Materials used in shoe rack design

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Materials used in shoe rack design

Furniture is one of the world's most essential and long-lasting inventions. Because of the functionality benefit it provides to the entire home, this has been an undoubtedly essential part of almost all homes in the world. However, certain furniture items do receive more attention than others. Some common examples are the master bed, dining tables, and sofa sets, each corresponding to the bedroom, dining room and living rooms of modern houses. But there are lots of other furniture items like bookshelves, decor items and shoe storage furniture that do not get enough attention that they deserve. These are, however, very important parts of the modern house. Shoe cabinets and stands are one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture that are still very interesting once you try learning about them, which you will certainly have to do if you are going to purchase them for your house in the near future.

As with any other device, many parts go on to make furniture and they may be of different materials. Usually the material of the modern shoe rack is not something most would be interested in learning about, but in this blog we shall discuss about them. The main reason for this is because some materials are better suited to some environments rather than others. This becomes even more of an issue when we consider how various material changes are in shoe rack design. We have the popular and well known shoe racks made of plywood or natural wood and then we have some modern variants like the plastic shoe rack, in which most of the holding material is made up of plastic. By knowing more about such materials, you can effectively choose between the design of the shoe rack, of which there are also much more than you may think.

Different materials that may make up the modern shoe cabinet

In this blog we shall look at the different materials companies may use to make shoe racks. The materials generally add strength and durability to the shoe cabinet, and sometimes may add to the aesthetic value of such a furniture item. Here are some popular shoe rack materials that are popular in the market

Natural wood

Natural Wood is by far the most popular of all kinds of furniture materials for the creation of shoe rack. Natural wood has had a long history in the development of shoe and slipper stands around the world and is still used today to manufacture them. Most high end shoe racks are manufactured with sheesham wood, oakwood and other kinds of high end wood materials. They can be cut and carved into any shape using modern cutting tools and give an aesthetic element for people who purchase them. They also have high strength and durability naturally.

Engineered wood

Second in the list and becoming more popular everyday, is engineered wood. They don’t occur naturally, and are made by a combination of techniques like high pressure pressing of wood pulp and heat treatment. They are stronger than their natural counterparts, but are essentially processed natural wood themselves. Common examples are plywood, laminated veneer lumber and hardwood. Plywood, which is many layers of wood pressed together, is a pretty popular material for certain designs of the modern shoe rack with seat. 


Fabric shoe rack design has become popular recently because of their easy maintenance and similar footwear holding capacity as wooden shoe racks. They can also be tucked away when not in use and require less space and time to set up.They are called non-woven fabrics and can last a long amount of time. They protect footwear from moisture and dust from the environment and mostly also have a cover in their design.


Plastic shoe holders are available in many stores and though they are very durable compared to even engineered wood or natural wood items, they are not aesthetic or environmentally friendly. They can however be excellent materials for certain kinds of shoe rack design, such as the over the door or over the wall shoe holders. They can also hold footwear against any kind of weather and make a popular design choice for a modern shoe rack with cover. Most plastic shoe racks do not have many moving parts and for their best use, you will have to keep them away from heat and sunlight.

Fibresshoe cabinet

Fibres are the least popular material for manufacturing shoe racks, but many such designs of shoe rack online are clearly made of fibres. They are mostly shoe racks used for decor but nonetheless are able to do their jobs very effectively. They are made of high tensile strength fibres that can handle a lot of weight. They are more effective than plastic shoe racks in heat resistance.


Shoe racks as you can see can be made of different materials and each type of material can be helpful in different circumstances. While shoe racks can be prepared and assembled right at home, the best ones are built by the best designers. Buying furniture like this from a store is also better when it comes to the longevity of your furniture item.  Are you looking for the perfect wooden shoe rack of your home? If you are then look no further than RoyalOak. We are a leading furniture seller in India and sell all kinds of furniture ranging from the normal double bed to the designer dining table and luxury sofa sets. We also have expertise in decor items and outdoor furniture and have guides on every kind of furniture including shoe racks. We also sell international styles of furniture. We have American, European, Middle eastern, East Asian and Indian furniture styles in our store. We also sell furniture online, and provide free delivery and installation services for every order that the customer makes.

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