The Relevance of a Sofa Cum Bed in Indian Homes

sofa cum bedsofa cum bed

There are many pieces of furniture that are important in a modern house, and sofas are one of them. The typical corner sofa also helps decorate a living room. The sofa is also an important investment as it helps people in the house relax when they come home from a long and exhausting day. Carefully selected furniture for the sofa can last years and give continuous comfort for the family, even when used regularly.

This is possible because many sofas are built with good quality material like solidwood frames and have good quality upholstery to protect it from day to day wear n tear that may damage it. There are other kinds of sofas that are able to transform themselves into beds, and these will be the topic we will discuss a lot about today. They are designed in such a way that they provide multiple functionalities through reliable mechanisms. Such modern furniture can easily be combined with contemporary wooden sofa for a modern look. 

Advantages of a Modern Sofa bed

The sofa bed is multi-functional, which is the first main advantage. They are designed with careful consideration and take the weight of most people in both the sofa and bed configuration
They save space in the house if one’s house is small, and are sometimes specifically made to be easily moved from one place to another, like the living room to the bedroom
The sofa cum bed can easily switch between its many modes due to easy set-up capabilities. This happens within minutes. 
Such instalments are also very conveniently designed for all age groups. Most elderly can have great benefits, while they also are sturdy enough to handle most kids
The comfort level of the modern sofa bed is just like an actual bed when it transforms into a bed.
Mechanism of operation

There has been a lot of technological development over the last couple of decades in furniture manufacture, and this has helped the modern sofa beds enormously. Primarily now there are two main mechanisms how the sofa is transformed into the bed. 

Click-clack mechanism 
The click-clack mechanism is the older mechanism of transformation that has existed for many years in the sofacumbed. In this mechanism, the sofa’s cushion folds back down and thus the person lies on the same panel that one may lean their backs on when it is a sofa.

Pull-out mechanism
This is the new mechanism wherein cushions need to be removed to reveal the wooden frame and mattress. This is more convenient, and also more comfortable than the click-clack sofa bed, as the comfort level is taken care of in a better manner in this mechanism.

Appearance of a modern sofa bed

The appearance of the living room furniture matters a lot in many cultures and that is why a lot of attention to detail is given when it comes to the manufacture of the modern sofa bed. A homeowner, for instance, might want a lot of customization features in the sofa bed when it comes to the type of cushions, colour and furniture design that goes along with it. This is why we as a company make sure that is exactly that our designs cater to all your design needs. It is, however, also important for the homeowner or the customer to take the responsibility to mix and match the sofa bed’s appearance with the appearance of the interiors of their house.

When it comes to the tips that a customer might want to get the sofa cum bed of their choosing, we suggest buying from a reputed brand as they can be assured of good quality. Due to their large set of collections, the customer will also expose themselves to sofa styles they may not have been aware of before.

How to choose the best sofa cum beds?

It is important to choose the right furniture if you are planning to, as cost-effectively as possible without losing on comfort benefits. This is because such items are among the ones that will stay for a long amount of time in one’s house. Sofa beds are also a decor item in a house with multiple functionalities and have to endure all kinds of stuff from the weather to inevitable mishandling that may occur at the span of its lifetime, so making the right choice is absolutely essential. 

One should go for maximum comfort when choosing such furniture as it is a long term investment item. Following are important points to remember when choosing your pick of the sofa bed.

One should always opt for sofas that can be easily transformed into a bed and that which has the pull out mechanism of operation. This means this furniture will feel like a normal sofa when someone sits on it but can transform to a bed with more comfort, whenever required.
·         The back of sofa beds have varied configurations, which the customer should look into. For example, some sofa beds come with extra layers of cushioning and padding in the back of the sofa come bed. There are other configurations where the top part of the sofa back is designed to give more comfort to the spine and neck, thereby increasing comfort levels.

·         Some sofa beds and couch have properties that make it easy to clean and maintain. This includes dust resistant and microbial resistance properties. Some paddings and cushions are also waterproof, which can avoid stains of any kind that may form due to liquid spillage.


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