make sure that you have considered the size of the bookshelf furniture. If you want it to be the centrepiece of the living room or the bedroom, then it is better to make it a focal point in the room. It is always a good option to have some general space around the book rack for free movement while selecting your desired book. If you want your bookshelf to be installed near your bed in the bedroom, then it has its added advantages. 

While many readers are fond of reading during the night hours and opt for bookshelf assembly near their bed. This gives them the benefit of establishing a mini reading nook in their bedroom. This depends on the available space that you have in your room and the size of the bookshelf. 

Budget Matters

Are you looking for the best corner bookshelf design that will come within your budget? Then the space-saving book shelving furniture helps to maximize space and also budget-friendly making it the best choice for small spaced apartments. Furniture is a precious commodity that seeks one-time investment therefore in spite of accommodating your budget you should also remain selective about the furniture material. Solid wood bookshelf furniture items are durable and last longer as compared to other types of furniture materials.

Tips For Styling Bookshelf Designs

Different Accessories Arrangement on Bookshelves

With a view to adding vivacity and vigour to the reading materials, one can arrange to stack books in the book rack design alternatively by arranging them horizontally and vertically. At the book-ends, one can use distinct accessories such as picture frames or bold colour accents to make amazing visualization on neutral shelves.

Decorating Bookshelves

One can gather different souvenirs from artwork, travel trips, and evoke certain memories in order to create a perfect bookshelf corner. One can also place precious collectables to decorate the book cupboard design. One can maintain a chic look by packing in classic accessories on every shelf. In addition to this, one can also select one colour or cool tone for flower vases and figurines. An ultimate balance should be maintained within the room interior with sleek designs.    

Layered Bookshelf Decor

There are many ways to develop deep bookshelf designs that give you the flexibility to decorate with layers. Sleek artwork at the back of the book cupboard and arranging with books gives a sophisticated look. With a view to decorate the bookshelf, the front of the wall mounted bookshelves can be decorated with small art pieces and art frames to add a depth of beauty to the furniture. 

Bookshelf Storage Concepts

A bookshelf with storage cabinets acts as a multipurpose furniture unit in your home. The additional storage cabinets can be utilized to store clutters, accessories, and many more on the built-in shelves. In the living room, the blank wall can be transformed into a beautiful storage space comprising the book shelf with glass door furniture. The glass door will make sure that the accessories and books you put inside the bookshelf are visible and adds an aesthetic approach to the living space interior.

Combo of Study Table With Bookshelf

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has forced people to work from the cocoon of their homes to keep the work going on and schools started operating online. This has immensely led to the rise of the work from home space or study space in one corner of any room. If you are a book lover and have to attend office during office hours, then you can opt for the comfortable study table with bookshelf furniture design. This serves the functionality of both the office table/study table and also the books storage shelves.  

Final Conclusion

Bookshelves have become the intellectual corner of modern households and if you are a book lover then you must contemplate on organizing them in a proper way to avoid being damaged with the glitches of time. Royaloak is the leading furniture retailer brand in India that has firmly established itself in the global furniture industry with its brand excellence. It has been able to deliver various furniture items such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, and so forth including international furniture collections to different locations in the country. 

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