Perfect Design And Renovation Ideas For Small Kitchen


Small spaces in kitchens should never be the restrictive factor when it comes to designing or renovating them. If you are of the thought that your tiny modular kitchen cannot be upgraded to a new kitchen space, then you are of the wrong notion. Any type of kitchen space irrespective of the size can be revamped with new design ideas. There are certain modular storage fixes that will enable you to effectively revamp the small kitchen setup. The main idea of renovating kitchen space is not only to make the efficient use of the space but also maximize the space for better usage. 

People are of the common age-old view that small room space will not be able to manage furniture pieces and thereby falls in the boundary of space restriction. With the evolution of furniture designs, it has eradicated the primordial approaches. This blog will delineate the perfect modular kitchen design for small kitchen space and lay before various design ideas that are popular and modern. 

Small Cabinet Designs 

A small kitchen space connotes you need to cut down on space and make your belonging the main priority. Owing to small spaces, you will need to keep your most-loved item and also the accessories that are mostly used. For these reasons, small cabinets for storage requirements are designed to fit into very little space in your small kitchen area. These cabinets can be settled somewhere up the ceiling as well as over the window space where you can store all your kitchen cabinet accessories. If your small kitchen has a bare wall, they can well accommodate the cabinets. 

Open Shelves

One of the effective ways to showcase your crockery sets is through the open shelving ideas. However, in case of too many cabinets in the kitchen area, the small space will look claustrophobic and crowded. In the open shelves, one can easily place some utensils and also flaunt them. Apart from creating an illusion of spaciousness, it will also add colour splashes to the space.

In an open-shelving way of kitchen design setup, one should remain careful while handling these open shelves. One has to remain organized while adjusting stuff and accessories inside the cupboards. At the time of working in your small modular kitchen design, you need to get some organization skills within yourself for a proper kitchen organization.   

Mixing and Matching Materials

One of the important prospects of designing a small kitchen is by utilizing different kinds of materials in the kitchen. Are you selecting the granite countertop? Then you must remain careful regarding the colour of the cabinets. In order to make your modern kitchen look unique, one can use wood, metal as well as laminate veneers so that a balance can be maintained in the small kitchen space. 

Mix and match are coming up as a new kitchen design trend and unlike the traditional approach to designs, it lays emphasis on the implementation of different materials, for instance, the wood that has been used in countertops can be used on the open shelves in a unique way. 

Pot Racks

Nowadays, the importance of pot racks has been well emphasized by more homeowners. Besides rendering an aesthetic approach to the kitchen decor, it enables accessible pot storage functionality. They are functional as well as beautiful. There are times when heavy pans and vessels can take up more space in kitchen cupboards and make the storage area crowded. Over the countertops or windows, racks can be easily installed to serve a greater functional value. 

Glass Material 

Glass material in kitchen furniture brings in a chic and contemporary revamping tool. For a small kitchen renovation, a touch of little glass can help in creating a visual expansion of the ultimate kitchen space. If the cabinets are designed with glass doors or have a glass island countertop, then they will make your kitchen look brighter and spacious. Glass will increase the overall natural light of the space by rendering maximum light reflection.  

Ample Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to designing room space with furniture designs, lighting plays a key role to set the ultimate mood of the room. The concept remains similar and applies to small modular kitchen designs too. There are times when the light installed on the ceiling of your kitchen creates shadows in the kitchen space beneath the kitchen cabinet designs. Therefore, the overall space gets dark, dull and monotonous, lacking an ample light source. Apart from the ceiling lights, one can add lights under the cabinet base that will point towards the countertop and also bring more light while cooking. This will render a modern kitchen look that can complement the small kitchen space.   

Dark Coloured Cabinets

Going against the long-age old rules, it is time to break through the different conventions. Dark coloured cabinets may not be the right choice especially when it comes to small kitchens. But this can be solved by sufficient kitchen lighting. The dark colour can give a unique look when it is paired with bright lights. This will help to maintain a balanced appearance within the kitchen. Dark colour looks amazing when it is used in a proper way along with bright coloured walls.

Final Conclusion 

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