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The furniture of today has seen a lot of changes in history. There have been many design changes, new materials, and new manufacturing techniques that have been introduced in the world of furniture. In the living room it has had the most impact, by changing the way we greet guests to how we sit for having some relaxation be it through a bookcase or a TV. Dining rooms and bedrooms have evolved in their own way and we have better equipment compared to previous generations when it comes to dealing with everyday activities. This is not to say that most modern furniture have completely replaced vintage furniture, as there is a certain aesthetic appeal to them and many people prefer that over the modern style variants. Although there are many others who just prefer to stick with the old ways and are afraid of trying something new. This article might be especially useful for them, as it dives deep into the features available in modern variants of furniture. Change is a constant state of nature and we must learn to embrace it when it comes, and this is as true for the furniture realm as it is for just any other realm.

Bookshelf design is one of those things that has innumerable variants in the furniture realm, making it hard to categorize them in parts or even eras. But certain innovations and ways of manufacture help set the modern bookshelves apart from their vintage versions. Asides from being more environmentally tough, modern bookshelves are incredibly aesthetic in their appearance. They have certain tricks up their sleeve, like being easily expandable and having more space than their contemporary counterparts but certainly do not share the same vintage look as them. They are available in various designs themselves and customers must choose effectively if they have to ensure their requirements. They can be installed in any room, although most bookshelves are installed in the bedroom, living room or are given their own rooms that are used exclusively for study purposes especially if young kids are around.

Advantages of Modern Book Showcase Design

In this article we will discuss the main advantages that come with the modern book almirah that can often be used as a showcase. No matter the design, they always give out an aesthetic vibe to the room it's placed in. We will also give some tips on how to make them maximally effective.

Modern bookshelves have modular design

The most important difference that the modern book rack has to its previous versions is that it is now available in modular design. Modular design refers to any design that can be expanded at a later stage and can also be easily replaced. Most modern bookshelves are now modular, as manufacturers know that people do not like it when there is no additional space to store more books as people collect more books over the period of the bookshelf’s life. Most modern bookshelves also last longer because of their superior design. Modular furniture is also helpful if you want to quickly rearrange your book showcase, and it presents itself with storage spaces and door designs which may look new to you.

They are available in many unique shapes

Most modern book showcases are available in many unique shapes and designs. From the curricular bookshelf to the wall mounted bookshelves to the vertical stack bookshelf design there are innumerable shapes in which modern book showcases present themselves. Now some of them are more of an aesthetic decor item while others are specifically designed to be a safe haven for multiple books you may have. You can also place other items in the showcase as a bookshelf with glass door design has now become the most common of all designs for bookcases.

They are made of tough materials

Most modern day bookshelves are made of a combination of different materials that are tough and highly resistant to the environment. They are an absolute safe space for any kinds of books and come with design features that help categorize books into different spaces. The most common materials a modern wall mounted bookshelf may use is engineered wood and metal combination, with glass doors in them. It is resistant to moisture and temperature and also makes it easy to clean either through dry cleaning or the use of suitable cleaning agents.

A huge range of   are available

As we have said earlier, most modern bookshelves are available in a huge range of choices. This includes the aesthetics, size, shape, and the preferred way in which the bookcase is placed. The customer must on these occasions always consider their requirements. Even though that may mean you will have to search a bit more for your ideal modern furniture, you can be sure that one that meets your requirements exists somewhere. On the other hand, if you don’t make such a checklist, you may end up settling for less than what you deserve. This is important, as book showcases are one of the most important things that give a home its aesthetic appeal.


As you can see there are many advantages of having a book showcase and that is why we have shown you how to best get your preferred pick of Book showcases. When placed right, these functional furniture items can take one of the center places in the room you or your guests may want to read your books in. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller that has experience in various kinds of furniture including living room, dining room and master bedroom furniture. We also sell decor items that match well with such furniture items. We also have some of the best book rack designs available that provide smooth functionality with the highest amount of aesthetic appeal. We have unique furniture collections that resemble American, European, Middle eastern, and east asian furniture. We offer free delivery and installation services for every customer order according to our customer policy.

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