Reading Corner for Kids: How to Create a Perfect Reading Nook


Books have been the sources of education and entertainment time immemorial in human history. But it is a culture of learning that must be cultivated at an early age to enjoy this medium of education and entertainment. While companies have already spent millions on platforms that offer more easily accessible mediums like video content to provide the same amount of education faster, books still remain important due to the sheer amount of information that they can hold. By having a good bookshelf design and changing the room in which your kids spend most of their time, you can create a sort of nook for your children to spend their time in.

The secluded corner that is the reading nook you are supposedly designing must be inviting even to a person who does not spend much time on reading. Your bookshelf must contain books of various genres, both catering to education and entertainment. The books and their placing must invoke a sense of calm from the room. The Comfort level of the room and its size must be appropriate for your child. Kids are curious so the items in such a room must be easy to maintain for their long term use. Furniture thus plays an important role in creating the right feel of such a reading nook and in this blog, we shall explore how to approach doing just that.

How to create a perfect reading corner for your kids?

While creating the perfect environment for children depends a large part on the particular child, there are certain things in the environment that a parent or guardian can control to promote reading and other learning activities. A comfortable reading nook with a wall bookshelf can function well both in the day and the night if designed well.

Find a secluded place

Not every place in the house can be turned into a reading nook, as there are certain things that you cannot necessarily control. A good place to install your book rack must generally meet some criteria. There should be less noise, or ideally no noise when your kid tries to read in the room. There shouldn’t be a lot of distracting things around the room or in the room so that one can easily focus. The room must also be spacious and clean enough for this to happen.

Make it as comfortable as possible 

The reading nook will not be able to hold a child’s attention as they are already easily prone to distraction if it is not comfortable for the child. Have good seating furniture in place for the child to promote such activity. It may not be as big as a sofa set but must feel comfortable enough for the child. Having a good rug that covers the ground can be beneficial for the reduction of dust in the room. A study table or a desk can help the child in maintaining good posture while reading. Good furniture when placed correctly can give a calming and comfortable feeling.

Leave space for social interaction

Children need social stimulation while they are young, and as a parent or guardian, you need to make sure that they get it. Reading books with friends can be a fun activity, and the room should have enough space for it. Cosy seating that is not easily damaged must be provided in enough numbers to make them comfortable. This can be done with a good quality couch, and having many such items will promote group reading activities. The room should neither be too big or too little as this might hamper the attention capacity of the children.

Take care of the lighting

It is important to have good lighting in the room for maintaining a good reading environment in the reading nook. The lighting should be bright and focused enough that the kids can read at any time of the night. It is however also important that the lighting not be as simple as just any other room and also be appealing enough to the children.


Every child is different, and you should take care that the reading nook appeals to the child’s interests. Some kids want the room coloured a certain way, and others may want specific items that help them in concentration. Some kids may want a traditional bookshelf design, while others may prefer more fancy or modern designs. Personalizations should not go overboard, and the room should still function primarily as a quiet reading place and not be transformed for some other purpose.

Don’t forget to fill the bookshelf 

When you’re finished setting up the perfect reading environment for your child with the bookshelf of their choice you need to fill them up with books. You also must do this quickly because an empty reading nook will quickly be turned into just another place of play for a child. It is better to work together with the child and do this. Just letting them pick their books or you alone deciding which books are better for them does not tend to work as well.


For children who are very young, the learning environment matters a lot and this has been shown time and time again. By creating a perfect reading nook your child will enjoy reading and may also develop a reading habit. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture retailer and sells all kinds of furniture including the most attractive book storage units. The book rack can be modular in nature, which can help easy assembly. RoyalOak also offers free delivery and installation services for all its furniture.  

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