Things to look for when opting for a sofa cum bed

sofa cum bedssofa cum beds

An appealing design is typically the first thing you'll notice while looking for a new sofa. When you see a piece you like, it's easy to fall in love with it right away and start thinking about how you might use it in your house.

Although couches may be beautiful on the surface, the adage "beauty is just skin deep" certainly applies to them. Even though mass-produced furniture seems reasonable at first glance, it will droop and fade within months, making you regret your purchase.

With, you can purchase with complete assurance that your investment will not only look beautiful but also endure for many years to come. You can accomplish this with our guide on some of the most essential characteristics of an excellent couch and why they're vital. Continue reading to learn more.

Material for the framework

A sturdy structure is required for any high-quality couch if it's going to retain its overall form and integrity. Frames are critical since they act as the backbone that holds the couch together; therefore, they must be strong and durable to withstand daily usage without sacrificing comfort.

The traditional craftsman's option is hardwood lumber, a material that has served couch builders well throughout history and to this day. Many manufacturers utilize aluminum or wood composites for frames in their modern designs. Metal frames may be strong, but seasonal variations in humidity make them vulnerable to oxidation. However, wood composite frames are less expensive to produce than hardwood or metal ones.

When building long-lasting furniture, we believe that conventional wood frame techniques are the most acceptable option. We choose genuine beech hardwood because of its sturdiness and simplicity of use. To put it another way, excellent beech wood ensures a stable and dependable couch structure.

The inherent characteristics of beech hardwood make it so coveted by furniture makers. There are a few side branches on this tree. Thus it produces strong wood with a straight grain. This kind of grain keeps the wood from warping or bending over time since there are no variations in the grain. Because beech trees lack side branches, their wood is stronger all the way through, making knots weak spots.

Manufacturers are increasingly using a variety of woods for frame construction in recent years. Nothing about this saves money; it's just a cost-cutting measure. When building the frames, Royaloak Alex Fabric Sofa Cum Bed at exclusively utilizes solid beech rails.

Filling for a cushion

The cushions will give your couch both shape and volume while providing you with the support you need to relax. Cushion filling is chosen based on the sofa's desired feel and appearance. Foam, feathers, and polyester fiber are the most prevalent, and each has unique characteristics and attributes to offer. If two or more of these filler materials are needed to get the job done, they may be utilized together.


Like a giant sponge cake, foam combines various chemicals that cure and then rise to create a huge block. In terms of benefits, the best thing about this material is that it has a plush feel yet is pliable enough to regain its original form when a person sits on it.

Material stiffness or suppleness and the number of air bubbles produced during curing influence how the foam feels and its density. Foam density increases as the amount of material and the amount of air decreases. Consequently, the inverse is also true. Foam with a greater density tends to be both more costly and of higher quality.

Sofas by use only the highest-quality foam in all of its products. Some producers cut corners here to save money, but if the cheaper material fails under stress, you'll be stuck with a less durable couch.

Fibers made of polyester

Polyester, an oil-based chemical-based fine thread, has the unique ability to be both very durable and highly versatile. While the individual filaments lack robustness and softness, when many are joined as padding, the air trapped between the strands gives them these qualities.

In contrast to foam, polyester fibers do not immediately return to their original shape when pressure is applied; instead, they must be periodically inflated to replace lost air. Although they seem soft at first because of the trapped air between their filaments or fibers, they will harden when the air is pushed out.


Feather-filled cushioning, such as polyester fibers, is softer and less rigid than foam. Likewise, they need to be plumped regularly since feathers tend to clump together. This keeps cushions from becoming lumpy and formless, which may detract from the overall aesthetic of your couch.

In a hybrid cushion, feather fillings are often utilized in conjunction with other fillers. Faux-feather and polyester blends provide a solid but plush feel, while feather-clad foam and faux-feather and polyester blends minimize clumping while increasing comfort.

Joining points in the framework

Using a sturdy frame material like beech hardwood may give your couch the strength it needs in all three dimensions — but the way the individual pieces are joined together is essential. With the proper joinery, a sofa's structure may be made even more robust and last longer with the help of an experienced craftsman.

Metal staples may be used to join wood with modern pneumatic equipment. This low-cost technique is often used in the manufacture of mass-produced frame structures. To be sure, the finished product is weaker and less long-lasting than if the lumber had been joined properly using wooden dowels and specialized wood glue.

When it comes to primary construction connections, Royaloak Alex Fabric Sofa Cum Bed - Green at is made with double-sided adhesives and dowels, with the addition of reinforcing fastened corner blocks where necessary. In less-stressed places, we'll utilize metal staple fastenings to connect shaping parts.

In conclusion

You can tell whether a couch is of high quality by looking at the work of the business or the individual who made it. Today, the bulk of mass-produced sofas are constructed from prefabricated components. This typically involves unskilled workers, each responsible for a single piece of the final product but without general knowledge.

In contrast, a high-quality couch made by a team of experienced craftsmen using premium materials is far more likely to create a final product of excellent quality with which you are delighted. Each upholsterer at Sofas by is well-versed in all areas of furniture construction, and they take great pleasure in knowing that the final result will survive the test of time. It is possible to track down the individual who built each item of furniture that we sell.

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