Popular Types of Sofa Cum Beds for Modern Homes

sofa cum bedsofa cum bed

Important features of any item that one may buy in the store include multi-functionality. This is also the case for many furniture products that one may want to keep in their house. For decades, there have been furniture types made for a predetermined purpose. For example, the living room is primarily decorated with a designer sofa set, the dining room with the dining table, and the bedroom with an appropriately sized bed. But furniture manufacturers over the recent years have realized that people want smarter solutions from the furniture industry and new variations of multi-functionality are constantly designed by such industries.

One of the oldest examples of such multifunctionality is the sofa come bed, where a normal-looking sofa is transformed into a complete-sized bed in a matter of minutes. This happens through various mechanisms, the most popular of which are the click-clack and pull-out mechanisms. In the click-clack mechanism, the back of the bed folds down and the user lies on the same material that may be used to lean on. The pull-out mechanism sofa cum bed has a mattress that is comfortably hidden beneath the cushions. In this blog, we shall explore the different types of such sofa cum beds

Different types of sofa cum beds

The sofa come bed can be classified by various methods including the frame and cushion material, the capacity, and popular sofa cum bed designs.

Frame material

The frame is the hard and sturdy part of the sofa come bed material, which makes up its legs and base. The frame holds the cushions and mattresses in position and is responsible for taking the weight of the people that may sit or sleep on the sofa come to bed.


This is the most popular material that is used for the frame. Wood is easy to obtain and work with, and cheaper when compared to other kinds of materials. While natural wood has enough strength to make a sturdy wooden sofa set design.


This is the second most used material for the sofa frame. It provides a much more sturdy and rigid framework than other materials and is mostly used in the foldable parts of the sofa come bed. For example, the pull-out mechanism features the mattress with a metal framework inside the otherwise folded paddings and cushions. The metal framework is coated with a thin layer of plastic or other kinds of protective material to prevent any kind of rust formation.

With modern design techniques, both wood and metal frames can be designed elegantly to give the sofa come beds a modern look.

Cushion material

The cushion material is the material on which people usually sit on the sofa. They are responsible for the comfort and the look of the sofa bed.


The fabric cushion material is made of natural or artificial strands which are first harvested from wool or cotton and then made into cushions by weaving, felting, or knotting. They are the most cost-effective cushion materials and are thus preferred by many people.


Leatherette is the name for artificial leather, which is made by the processing of fine polymer materials which are first in powdered form. The layers of the material are then added together to make it seem similar to natural leather. The advantage of this type of sofa bed is that it has the qualities of a leather cushion despite being less costly.


Natural leather is strong, durable, and long-lived and is made of animal products that are tanned and then treated with various chemical products. Leather is considered a luxury cushion item, due to its superior looks and comfort quality. They are the most sought-after cushion item for a sofa cum bed.


The capacity of the furniture determines the limit of humans that might use it at the same time.


This is much less popular than the other, as most people prefer a larger sofa bed with enough room while sleeping. However, if the house is small and has space constraints one may opt for the 2-seater capacity, which is just as useful as other similar multifunctional designs.


The 3-seater sofa bed is by far the most sold in India, as it looks no different than an actual bed once the sofa transforms into a bed. It is preferred because it gives enough room and space for sleeping, and has the added advantage of being foldable and moved easily. 

Popular sofa cum beds

In this section, we will look at all the sofa bed designs that are popular in India, and the multi-functionality they come with. These are some of the best-selling sofas after the wooden sofa set which is otherwise the most preferred sofa set from the Indian population.

Day bed

The day bed is one of the most popular sofas cum beds of India which works on the pull-out mechanism. It is usually of 3-seater capacity, but smaller and larger capacity day-beds are also available. It features a storage compartment just below the mattress and is thus perfectly suited to transform the living room experience. It is available in various cushion materials and is often made of a wooden framework. It also acts as a makeshift diwan cot and thus is extremely multi-purpose in its design. Due to it having many such advantages, it is one of the most sought-after designs of sofa cum beds.

L shaped sofa come bed

The L-shaped sofa cum beds are also called loungers, and they offer the user the option to change the sleeping position from right to the left. They also work on the pull-out mechanism. The lounger is usually of a 3 seater capacity or higher. The L-shaped sofa cum bed saves space while it is a sofa and can be quickly transformed into a bed within minutes. This type of sofa come bed also comes with storage options, namely a pull-up storage mechanism that is under the mattress. Thus with such multiple advantages, it has also become one of the most sought-after sofas come beds in India.

Futon bed

The futon is an old type of sofa bed that operates manually. There is a cushion that essentially is a transformable futon placed on such a mechanism. The cushion material is mostly made of fabric, but sometimes leatherette pads may be used. This was hugely popular when the sofa bed was first introduced in India, but the popularity has since declined because it is not that user-friendly as other models that are sold in the modern-day and age.


It is important to know about the different types of sofa cum beds if one is planning to purchase such furniture as it is helpful to make better and cost-effective decisions. The different types of sofa cum beds discussed here are all thus helpful to the consumer to make their choice. However, the consumer must take care to mix and match the furniture to the different colors in their home. Royaloak is a premier Indian furniture brand that sells all kinds of furniture including the wooden sofa set, sofa cum beds, and designer sofas. They deliver and assemble your furniture for free, and operate all across the country. Their online service is the fastest way you can get your best furniture deals fixed.

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