Modern Wardrobe Designs for A Stunning Bedroom

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Master room is the bedroom when it comes to Indian homes. The aesthetic beauty of the bedroom cannot be considered only with the king size bed that it comprises. It consists of several other factors that determine the functionality and design of a bedroom. The wardrobe is an integral part that gives aesthetic beauty to the bedrooms. In this context, it is useful to lay emphasis on the modern wardrobe designs of different aesthetics and functionality. It is more different from the traditional wardrobe designs in style, texture and materials. Apart from looking modern and trendy, they tend to reflect your personality.   

Modern wardrobe designs have generally come in international design collections such as American, German, Italian, Turkish, Malaysian, and Vietnam. A wardrobe can be manufactured from different materials and unique designs to give your bedroom stunning looks from all perspectives. In this blog, we will define the distinct modern wardrobe designs that set the contemporary tone of your bedroom, when crafted with care and creativity. 

Contemporary Wardrobe Designs

Traditionally, wardrobes have always been made using wood as a material. The traditional designs were more or less restricted to certain styles. However, this is not the 21st-century scenario as you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, designs and decor crossed the traditional restrictions. Therefore, a modern wardrobe can be painted, premade, stencilled and even woodcut crafted.  

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are specially designed for large urban bedrooms. Indian master bedroom comprises huge cabinets and walk-in closets. Owing to large space, panels are built into walls and a wardrobe with sliding doors can be easily installed. Depending on the functionality and usage, the wardrobes are not limited to two doors but can have several sliding doors. The sliding wardrobe design doors are integrated with drawers as well as closets where you can keep your pieces of jewellery and accessories. 

Wardrobe for Small Bedroom  

One of the popular wardrobe designs that have come to trend is wardrobe style with patchwork and geometric patterns. Is your bedroom a neutral shade? Then a wardrobe with patchworks can be an artful choice. With the geometric wardrobe design and patchwork, the beauty of your bedroom enhances. The furniture designer can employ repetitive or square designs with contrasting colours. This will add more vivacity to the wardrobe design. 

Modern Wardrobe with Mirror

Do you have a huge bedroom? Then it would be the best choice to opt for mirror wardrobe design. These kinds of wardrobes are often integrated with the dressing table and therefore provide dual functionality. The wardrobe design with dressing table and mirrors finishes are classy and chic at the same time. When your bedroom comprises these wardrobes, it adds aesthetic value to your bedroom. Apart from giving the functional value of a dressing table it also serves the purpose of wardrobe. Textured mirrors are another type of mirror wardrobe design that has become popular in Indian homes.  

Keeping Traditions Alive with Wooden Wardrobe

Wood is the symbolization of memories and the traditions of old times. Wood has always been an everlasting material for furniture and has held its significance since ages. The modern wardrobe designs with solid wood material as its foundational framework are artistic. With complete style, sleekness, and elegance, the modern wooden almirah design can be combined with metallic knobs, gold highlights and glass. Solid wood material wardrobe has durability and long-lasting nature and therefore is the most used wardrobe in Indian households. 

Latest Cupboard Design

L-shaped wardrobes are becoming popular these days. Many people have thought of wardrobes with small storage closets or cupboard design that can have open storage on the top. These are the ceiling to floor wardrobes and are built in a way so as to make the effective usage of all the available spaces. This type of wardrobe design provides a huge storage space so that you can keep lot of stuff inside it. The wardrobe is integrated with smaller closets and a chest of drawers inbuilt for storage. These wardrobe designs can go with all ranges of the interior decor of the home.

Vintage Classics

Are you on the lookout for giving a classy look to your bedroom? The vintage wardrobes are completely beautiful and also turned to give a perfect look to the entire bedroom decor. It has hanging rails for long dresses and clothing. Additionally, it has drawers for storing things and accessories. Vintage wardrobes come with drawers, rails, and shelves for keeping files, pieces of jewellery, and various other accessories.           

Free Standing Standard Wardrobes

The free-standing wardrobe can be made from steel or wood. As a cost-effective wardrobe design, one can easily manage to keep clothing and other stuff in a simple free standing wardrobe. If you have very little space in your bedroom and you want to add a dressing table as well as a wardrobe in your master bedroom, then you can opt for this type of wardrobe. It can be easily installed in any bedroom size or dimension.  

Laminated Wardrobe Designs

The modern bedroom wardrobe designs can vary between different colours. Colour can be different and have laminated doors that have a reflective effect. These types of wardrobe doors with reflective effects are in trend currently. The laminated bedroom cupboard designs can be of explicit style and designs. 


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