Royaloak New York American Wooden Sofa 1S

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  • 12 Months Warranty

Product features

    • Solid Wood
    • Pocket Spring for Extra Comfort
    • Washable & Removable Cushion Covers
    • Durable & Long Lasting
    • Elegant Design
    • American Collection


The Royaloak New York American Wooden Sofa beautifully styled makes a welcome addition to any living space. The imparts timeless style, creates luxuriously comfortable seating elevates the design. The fine crafting of rubberwood makes it more durable and promising to serve for years. Enjoy the comfort as you kick back with your latest read or catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show. Buy this sofa set at the best price online

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More Information
SKU SF104-1
Weight 36 Kg
Dimensions Length-33.5in X Width-29in X Height-34in
Warranty 12 Months
Assembly Details Installation provided by Royaloak
Package Details 1 Single Seater Sofa
Time for Installation 15 Min
Material Wooden
SubCategory Sofa
Seating capacity 1 Seater
Shape Chair
Where to keep Wooden Furniture
Keep your Wooden furniture away from direct sunlight. It will cook fine finishes, fading and destroying them over time, that’ll cause the wood to dry out and shrink, leading to cracks.

How to clean Wooden Furniture
Vacuum your furniture upholstery to remove accumulated dust from both under & above the surface, preferably once a week. For a quick-fix touch-up, use an appropriate polish on scratches and chips, especially to make them less visible on the feet of furniture. Dust your wooden furniture often. Small particles of dust may seem harmless, but enough buildup can scratch the wood's finish. Use a microfiber towel and gently buff. Don’t use sprays as they can damage your furniture in the long run

How much distance to maintain from Wall for Wooden Furniture
Keep away from damp walls & water prone areas, Always maintain 5 inches gap from the wall, Do not place wooden furniture touching the walls.

How to increase life of Wooden Furniture
It is always recommended to fluff & turn the detachable cushions, seat & arms regularly to ensure the longevity. Don't move the wooden furniture by pushing, dragging or lifting by the arm rest, Carefully lift the furniture from the base when moving around the home. Do not strike with hard or pointed items which will leave marks and dents on the surface.

How to make it look like new
Don’t place your furniture near heating units. Dry heat will cause the wood to dry and shrink, leaving cracks. Use a humidifier in the dry months to bring the moisture up.

  • Avoid outdoor use and exposure to water or prolonged moisture.
  • Avoid exposure to direct heat or sunlight as this can cause the sofa color to fade.
  • Keep sharp objects away from your sofa. A little tear on the fabric cover may be hard to repair.
  • If you have removable back cushions (or put extra cushions on your sofa), do reverse them periodically and fluff them up while arranging so that the cushion stays even.
  • Vacuum your sofas periodically with a soft bristled brush attachment or lightly brush them to keep general dirt and dust off the sofa and prevent any embedding between the fibers.
  • Try to avoid food and drink spillage of any kind. If spills occur, do not leave unattended.
  • In case of a stain, a water-free fabric cleaner can be used. However, avoid applying the cleaner directly on the stain as this can cause damage to the fabric and fade color. Pour the cleaner onto a clean cloth and test its effect on a hidden area of the sofa before cleaning the stain with the cloth.
  • Getting your sofa professionally cleaned once every 6-8 months will not only take care of the nooks and corners that you can't reach, it will also make it more durable.
  • Fiber-filled backs and armrests will flatten with regular use. However, they can be brought back to shape as easily as a normal pillow.
  • Leatherette products need to undergo periodic maintenance to prevent cracking or peeling in the long run. Vinyl conditioner or leather conditioner needs to be applied to the product every 3 to 4 months for a long product life.
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Happy Customers

More than 3M+ satisfied customers


Very modern look

I purchased it recently and this Grey color gives it a very modern look and the quality seems to be great


Worth it

Bought after my friend recommened , worth it.


Experience is really good

Awesome build quality and product .I have been using this chair from past 25 days and experience is really good


Appealing design

Setup worked well. Installation was smooth. Appealing design, Lots of storage options and exquisite finish.


Very Comfortable

The seat of this chair is not hard. In this chair, we can sit comfortably for many hours and complete our works



Simply awesome!! Now I can enjoy my games the way it is supposed to be

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