Recliner Sofa Designs: What You Should Know About Recliner Types


Picture this: the cricket world cup is on, you have a snack snuggled in your lap and you’re leaned back in a comfortable position. Do you see yourself curled up in a cozy recliner chair? What kind do you imagine?

There is more than one recliner sofa design to choose from in the market. There are many types of recliner chairs to suit different needs and home styles.

Let’s take a look at the types of recliner chairs available to you:

1. The Traditional Recliner Sofa Design
A traditional recliner sofa model is the basic recliner type available in the market. It has two positions and reclines back a level on pushing a button or pulling a lever. It could come in single, double or triple-seater. This recliner is the classic recliner type that gives you the option to kick back and relax. A single or double-seater may make a good living room addition while a three-seater can be a good addition to a lounge or bedroom. This is for those who want to enjoy sitting back a little and unwinding.

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2. Power Recliner Chair Design

Have you seen recliner sofa models that stretch out completely from head to foot with the press of a button? That’s a power recliner for you. With a single click, these chairs release the back seat and footrest so you can lay almost flat on them. Once again, these are available in single- and double-seater patterns. These span out much more than traditional recliner types hence, will need more space. Think of a big living room or a bedroom. This chair may also need to be connected to a power button for electric supply.

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3. Rocker and Glider Recliners

As the name implies, rocker recliners are arched such that they can swing back and forth. These recliner sofa designs are perfect for parents with infants or young children that will allow you to rock them to sleep while ensuring their own comfort. Gliders are similar to rockers but they move forward and backward linearly instead of rocking. Both these recliner sofa models are also useful to those who have trouble falling asleep at night. A perfect bedroom or lounge addition.

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4. Swivel Recliner Type

One of the fanciest types of recliner chairs available to people are swivel recliners. They are designed to swivel around while being reclined. This gives users a full range of motions when compared to other recliner sofa types. This is great for a bedroom with multiple views like a TV, an outdoor window or a bookshelf. However, there’s one word of caution: make sure there’s enough room to swivel around so that you are not hitting any walls.

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5. Orthopedic Reclining Chairs for Elderly and Differently-Abled

Orthopedic reclining chair types are specifically-designed reclining chairs for elderly and people with disabilities. They provide comfort and support, and are constructed in such a way that they support good posture, have high safety features and other additions like an adjustable headrest, footrest and level. Such recliner sofa designs are great for bedrooms and provide your special family members the much-needed luxury they deserve.

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6. The Massage Recliner Sofa Design

Why go out and spend on a massage when you can enjoy the same, pushed-back at home? Massage recliner chair designs are built with vibration insertions that have the ability to massage your body in all the right places. These are great for the bedroom or an exercise room where you just want to sit back and relax. Sounds like paradise? That’s because it really is!

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7. Theater Recliners Types

If you want some extra storage space to hold snacks and drinks, a theater recliner model is the one for you. Be it jutting out holders or openable armrests that can hold things, add one of these recliner sofa models to your living or TV room for an unmatched viewing experience.

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Things to Consider Before Investing in a Recliner Sofa Model

Before you choose a recliner sofa design, here are some things to keep in mind:

Consider the usage of a recliner sofa in your home. Do you want it for multiple people or are you looking for a single-seater? For a family recliner, choose a double or triple-seater where you can all cuddle together for a nice, relaxing day.
Think of the space where you want it. Do you want a recliner in your living room or your bedroom? Will you be watching TV or is it for reading or massaging? Choose one depending on your need and then find the right spot for it in the house.
Choose an orthopedic reclining chair for elderly family members or those with special disabilities after taking all their needs into consideration.
Reclining sofa designs are available in a wide variety of materials, from fabric to leather and rexine. Choose one depending on whether you have pets, children and how much time and effort you are willing to expend to keep it clean.

To conclude, choosing a suitable recliner chair for your needs may seem difficult at first but rely on the advice of experts and your instincts.

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