The Best Way to Take Care of your Dining Tables


There are few areas of the home as important as the dining room. It serves as the area where you eat until you are full, and also serves an important part of the social structure by encouraging people to come together. It has served a greater historic purpose than most other forms of furniture items, but even these days when most people do not actually meet to eat dinner together in a home it is considered important. Dining table chairs suddenly become very essential if you are planning on an occasion such as a festive season or a wedding. However, taking good care of dining tables is a necessary thing if you want them to serve their functional and aesthetic purpose for a long time. In this blog, we shall look at the various variants of dining tables and their special properties. In doing so, we shall also understand how to take care of them effectively.

A large dining table set like the Royaloak Baleno wooden 4 seater dining table set is a very good selection if you have an average family. These days dining tables such as the model stated above come with an engineered wood or solid wood design with aesthetic manufacturing and strong upholstery. The durability only adds to the value of the designer dining table sets of today, and manufacturers continue to integrate new functions to such furniture. Extendable dining tables are one such modern take of the manufacturers, where the dining table set is made such that it can accommodate an extra amount of diners when needed. There are many types of dining tables, like the traditional wooden tables, glass top and marble top dining tables. Today we shall see how to effectively take care of each such category so that they can give you their maximum value.

How to take care of your dinner tables

Based on what they are made of and how they are designed, slightly different methods are to be used to take care of them. Normally, the size doesn’t matter and the 6 seater dining table also needs to be taken care of like the outdoor dining table provided they are of the same manufacturing process.

For natural wood tables

The traditional wooden dining table is very attractive to have, but often has certain limitations that you need to be aware of. For one, they are not made to withstand intense heat, moisture and sunlight. So you must make sure that they are kept in an environment that doesn’t encourage such environmental items. It can however, still bear the occasional spillage of food, but make sure you clean up once such mishap happens. For keeping the aesthetics, you can take measures like refinishing them if such an occasion presents itself, but normally that won’t be necessary.

For engineered wood tables

The modern dining table variant - the engineered wood table is a very popular dining table in the furniture market today. It has fewer maintenance steps than the traditional dining tables, as it is better protected from environmental factors just by virtue of its design. To make sure it remains aesthetic, you will have to clean it once in a while. If your dining table is a multifunctional one, like the foldable dining table, make sure you leave the expandable portion inside the table when not in use. This is to prevent fatigue on the table and also to take care of joint health.

For glass dining tops

The glass dining table is quite special in the dining furniture realm, because it is much more aesthetic than most other kinds of dining tables. However, it is important for you to know which type of glass top dining table you are buying because that will help you a lot while taking care of them. Although most such tables are made of hardened glass, they can still get scratches and such scratches can damage its aesthetics. You must prevent scratches to the dining table by being careful to not move any sharp object on it. The glass top has an advantage over the wooden top because it can tolerate intense sunlight quite easily.

For marble dining tops

The modern marble top dining table is usually the easiest to take care of, but they do come with certain problems that can be easily fixed. They have good protection against environmental factors like insects, water, and sunlight. However, they tend to be quite heavy and thus will require more strength to move from one place to the other. Make sure you do not drag them around, as doing so can damage other parts of the dining table that will most probably be made of wood.

Other tips
There are other tips to take care of your dinner rooms too. Make sure the environment is aesthetic in the room, and keep some extra chairs in the room because they definitely will become useful some day. Make sure you clean all the dining plates, cutlery and other items when you are finished with the occasion and if your small dining table has drawers in it, make sure you clean it too. 


There are many ways that you can take care of your dining room, as listed above. However, if you want a good dining table, you must always go to a trusted store. Now granted, online stores are popular these days, but you should check their reviews just to be sure. Look for offers like free delivery. RoyalOak is one such online store that is popular in India. It gives the best deals on many furniture items out there. The list includes the 6 and 4 seater dining set, living room furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture and bedroom furniture. The store is particularly famous for its international furniture collections, such as those from America, Europe, East Asia and the Middle east apart from India. RoyalOak gives free delivery and installations for every furniture item ordered.

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