The Art of Styling Bookshelf in The Aesthetic Way In Home


Setting a reading corner at your home may not be enough to organize all books together. Often the scenario that occurs is your room messed up with cluttered books all over. This will not only curve down the impression of guests at your place but also hamper the overall look of the space. Therefore, it is important to organize books in a proper way for making them aesthetic as well as decluttering. This blog will focus on the distinct art of styling bookshelves in an aesthetic way.  

The way of styling bookshelf designs can be many, however, readers can acknowledge many ways in this context. A bookshelf design is a perfect place to not only organize books but also framed photographs, artwork, mementoes, collectables, and some indoor feng shui plants. 

Effective Tips For Styling A Bookshelf Design

Keep Efforts For Substantialism 

Prior to getting started with the plan on how to style the bookshelf, make sure to have available space for fitting the furniture. One can consider the placement of the bookshelf and then begin styling it. For making it the style statement and element for your home, choose a furniture design that has ample weight. The concept of identical bookshelves placed quite opposite to each other will create a grander look. Otherwise one can also place it near the TV unit which will add a focal point to the decor and create a royal appeal.

Opt For A Specific Color Theme 

A cohesive color does not mean painting the bookshelf. One can find the dominant colors that repeat over and over on the bookshelf. For instance, the blue color of books can be set alternatively. This will not only make the decor soothing to the eye but also make it attractive. There are different styles of grouping books as per similar color. In any kind of bookshelf decor, neutral color serves the best kind of theme that one can choose. 

No Overcrowding

Do you have major book collections to organize? Then it is important to understand the idea of not overcrowding the furniture. You can put in the front section the important ones that you can display. There are times when a cluttered bookshelf with books may make the place look dull. In order to break the monotony of the furniture design, books can be paired up with decorative pieces, medals, mementoes, and others. As you fill up your bookshelf, you should be clear about what you want the furniture to look like. Besides being compelling to the guest’s eye, your book rack design should be appreciated by you too. 

Set The Bookcase To Accessible Space

Make sure not to overburden the bookcase so you can put the heavy books and things towards the bottom of the bookshelf. The heavy weighted things that are heavy not only physically but also visually should be kept on the down shelf of the bookcase. 

Make A Contrast of Height and Depths

The bookshelf can be designed in a contrasting way. Books can be decorated horizontally and vertically in sequential order. Whereas other decor elements can be kept closed and behind alternatively. For instance, a framed photo can be leaned back and in front of it, a small accessory can be kept. With a view to adding some height beside, one can keep a larger vase or a book that will add height to the shelf. Another styling idea consists of stacking some books and keeping a small object or showpiece over it.   

Make Use of Meaningful Items

Adding meaning to a furniture design not only lies in its style but the way you decorate it. It can be a framed group photo of your school farewell day or a small sophisticated piece of art. These are the various things that add meaning to the furniture designs and also to the space where it is installed.  

Be Frivolous While Decorating

At the time of decorating the book rack design, you can let it remain a little frivolous. Create a monochromatic effect by lining up a few things that are similar to each other. When it comes to designing the bookshelf, you can let yourself be a bit playful with ideas. 

Setting The Books in The Shelf

The art of styling bookshelves varies from one individual to the other. However, in this context, we will acknowledge the different styling ideas that we can implement on the shelves. The books can be styled differently such as stacking some books by making them laying flat and some others in a leaning position. Books can be placed differently on a specific shelf by making some books stand or lean backwards and some combining with some small decor pieces. At times, one can add an indoor plant for adding natural stuff to it. One can place many natural objects that you will love when it comes to displaying. 

Nothing Can Be Perfect

Any furniture piece cannot be perfect so make sure that you do not aim for the perfect furniture design. One can easily display different items such as medals, figurines, and elevate the ultimate look of the bookshelf design.  

Final Considerations

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