Modern Bookshelf Designs For Home That Will Rule In 2022


Are you looking for modern bookshelf designs? Are you fond of books and have a complete collection of various books? However, the latest technological advancements have led the kindle lovers to store their collections inside it. But this is not the scenario for the old school people who love to have a separate book corner at their home and read in serenity. A certain section of people loves reading books and maintaining them at home. Therefore, lies the significance of the bookshelf designs. 

If you are planning to create a reading corner at your home, then the perfect bookshelf fits right on one side of your bedroom. A number of factors are responsible while choosing a bookshelf. If you want to dedicate an entire room to your bookshelf, then a large bookshelf corner will suit the space. Whereas if you have a separate section of the bedroom where you want to install a bookshelf, then the matter is different. Prior to selecting the bookshelf, make sure that you have measured the space as well as the size of the bookshelf furniture. In this blog, we have comprehended the distinct bookshelf designs and ideas that will suit every Indian home perfectly. 

Importance of Bookshelf Furniture 

An item of bookshelf furniture has many usabilities starting from organizing books to making the perfect book corner at your home. A readymade bookshelf with modern design and style will enable the proper organization of books, magazines and pamphlets. Additionally, as guests visit your home their attention will surely catch the glimpse of the reading nook bookshelf design. Giving an intellectual corner to your home will make it more relevant and add meaningful addition to your interior. At the time of picking a bookshelf for your home, make sure you have picked the right one that has the capacity to accommodate more books apart from the existing ones. Thus, it's time to take a look at the different bookshelf designs that will rule in 2021.

Distinct Trending Bookshelf Design Picks

Ladder Bookshelf Design

A ladder bookshelf is a unique piece of furniture that constitutes the shape of a ladder to the entire framework. The books are considered as effective decor pieces and organized on this ladder-shaped bookshelf design with framed photographs. This kind of design of a book cupboard is becoming popular nowadays and has become a trend with contemporary home decor. 

Standard Bookshelf

This is one of the simple bookshelf designs and the effective piece of furniture which has been in popular usage for a long period of time. The standard bookshelf type comes in closed or open sections. Books can be arranged sequentially by having a glass sliding door. With a tall and rectangular structure, it marks the essence of a library. The wooden bookshelf makes a proper foundation in organizing your huge book collections and constitutes the separate space that you have allotted for your bookshelf. 

It marks a free-standing design structure and also has an open view. Therefore, the reader can easily find the desired book which he or she prefers reading. Wood is a primitive furniture material that holds significance in the furniture-making history since its usage. Owing to its higher durability and usability, it has become the best furniture material for bookshelf making, bed furniture, wooden sofa, study table with bookshelf, and many more.

Closed Bookshelf Unit

The conventional way of furniture making has largely affected the style of bookshelf making. The closed bookshelf unit has a glass door and also has adjustable bookshelves. This makes it easier for the reader to organize books and save them from dirt as open-view may sometimes result in dust amidst the books. This type of wall bookshelf with a closed unit is suitable for traditional or farmhouse interior decor. 

Cubic Bookshelf

Nowadays, designs are upgrading and advancing with expert furniture designers and newbies. The geometrical patterns, as well as shapes of designs, are becoming trendy holding hands with skilled furniture designers. Royaloak has brought in a huge variety of cubicle bookshelf designs which is a complete blend of decor as well as utility. The flexible placing of books will make it simple for the reader to find the desired book for reading from the assortment. This kind of bookshelf with glass door design is very popular in urban Indian homes and makes a huge addition to the interior by elevating its elegance.

Contemporary Wall Bookshelf

For a modern and chic look in addition to extended functional value, a contemporary bookshelf gives an edgy look to the interior of the space. The wall mounted bookshelves in your bedroom will elevate the ultimate appearance. With a minute edgy layout for your bookshelf and light on top, it will make a perfect reading nook during night bedtime. It provides easy access to your favourite reads. This furniture storage piece is unique and creative, enhancing the look of your entire room.

Study Table with Bookshelf

Are you on the search for dual functional bookshelf designs? The recent pandemic has set people to work from homes and students to learn through online classes. This has led to the importance of the office or study table. Book lovers can get double-duty furniture pieces at once. With the study table with bookshelf furniture, one can utilize the functionality of both the study table and the bookshelf. Amidst using it as a study table while working, the reader has the flexibility to read favourite pieces apart from working hours. This is a great piece of book rack furniture that finds its place in all contemporary styled Indian homes.     

Final Conclusion

Searching for the best bookshelf design for your home? Royaloak is the leading furniture retailer in India that creates unique bookshelf furniture items, bed furniture, living room set up, outdoor garden furniture work from home furniture and many more. Royaloak gives free delivery and installation services all across the country. Having teams of proficient furniture makers and designers, they curate modern world-class furniture designs to elevate the ultimate lifestyle of customers and give them the best comfort that they deserve.

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