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Are you wondering about how to design your living room this festive season? There is no time to worry as we have brought in a huge collection of sectional sofa designs along with elegant artistry. For the last few years, sectional sofa designs are catching the attention of most customers. They are the most popular furniture that can suit any living room space. Before buying any sectional sofa for your living room, make sure you have done complete research on the materials, size dimensions, and so forth. Among the various living room furniture pieces, the sofa design is one of the bulkiest and centerpieces of the space.

In this context, we have given you the must-have sofa furniture pieces in your home. This blog will delineate the different sectional sofa set designs that can be placed as a statement piece in the living room. The living room is the space where family members gather together to enjoy the lovely evening. Apart from being extremely functional, a sofa can add an aesthetic touch to the living space. A sofa design that is functional and combines beautifully with the complete design of the living room decor is a perfect choice.

Distinct Styles of Sectional Sofa Designs

The reason why most people are opting for sectional sofa designs is the functionality and comfort that it renders. One of the main advantages of the sectional sofa is it can be easily configured to match the entire layout of the living room. Let's take a glance at the different sectional sofa sets for making the right choice available to you for your living room.

Sumptuous Fabric Sectional Sofa Design With Velvet Upholstery

When it comes to fabric sofa sets with a sectional style, the addition of a velvety touch can enhance the charm of the entire living space. In the living room space, a sectional sofa can become a statement piece of the space. A velvety sofa with fabric colourful upholstery assists in adding a splash of color to the furniture design. However, furniture in a dark hue can be easily cleaned regularly.

Leather Sectional Sofa Set Furniture 

The leather sectional sofa designs are perfect for a family that has more members. Leather sofas are easy to install, take care of and maintain. They are easier to clean and render functional in accommodating even if guests have arrived. Leather is a timeless material and matches different kinds of interior decor in the living room. Different sofa designs are available in different colors, materials, and textures. It is up to the customers to select the right furniture choice matching the existing interior decor style.

Sofa Cum Beds For Small Space

As many people have transferable jobs they are shifting from one place to another within some months or years. This has led a majority of people to opt for small apartments and homes. The small space of the apartments may restrict more space and you may have to cut off many furniture pieces. However, this is not the scenario anymore. With the advancement in furniture designs, many clever concepts have come up with multipurpose furniture pieces that can be used in a small space apartment.

Sofa cum beds are sophisticated piece of furniture that provides multipurpose usability of a sofa as well as beds. If you have a small living space then you can turn it into a bedroom readily. The sofa cum bed designs have a bed section that can be pulled out during night hours. Similarly, the sofa section can be pushed back to form a perfect sofa set. It eliminates the necessity of buying additional sofa furniture and making additional investments.

Sectional Sofa Set Designs With Patterned Seating

Are you getting bored with the same monotonous traditional sofa styles? Then it's time to add a unique style to the couch to make it more vivacious. A sectional corner sofa having patterned upholstered seating can add a massive touch of rejuvenation to the space. A corner sofa with a comfortable seating system will not only make your Sunday afternoon pleasant but also create a proper reading corner for book lovers.

Low Height Sofa Designs

A low height l shape sofa having a touch of the conventional chesterfield seats can be classic and elegant too. Having a low height makes it convenient for homeowners to freely move around the sofa and settle. A peaceful nap can be availed while settling on the luxurious sofa. This height enables a perfect straightening of your legs and also enables a perfect seating posture. With the tufted seats, the plain sofa appears stylish and supports potential backrests.          

Modern Wooden Sofa

The modern wooden sofa is one of the precious furniture pieces and gives a timeless look when it is placed right inside the living space. Wooden sectional sofa designs are elongated and extended too. It is a kind of compact modern sofa that is wide enough to accommodate family members as well as guests.

Wood has always been considered a sturdy and strong material. Apart from durability, it also renders long-lastingness. Wood has been used for making heavy furniture units since primordial times and has been significance today. 

Final Conclusion

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