The L Shape Sofa and how it Can Transform Your Living Room

L shape sofaL shape sofa

A living room is often an important part of the home because it is the place where most of the important discussions are had, and as such people make first impressions about families based on such interactions. It also serves multiple different purposes, like a place to be entertained with family, a place to relax after a day’s work or a place to work with a calm mind when there is less disturbance. It is important to have both space and essential items in the living room, and one of the key reasons the L shaped sofa has become popular is because it helps utilize such corners and preserve center space in such a room. These types of sofa sets have both high aesthetic and functional value and thus have become popular in the modern world.

While contemporary sofa designs have existed long before any kind of modernization occurred in the furniture business, the newer L shape sofa design  has only become famous after a lot of innovation went into redesigning them. The same principle is now followed by many types of furniture around the house including many bed designs that come with storage capacities. The sofa cum bed is another type of multifunctional design that is famous that can be placed in the living room and then can be transformed into a bed that can be used for a quick rest by minimal adjustments. We will similarly see many examples of how the L shaped modern sofas can transform the living room for different purposes.

The L Shape Sofa Design and its Advantages for Modern Living Rooms

In this blog we shall see how the L shaped sofa can be used for multiple purposes in the living room and we will see how other furniture items can be placed in context with it. This is important because most of the time people do not know how to place uniquely shaped sofas and make them seem a good aesthetic fit in the living room. Following are the many ways this type of sofa can help the living room compared to older, more contemporary designs.

Increased use of space

The primary advantage of the L shape sofa is its ability to use the corner spaces of the living room. In fact, it was designed for this express purpose by the western furniture manufacturers. This helps to preserve extra space in the middle of the living room that helps make the living room seem larger and more inviting to guests. Due to the saving in space being real and not just apparent, more things can usually get done. More in the living room, and this goes for both everyday and festive activities. 

More effective conversation areas

The L shaped modern sofa sets make for better conversation starters, as unlike the traditional wooden sofa which is faced in the same direction, it promotes conversations just because of its shape. It can make for both better business and personal conservations when a center table is added to the picture. Although its shape is unique, the sofa design is made in such a way that the comfort is not compromised and the many people that use the sofa feel comfortable in it.

Comfort with functionality

Comfort is one of the most trending issues in the furniture world, and both manufacturers and designers that are in the business of making furniture always try to keep the highest standards for it. The modern L shaped design for sofas and the sofa cum bed design are the ones that utilize this type of a standard the most. The modern sofa designs feature adjustable backrests, footrests, and soft cushions for highest comfort levels. Some designs also come with an extendable or a built-in end table that can hold cups, glasses, books or magazines. While many modern sofa designs that come in the L shape look similar, it is better to pick the ones that are more modular in nature because these give the ability to save even more space.

Ease of use and minimal issues

The modern L shaped sofas are designed with the ease of use requirements of most modern living rooms. This allows them to be easily movable and transformed, if they are modular enough. They are also designed to have minimal maintenance issues that are common in older designs like the wooden sofa set. The most common maintenance issues include problems of moving parts and issues with being easily cleaned. These sofas are designed to be dust resistant and be easily cleaned without expending much effort, and most joints are made of strong but lightweight parts that resist damage. 

It can be a good aesthetic in the living room

The modern L shaped design is unique and catches the attention of any guests that might enter the house and this happens right at the first glance. This type of aesthetics can be made even more enjoyable by minor adjustments to the room like adding wall art or placing decor items that further enhance the room. By following certain tips, a good aesthetic design can be made in a living room without compromising on the sofa set price.


The living room is an area of the house that must perform many functions and still have enough space when the family may invite guests over so utilization of all kinds of spaces including corners becomes important. It is here that the various L shaped sofa designs come into picture, and they help maintain a large space without affecting functionality requirements and increasing the elegance of the living room. RoyalOak is an online furniture seller of Indian origin which can be easily accessed by any internet enabled device. RoyalOak sells all kinds of furniture, be it aesthetic sofa set designs, dining tables or bedroom furniture. With an award winning customer-first strategy, RoyalOak offers free delivery and assembly services for every purchase order.

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