The Eventual Buying Guide to Dining Table 


Every dining room has a story that revolves around the dining table. It can be a special gathering place for a family where individuals gather to share something special with the other family members. Sometimes, it can turn out to be the best place to discuss hot topics of news. Whatever be the story, the centre of everything revolves around the centre dining table gathering around which becomes the story. To some others, it can become a place to entertain and serve guests. To every party, the dining out platform is the one dining table. A number of different types of dining tables are present that come in distinct types, styles, and materials. It is up to you to choose the right dining set of your choice.  

Dining table types can be segregated depending on the shape, materials, and style. As per shape, the dining table can be square, rectangular, round, oval, and freeform. As per materials, dining tables can come in marble, glass, wood, and metal. Depending on the styles, dining tables can be traditional, modern, and rustic. In this context, an effective dining table guide serves crucially that comprises the distinct dining tables. 

Distinct Types of Dining Tables 


Square-shaped dining tables are well-apt for small space dining rooms and tight spaces. It serves a great functional dining experience in narrow spaces and can be easily accommodated in any small dining room without consuming much space. The square small dining table set gives unified space between all members of the family thereby equalizing distance from one another. This helps in more impactful discussions and enjoying fine dining. The square dining table set is perfect for a small family having 4 members. 


Among the various popular dining table types, rectangular dining tables have been more useful for a long time. Do you have an extended family? Then this is the right fit for your dining room. Rectangular modern dining table sets are for a large family having many members. It gives enough space for an ultimate dining experience. This can serve well for the purpose of a house party with guests. 

As it is rectangular in shape, it can accommodate many people at a time. It is of high usage as people can also move freely around it. Additionally, if it is placed on the wall then also it retains its functionality.


If you are looking for a dining table to accommodate your small dining room, then a round dining table is the best get-to-go. A round table, just as the square dining table brings a cosy atmosphere in a dining room. It brings individuals closer together while dining out and therefore bridges the gap that remains when everyone remains busy at work. In one phrase, it serves huge functionality by making up for the busy time at the end of the day. 


If you are looking for a perfect dining solution for a large and narrow dining space, then this is the right platform where you can get a great fit for your space. Similar to the rectangular dining table, the oval designer dining table can give a great advantage in accommodating many people and guests. It also gives the round edges of a round table therefore people can freely move around. Small oval-shaped dining tables are the perfect fit for small spaces and also offer space for legroom due to their convenient oval base. Besides adding flexibility, it also elevates the overall dining experience.


Marble serves as a potential foundational material for dining tables and most people opt for marble top dining tables due to various reasons. Not only enhances the beauty of the dining decor but also serves perhaps the easy to clean dining set choice. Among the expensive dining pieces, this is expensive but luxurious to put in your dining room. It brings in grandeur and a classy look to the dining decor owing to its elegant and rich feature. 

Marble is a natural matter that does not require other manufacturing efforts to produce. When one is having a marble dining table, it flaunts the entire atmosphere of the dining room and goes well with all types of decor.


When it comes to the most popular dining table choice, a wood dining table comes to the very first. Many people still today hold popular choices for wood dining tables. Natural wood becomes a very good choice for crafting explicit designs and other decorating sections. Several hardwoods like oak, mahogany, teak, sheesham, and many others are considered best for creating a wood dining table. Solid wood always proffers warmth and vivacity to the room decor. It may come in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, square, oval, and round. 

A wooden dining table set should be selected as per the interior of the dining room. One of the important aspects of using wooden dining tables is that they are completely durable and have a sturdy nature. Thus, their inbuilt durable nature enables them to last longer and beat the timelessness. A wooden dining table turns out to be handy as it gives the flexibility to the user to modify by changing the finish, lining, and repainting the table to provide it with a new look. 


Are you looking for a modern dining table that can enhance the landscape of your dining room? A glass top dining table can serve the purpose of opening a grand space of dining decor. Glass dining table gives added enhancements to the decor by giving a modern dining experience. Based on the interior decor of the dining room, the frame of the glass tops can be made with stone, metal, and wood.

The glass dining tables add a high tech modern look to the overall home decor. Due to its high resistance to moisture and heat, it serves as a potential dining table material that is highly useful for its easy usable nature. It can be wiped and easily cleaned without much hassle. For the glass top, tempered glass is used and therefore affected by hot items.


Granite is a popular kitchen countertop material that has been used by various households in India. A number of traditional home decor and modern styled houses opt for granite dining table tops. Granite offers huge flexibility to the craftsmen to mould into different designs and styles. Thus, it can be custom-made to serve the dining top of your dining room. Owing to its durability, easy cleanliness, and resistance to bacteria, it has become a popular choice for many Indian homes. Granite table tops are heavy enough and should be considered the place for living as its movement is quite difficult.


Metal dining tables are the popular types of dining tops and have become trendy in most Indian homes. It complements various contemporary and industrial interior home decors. The most preferred choice goes for metal dining table sets and steel dining table sets owing to their durable and long-lasting features. It enables users to use it anyway by putting any item on it. If you are looking for a readily usable dining table that can provide practicality and easy maintenance of the dining tables. By having a metal dining table set, you can customize it as per the interior decor, thereby matching the dining table with the dining room.

Luxury dining table

Following are some of the luxury dining tables that are trending in the industry.

8 seater dining table

The 8 seater dining table is classified as a luxury item, as it is one of the items that few houses have. They come in the quality of most designer tables, and are made extremely sturdy and weather resistant. They are long lived, and come with various unique colors and customization options that are as per customer taste. 

Epoxy resin dining table

This is a wooden dining table that is coated in epoxy resin at the time of manufacture, which helps them stay weather resistant for a long time. They are also easier to clean and take no damage from liquid spillage. They can be made into any customization and color profiling that can match the texture of the house.

Chapter 2- More Details On Dining Tables

Contemporary and Modern Dining Table Tops

Modern dining table comprises designer dining tables that are made up with different types of shapes and materials. The contemporary dining tops are unique as they are incorporated with distinct style mixes, texture, and colour. For instance, the combination of a rustic wood table with drape chairs can appear complementary to your dining decor. At times, benches are also used instead of chairs that can give more space and also render a classic look to the dining atmosphere. 

Different Dining Table Edge Profiles

A number of dining table edge profiles are available that add significance to the ultimate crafting of the dining table sets. At the time of selecting the distinct countertops, one is not only indulged in choosing colour and layout but also selects the type of dining table edge one requires. Additionally, the edge profile features give additional style to the dining space. Mentioned below are the top dining edge profiles and will lead you to choose the right one for your dining table style. 

Waterfall Profile:

Waterfall dining tops have become prevalent today. As such the popular waterfall edge has been defined as the side of the table that drops vertically to the floor and seems not stopped at the edge of the table. Therefore, it gives an illusionary visual that maintains a continuous flow connecting the floors to the table. 

Round Edge Profile:

The round edged profile of the dining table is simple and eradicates the harm of sharp edged dining tables. Considered cost-effective, this dining table edge profile is mostly used in Indian homes as it requires fewer expenses to manufacture round edged profile. 

Reverse Bevel Edge Profile:

Bevelled reverse edges are angled and of sleek design. These kinds of edges have become popular with modern and contemporary designed dining table sets. Mostly, this kind of edge profile is adopted for granite dining table tops and also gives an elegant look to the ultimate dining decor.

Double Edge Profile:

The double bevel edge is the most popular and least expensive edge profile that comprises a flat edge and having a bevel at the top and bottom of the table edges. Due to its cost-effectiveness, it is the most used dining table edge profile that suits every table design and style mix.

Live Edge Profile

The live edge profile is another kind of profile that is popular in the designer dining table, and it has a unique look to it that makes it appear freeform at the edges. The top thickness also varies widely, from 30 mm to 80mm this style is popular among the people who desire a unique look, and it also lasts a long time. 

Different types of dining table base

There are many different kinds of bases that are available for dining tables, and the customer can select one of the following bases.

4 legged base

This is the most common type of dining table base, and consists of 4 wooden or metal or composite supports for the wooden dining table top. The supports themselves may be designed in a peculiar manner.

Pedestal base

Pedestal bases are more common in small or fancy dining table tops. They consist of a single thick support which may then extend itself to many support structures at the bottom of the support. Marble dining table with a pedestal base is more common in oval and round profiles.

Cross legged base

Cross legged base dining tables are more used in larger rectangular dining tables. They are designed such that each of the 4 legs travel in a slant fashion. The legs can be made of metal, wood, or composites. Wooden legs are used in smaller dining tables

Trestle base

Trestle base is another type of dining table base that is commonly found in small and rectangular profile dining tables. They can contain peculiar designs and are commonly made of wood. The larger wooden dining table that uses this kind of base design has thicker legs.

Industry dining table base

This dining table base is known for its strength and longevity, and hence its name. The base has mostly metal or composite parts, and is designed with thick legs that provide extra strength 

Seating Mechanism

The dining chair seating mechanism matters a lot when it comes to a small dining table. As the seating arrangement is the primary means of comfort, it is to be selected carefully. The homeowner must also keep in mind the capacity of diners they may want a dining table to hold when, say, a special occasion takes place in the house. There are 3 primary seating mechanisms that are used with most dining tables. 

Box seating
The box seating base is made of strong construction. Cushioned dining chair gives the maximum comfort with maximum weight capacity. Box seats dining chair can be chosen with rectangular wooden dining table.

Side rail seating
This is a more normal seating mechanism with the use of chairs that may have metal or plastic bases for seating. Cushioned dining chair gives the maximum comfort with minimum weight capacity. Side rail dining chair can be chosen with small dining table.

Upholstered dining chair
Upholstered dining chair increase comfort by making it feel more comfortable to its users. They contain springs within them which make them regain their cushion. The springs are usually the S springs which are also commonly found in modern sofas. This upholstered dining chair will match for designer dining table.

Dining table trends in the present moment

There are many dining table trends that have been going on in the market recently. If one needs to buy the right kind of dining table for their house, it is important to understand the trends so that one can take advantage of it.

Sheesham Wood dining table sales are on the rise

This is a longstanding trend in the commercial dining table market. This is because sheesham wood is superior to almost any other kind of wood that is permitted to be used for wooden dining table manufacture. The woods that are superior to sheesham wood are generally rare, and sheesham wood has its own set of properties why it is highly sought after. It has grains that are smooth and the wood is long lasting and hard enough for use for an extended amount of time.

Marble dining tables sales are on the rise

In the previous years, the marble dining table wasn’t the one that sold much, because the manufacturing processes deemed such dining tables to not be sold for an affordable price. But as technology has improved, such tables have become more affordable. They are also available at highly customizable design and in different shapes, with different edges, increasing their popularity.

Counter dining tables

The counter dining table sales have also increased. Counter dining table is a special kind of dining table that usually is taller than other tables. The seating that is suitable for such dining tables is also taller. They provide people with a higher leg room, and it also comes with more space for wooden cabinets and drawers that can store various items.

Extendable dining tables

People are also looking into flexible solutions that make use of the dining space well. Here, the extendable dining table is incredibly useful as it transforms the 4 seater dining table into a capacity of a 6 seater or more. There are many mechanisms that help such transformation, and all of them involve very simple steps that can extend the capacity of the dining tables within minutes. 

Maintain Your Dining Table in Advanced Ways

Maintenance of the dining table is important. While most dining table sets are built to last for a long time and are weather and scratch resistant, mishandling can lessen the lifespan of the dining table. One must not stand on a dining table & dining chair for any instance, or use it for purposes that are not suitable for it. The small dining table set for instance, cannot handle as much weight as the large dining table set. Following are the important points regarding maintenance of different dining tables.

The wooden dining table must not be stressed while it is not in use. Liquids spilled must be immediately cleaned to avoid any absorption that may lead to the weakening of such dining tables.
A corner protector can be used to protect the corners that are less stress resistant. A transparent mat can be used to avoid scratches on the dining table top.
Glass dining tables must be cleaned regularly to maintain the beautiful look.
If the dining tables are constantly moved for any reason, care should be taken that legs of the dining table are lifted when they are being moved.

Each dining table has its own dimensions which one needs to research deeply about before buying. Based on the thickness, materials and seating available with the dining tables, the functions and usability of the dining table changes. One must carefully consider all the small details before buying their choice of dining table set.

The seating arrangement in the dining table set must also be carefully chosen to be spacey yet comfortable to many people. The seating arrangement must also be chosen considering the different profiles of dining tables, as some seating arrangements fit better than others depending on the shape of the dining table.

Chapter 3-Frequently Asked Questions         

Questions on Marble top dining table

Why is a marble top dining table more popular?

Marble dining tables are very popular among the public as they provide a strong and long lived product quality. They are often usable for years and are highly resistant to wear and tear. Marble dining tables are also easier to clean, if food or drinks are spilled on them. They can also be custom designed to be attractive.

How should you select a marble dining table?

Marble dining tables must be selected based on the after deciding on the space one has in the dining room. The marble dining table is also more suitable for indoor, rather than outdoor settings as it does not respond well to heat. As marble dining tables are heavier compared to other kinds of dining tables, they must be selected when frequent movement of the dining table isn’t a requirement in the dinner room.

Questions on Wooden dining table

What are the advantages of wooden dining tables?

Wooden dining tables are one of the most reliable dining tables, since wood has been used for years to make dining tables. They are lighter and much easier to handle than other types of dining tables, but are strong and weather resistant. There are more varieties of wooden dining tables than any other to choose from. 

What are the different types of natural woods used in wooden dining tables?

Primarily, rubberwood and sheeshamwood are two most used natural types of wood that is used in making a wooden dining table. Both are strong and durable, and undergo many processes in their manufacture to make them have a high finish and be liquid and weather resistant. Teak wood, oak wood & ash wood is another type of natural wood that is also used in dining table manufacturers.

What do you mean by engineered wood?

They are usually made of recycled hardwood or softwood which would otherwise be wasted in saw mills. Adhesives are added while it is manufactured to give engineered wood the same or greater strength than natural wood. After manufacture, they are processed further to add a shiny, glossy effect which makes them look attractive. After processing they may go for glass dining table base.

Questions on glass top dining table

What are the advantages of glass dining tables?

The glass dining tables provide a more glamorous and luxurious look than any other dining table. They are also made easy to clean and are highly weather resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. They promote cleanliness and a finer dining experience than other types of dining tables.

How is a glass top dining table designed?

Glass dining tables are designed and manufactured by strong acrylic or composite glass parts which are beautiful, transparent, yet strong and lightweight. They can have a wooden or plastic base with metal legs that are often fit on them.

What is a tempered glass top?

Tempered glass is 5 to 6 times harder than normal glass and is harder to break. It is much more resistant than normal glass to temperature changes, and is regarded as safer to use. It also breaks differently than normal glass, forming a substance closer to amorphous powder rather than sharp edges

Does RoyalOak provide assembly services?

Yes, whenever a customer buys from RoyalOak, they always get free delivery and assembly services. A personnel will help assemble the furniture after delivery.


There are different advantages and disadvantages that are associated with each type of dining table. They are also available in different sizes and different seating capacities, so one should pick their choice of dining tables only after knowing enough about them.

Depending on your choice, the dining table set can be ordered from the RoyalOak online store, which will then be shipped, delivered and assembled by our personnel. We can turn any room into the most well-furnished dinner room. 

Chapter 4- How Do You Make the Dinner Room Beautiful?


Hutch is an American English term for furniture that has lots of drawers and a wooden cabinet that may be veneered together or may sometimes use solid wood. They have many functions that most often refer to storage of different items. Hutches were popularized in the 19th century where they helped dining tables gain more dining area by swinging a portion of the hutch to make up for the lack of the space.


Sideboards are furniture that are found in dining rooms that are used for serving various foods. They sometimes are also used to display food items to guests. The term sideboard is usually interchangeable with buffet. If the furniture has shorter legs, it is called a sideboard, whereas the long legged furniture with similar function is usually called a buffet. Each sideboard or buffet consists of various cabinets and drawers which can also hold plates or other dining items. Buffets are meant to be used as self-service while sideboards have more of a decorative and storage function.

Crockery unit

The crockery unit is another piece of furniture which serves a more decorative purpose in the dining room. It can display various sets of plates, glasses or other items near a 6 seater dining table. Cookbooks, artwork, and antique dinnerware are also sometimes placed inside the glass cabinet. The crockery unit might contain mirrors attached to it to make it look even more beautiful and shiny. Among all other dining room furniture, the crockery unit serves the most decorative purpose.

Bar cabinet

There are many dining practices in many parts of the world, and in many cultures, a wine cabinet in the dinner room is not uncommon. The bar cabinet is not part of the sideboard or the buffet, although those pieces of furniture also have many cabinets in them. It is placed separately in the dining room for the purpose and commonly it is kept locked so as to limit its access. 


There are many ways to make the dinner room more beautiful. It is always beneficial to have more than just a 4 seater dining table, even in small places of dining. Except for outdoor dining, all indoor dining experiences can be made more desirable by the right furniture.

Hutch and buffets are especially useful in the times of special occasions and help more food servings to be ready for such guests. Crockery units help make the dining room look more exotic and also serve a special function when serving plates become difficult to maintain.

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