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Bookshelf DesignBookshelf Design

Furniture is an incredibly important thing to keep in the house both aesthetically and functionality wise. There are many types of indoor and outdoor furniture, and most of them have a specific function. They are often available in various sizes and designs. A design is simply the way in which a piece of furniture is built. Now, depending on what type of accessory it is, functionality or aesthetics may be prioritized. This is evident in many cases. For example, beds and couches which are primarily used for seating prioritize comfort over aesthetics, and decor items like the coffee table prioritize aesthetics over any supposed functionality the user may want from them. This is not always true, as designer furniture and luxury furniture often are exceptions to the rules and prioritize being unique and being extremely aesthetic. Another design variation that has increasingly become popular is modular design. Modular design refers to furniture that can easily be assembled and disassembled. This is useful when you want to rearrange furniture in your own house, or when you want to move it to some other place.

So far we have talked about what design is and how different furniture items may be designed differently. We have also talked about commonly used design principles used in the realm of furniture design. With that in mind, now we can see how these design principles may apply to individual furniture items, specifically the book rack in this specific article. Bookshelves are not commonly the first thing that may come to mind whenever a topic of furniture is raised, but they are however a very important part of the household. Infact, cultures have separately developed the concept of bookshelves independently in their own way throughout the many years furniture design has evolved. This is understandable, as bookshelves are used to hold books which have had some of the most impactful impressions on human evolution and history. Bookshelves are usually placed in the living room, where a person can read them in their own time. However this is not always the case, and many people prefer to have this piece of furniture in their bedrooms or work areas depending upon their preference.

Things To Look For In a Bookshelf Design

Choosing the right bookcase for your house might quickly become a difficult task if you do not know much about how they are designed or what you want them to help you with in the house. Bookshelves come in various designs, and in this blog, we shall explore things that you may want to consider when looking for the right type of design for your needs.


Size is the first thing that attracts attention when you are looking into a bookshelf design. The larger the bookshelf’s size, the larger its book holding capacity. This is obvious but there are some small bookshelves that can hold a lot of books because of their design and you may want to buy them if your house or a room is small. This is because of the stacking options that are present in the bookshelf. Vertical stack of books can appear large but hold a smaller number of books. This is not to say that Vertical stacking is redundant, infact, it can be helpful if you prefer aesthetics a lot. Both the stacking methods offer various methods for organizing your books properly.


If you are an avid reader you may want to fit more books into your book almirah from time to time. But eventually because of your hobby there may come a time when the shelf itself becomes full. This can be countered by selecting bookcases that come with a scalable design. A scalable design means that the furniture can be expanded because of certain features that the furniture comes with or it is possible to add similar units in it. This can be achieved by buying modular bookshelves, which are a modern version of bookshelves that prioritize functionality and are built to be scalable from the very start.


The longevity of your small bookshelf is an important matter and often it is ignored by people when they are out to purchase them. This can cause people to choose bookshelves that are not optimally functional over a long period of time. The best way to determine that your selected furniture item will live through longer days is to focus on the material and structural design of the item. The structural design also matters and the more sturdier the design, the more likely it is to function for a long time.


The final feature that you may look for in your wooden book rack is its aesthetics. For this you must understand what you want very well and have a sense of what fits well in your house. By mixing and matching the colors of your chosen furniture with your room, you can have the right kind of book holding furniture that fits very well with your own house. This can easily be done without compromising any kind of functionality.


Reading is both educational and entertaining and both fiction and nonfiction books are necessary for a good life. The best place to store such books in an organized manner is through a bookshelf in the living room. RoyalOak is one of the premier brands that sells furniture in India. They are the most popular brand because they are versatile and have lots of experience dealing with different kinds of furniture. This includes the living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. They also have decor items to choose from and bookshelves of various sizes and designs are available.  As if that was not enough. RoyalOak houses the best of American, European, Middle eastern and East Asian furniture and sells them as part of their exclusive collections. RoyalOak has a consumer first strategy and always gives free delivery to all its customers for every furniture purchase they make through the internet.

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