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While setting up the furniture for different living spaces, the most important priority goes to decorating the bedroom. A bed inside a bedroom takes up much of the space compared to all other furniture. Therefore, it becomes the most significant aspect of bedroom decor. Individuals look for options with which they can make the bedroom clutter-free. This can be well achieved with storage bed systems. With saving space, one can make room for room decoration and also place other furniture items like dressing tables in the bedroom. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of storage beds with which you can maximize space and store all essential items in the storage space.  

Beds With Distinct Storage Functionalities

If you are thinking of your bedroom furniture setup or organization, then select the quality storage bed that can save your expenses on storage furniture. Mentioned here are the different types of smart bed storage options.  

Hydraulic Bed Storage

Hydraulic bed storage systems are becoming popular in recent days owing to their flexibility and usefulness. These types of bed have built-in storage under the mattress area. The storage panel works easily and users can access it with a gas lift mechanism. With the installation of the Hydraulic storage bed system, one can have a bigger space to store more belonging and save clutter too. As the bed is implemented with a hydraulic bed storage system, one can easily lift up the panel and unveil the distinct compartment. These kinds of beds are designed in a way to provide a secret space for belongings. 

One can store different materials such as books, shoe boxes, bulky stuff, and other belongings that would have taken much space if placed outside. Bigger storage space can help to organize your belonging. One can store books, board games, collectibles, and therefore keep the bedroom clutter-free. 

Storage Beds Having Drawers

Storage beds with drawers are for those who want to keep their belongings in the cosy space of a drawer. These kinds of storage beds come with drawers, there are many options for keeping items in them. As the space is smaller as compared to the hydraulic storage beds, one can keep little items and folded stuff in it. For instance, one can keep pillow covers, clothes, cushions, linens and other small stuff in the drawers. One can fold materials and neatly place them in the drawers, thus it saves more space in each drawer and makes your bedroom completely clutter-free.

The drawer storage option of beds is often functional when families have kids. The wooden bed with storage drawers have become one of the popular bed storage types that people are using recently. The drawers become a great space to store books, toys, games, and many others. Not only will it help you avoid clutter to have a clean bedroom but also maximize your bedroom space for functional furniture items. 

The storage beds with a drawer can be categorized into two options:

Side drawer storage bed: The side drawer storage bed is very useful as both the sides of the bed will have little drawers for storing pillowcases, bedcovers, pillow covers, and other small stuff. The storage space is less so one can keep folded items on both the side drawers of the bed.

Front Drawer Storage Bed: This type of bed consists of drawers towards the front of the bed and is useful in keeping small books, kids clothes, and other little stuff. It can also be used for keeping essential small jewellery items if you want to keep it under the bed in the drawers and cover the edges with a bedcover. 
Headboard Storage Bed Frames

These types of beds come with additional headboard storage space function along with storage drawers on the other sides of the bed. This type of Wooden bed with storage is quite similar to that having side and front drawer storage options. However, it has the additional advantage of a headboard. This type of bed frame adopts materials like faux leather, suede, and velvet as the framework. The upholstery is incorporated with an additional padding system.   

A significant section of people often indulge in night reading. They can use the headboard storage to place their books, glasses, and the reading night light to read during the night time. The headboard is quite handy as one does not have to leave the bed to keep the book on some other shelf. 

Deep Storage Box Bed 

The deep storage box bed administers enough space for storing larger items in the storage area. This type of box bed is an enclosed bed that majorly appears like a cupboard and gives you way more space than the previously mentioned storage beds. It is the best choice for a family that has kids and therefore seeking more space for storing belongings. As the under bed storage space is deep, one can keep storage of suitcases, shoe boxes, luggage bags, and winter clothes in it. Therefore, it saves floor space by placing items in the storage space. 

The deep storage box bed is very useful as users can keep large stuff and other such household items in it. As the most preferred bed type, it is the highest-selling item all across the world.

Final Conclusion

Are you looking to decorate your bedroom with a king size bed with storage? Royaloak offers the best range of storage beds all over India and is the leading furniture brand across the country. They offer smart bed storage solutions that are built-in with distinct storage options and easy lifting with hydraulic gas lift. First, ensure that you have space for which size of the bed and then select the right storage bed solution. One can choose different storage beds from the international design such as American bed design, Italian, German, Malaysian, Vietnam, Turkish bed and other designs.   

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