Shoe Racks For Small Spaced Apartments

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No matter how you look at it, furniture is an important part of life. Most modern homes have furniture items that can be broadly classified into living room, bedroom, dining and outdoor furniture. All these types are essential since they serve a function to the house. While high end luxurious homes with vast spaces can afford to have extra spaces, most small apartments are low on space and can hold only essential furniture items. Now shoe racks are one of the most essential items on the list, as they are necessary for hygienic living. However most older designs include a shoe cabinet design that is often too big for a small home. This limitation can be easily overcome by opting for designs that are built to solve this issue. These designs are part of the modern design principles called multifunctionality and modularity. Both of these principles, although well known in the early days, have really become famous in modern times.

The material used in modern shoe rack design also has more variety than what was common before. This has led to creative solutions for the little space problem which affects a large portion of the middle class families. This is because most urban area homes are minimally designed. Function aside, most shoe racks of the old times also had some kind of aesthetic design attributed to it. This is also important in modern times and most furniture manufacturers have not forgotten this fact. The functionality aspect has gained more traction in recent years, but like it always happens, the perspective of aesthetics in furniture designers has slightly changed and they have adapted to new requirements brought about in the industry. By studying about the many new designs, a household can easily get good shoe racks that fit well with small spaces but do their job just as well.

Shoe rack designs that fit well within small spaces

In this blog, we shall look at all the slipper stand designs that can help you with keeping your footwear clean and well maintained over a long period of time. They come in various aesthetic designs and some can be easily hidden from view as many cultures may require them to.

Hanging shoe rack

Hanging shoe racks are the most innovative design that can tackle the small space problem head on. As their name suggests they can be hung from the wall or the door and can hold a lot of shoes of standard sizes. This plastic shoe rack design is also tough and can handle any kind of environmental stressors.  They can be folded and hidden from view should that be necessary in any situation. They can be easily transported to new locations and can make good candidates for outdoor environments as well. Many sizes are available for this design.

Fabric shoe rack

Fabric shoe racks are the second type of design you should go for if you are looking to hold a large amount of shoes in a small area. They are made of rich non woven fabric which is stronger than traditional fabric designs. The shoe rack is made of this material almost completely and also comes with a door that helps hide the shoes from both the environment and people, if you want that. They can have multiple compartments in them and you can check these beforehand if you are buying a shoe rack online.

Small wooden shoe rack

The classical wooden shoe rack is still a viable option for small spaces in homes. Wooden shoe storage by far has the most variety, and thus is available across various sizes. Most such designs also have doors and allow organized compartments. By looking through various designs one can hope to find the right kind of shoe rack for their home. When looking for the right shoe rack made of wood, it is important to go through what kind of wood they are made of as some types of wood like Sheesham wood are better than other types like plywood when it comes to longevity of the item.

Multipurpose shoe racks

Multipurpose shoe racks can hold shoe racks designed to do many things at once. They can transform themselves when more space for footwear is needed and may come with foldable parts that help them serve this. They can be made of wood, plastic or sometimes even metal. Thus, the modern design incorporates a lot of things in it to help the small space problems posed by apartment complexes.


Many modern shoe rack designs employ the concept of modularity which is essentially minimal design with the possibility of assembling further furniture space when required. It is commonly used in other types of furniture items like bookshelves and center tables, but is now being used with shoe racks as well. 

Apart from this there are also DIY kits available although we won’t recommend using them because it can get complicated and quality issues can arise from them. We recommend going through as many design variants of shoe racks as possible before coming to the purchase decision.


It can be difficult to make space in a small apartment or home for shoe racks. But without shoe racks you can rish hygiene problems. This is why one must know the new designs of shoe racks that  RoyalOak is a well known Indian furniture company that sells a wide range of furniture designs, not just Indian ones. We sell culturally similar furniture styles from America, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia in our distinct collections. Variety of furniture sets for the dining room, bedroom, and living room are available in our online store. We also provide high-quality patio furniture and accessories to complement it. We have years of expertise in the furniture industry and can assist you with all types of wooden shoe rack designs for home. We also give free delivery and installation for all our furniture orders since we feel our customers deserve it.

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