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Exquisite Sofa Sets that might Boost Your Home's Interior Design
An ever-inviting sofa can be the best spot to unwind at home, regardless of whether you're a bookworm, a coffee addict, or neither. Adding a sofa and loveseat can elevate the look of any living space. A high-quality lounge chair is a surefire way to make any room feel livelier and more inviting. But how can you decide which sofa style will look best in your home and make you feel relaxed and comfortable? If you have a plan of attack, it's not a challenging endeavour.
What Should You Consider When Choosing a Couch Size?
There are two factors to consider while choosing a sofa's dimensions. Before everything else, your sofa must be big enough for the whole family to spread out and relax. Second, it must align with the right dimensions of the room. The following are the standard dimensions for sofa sets, and Royaloak has them all at competitive prices.
One-Seater Sofa Sets
The single-seater sofa makes it a versatile piece of furniture for different rooms in the house. Choose a single-seater sofa and set it up next to your desk to create a cosy reading area.
Two-seater Sofa Sets
You can fit a two-seat sofa in any bedroom, home office, etc. because it is big enough to accommodate two people but still tiny sufficient to fit in a tight space.
Three-Seater Sofa Sets
Sofas that can seat three people, like the three-seaters available at Amazon, are ideal for smaller to medium-sized living rooms and drawing rooms.
When Choosing a Sofa Set, What Features Should You Look For?
When it comes to relaxation, not all couches are created equal. Royal Oak is your place to look for the most affordable and comfortable wooden sofa sets. Think about the following while you browse online stores for a wooden couch:
The Depth of the Seat
The level of comfort you have while sitting on your sofa is directly related to its depth. Choose a seat that is shallower if you are shorter in stature and a deeper one if you are taller.
Standing Height
If you're tall, a seat with a higher back will be more comfortable. Shorter persons can sit comfortably on a sofa with a regular back height.
Types of Sofa Arms
The sofa arm design you choose should reflect how you plan to use the piece. For those who like to lay their heads on the wooden arms of their sofa, a model with padded, rounded arms is an excellent option. A sofa with slender, elegant arms is another option.
Stuffing for Cushions
How quickly do you want to sink into a sofa, or would you rather the cushion gently moulds to your frame? Sofa cushion filling options range from high-density foam down to batting, so it's important to consider your choice when making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sofa is a wooden bench covered in a blanket and cushions that are wonderful for sitting or relaxing, whereas a couch is typically armless and used for lying or sleeping.

In India, most families live under one roof; thus, choosing a large sectional sofa or a loveseat made of wood and cloth is recommended.

Buying a sofa set online is convenient since you can compare prices and styles without leaving your house. The convenience of online shopping for a sofa set includes the ability to view the furniture from all sides before making a purchase, as well as online payment and doorstep delivery.

Hardwood is ideal for sofas, including Sheesham wood, pinewood, rubberwood, teak wood, oak wood, and other engineered and solid woods.

Buy Sofas Online for your Office & Home At Royaloak

A sofa plays a crucial role in any living space. Not only does it provide a comfortable place to sit, but it also serves as a focal point for the room's decor. A well-chosen sofa can tie together different elements of the room, such as the rug, curtains, and artwork. It can also add character and panache to an otherwise dull space.

Moreover, a sofa is where we spend the most time with family and friends, making memories and enjoying each other's company. Whether you are simply enjoying coffee or entertaining guest your sofa plays an important role in it all.

So what are you waiting for? Browse the widest range of best sofas online to elevate the look of your space with India’s no. 1 furniture brand and enjoy the benefits of owning international furniture at unbeatable prices.

Collection of All Sofas Online at Royaloak

Royaloak reigns as the no. 1 furniture brand in India, offering an expansive collection of top-notch and affordable furniture products. Among the impressive array of furniture options, Royaloak's selection of sofas stands out, as it caters to every style and budget.


Whether you seek a cozy single-seater, a chic two-seater, or a spacious Three-Seater sofa sectional for your family, Royaloak has a sofa to fit your needs. With our designer sofas, you'll experience the sensation of living on a cloud.


Indulge in our collection of sofas today and elevate the ambiance of your living room with the ultimate blend of comfort, luxury, and style, available only at Royaloak.

Types of Sofa Based on Materials

Fabric sofa: Royaloak takes pride in its magnificent array of fabric sofas, featuring captivating solid hues that are sure to enrapture the senses. We offer premium-quality fabric sofas, allowing you to choose the fabric that best matches your interior all while being easy to maintain.
Take a look at our Royaloak Inegol Turkish Signature Fabric Sofa, Royaloak Penang Malaysian Fabric Sofa Two-seater, and Royaloak Muar Malaysian Fabric Sofa Three-Seater.

Wooden Sofas: These classic wooden sofas exude warmth, nostalgia, and elegance. Crafted from a variety of woods such as Oak, engineered wood, Sheesham, teak, or mahogany, these timeless pieces provide an inviting atmosphere to any living room. These wooden sofa frames are then upholstered with cushions and high-quality fabric or leather ensuring a perfect blend of comfort and elegance that will stand the test of time.

Take a look at our Royaloak Melaka Malaysian Wooden Sofa, Royaloak New York American Wooden Sofa 2 seater, and Royaloak Atlanta American Wooden Sofa 3 Seater

Leatherette Sofas: If you seek to infuse your living room with a touch of class and comfort, then look no further than Royaloak's leatherette sofas. Our leatherette sofas are the epitome of style and luxury boasting of plush and inviting seating experience that is second to none.  In addition to their timeless appeal, leatherette sofas are also low maintenance and easy to clean. These sofas are kid & pet friendly making them a perfect choice for even the most rambunctious households.  

Take a look at our Royaloak Melaka Malaysian Leatherette Sofa Single Seater, Royaloak Atlanta American Leatherette Sofa Two Seater, and Royaloak Muar Malaysian Leatherette Sofa 3 Seater
Leather sofas: When it comes to the best sofas, nothing quite matches the exquisite elegance and luxury of leather sofas. And at Royaloak, our leather sofas reign supreme. Our leather sofas embody raw beauty, elevating the aesthetics of any living room with effortless ease.

Whether you seek a classic design or a modern twist, our diverse range of leather sofas is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

Take a look at our Royaloak Bonn German Signature Leather Sofa Single Seater, Royaloak Latina Italian Leather Sofa Two Seater, and  Royaloak Tivoli Italian Leather Sofa 3 Seater.

So what are you waiting for? Browse the widest range of best sofas online to elevate the look of your space with India’s no. 1 furniture brand and enjoy the benefits of owning international furniture at unbeatable prices.

Types of Sofa Based on Seating Capacity
Sofa Beds: A sofa bed, also referred to as a sleeper sofa or a pull-out couch, is a versatile piece of furniture that offers the convenience of both a sofa and a bed. With its dual-purpose design, a sofa bed provides a comfortable seating area during the day, and can easily convert into a bed for overnight guests.

At Royaloak, we understand the importance of having furniture that serves multiple functions, and that's why we offer a wide range of sofa beds in various styles, sizes, and materials.

Whether you prefer the classic charm of a fabric sofa bed, the ruggedness of a wooden sofa bed, or the luxurious feel of a leatherette sofa bed, Royaloak's collection is sure to have something that suits your unique style and preferences

Sofa Sets: Sofa sets are available in a diverse range of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Royaloak understands the importance of having variety and that’s why we offer you choices as leather sofa sets, fabric sofa sets, and even leatherette sofa sets.

One of the key advantages of a sofa set is its ability to seamlessly tie together different furniture pieces for a cohesive aesthetic. In addition, sofa sets can offer ample seating for family and guests, making them ideal for entertaining.

Whether you seek the timeless charm of a classic design or the sleek modernity of a contemporary one, Royaloak's collection of sofa sets is sure to have something that suits your unique style and preferences.

Corner Sofas: Corner sofas have become a popular furniture choice for living rooms due to their space-saving design. They are specifically crafted to fit snugly into corners, maximizing the use of available space, and providing ample seating for family and guests.

At Royaloak, we offer a wide range of corner sofas in various styles and materials, ranging from modern to traditional. Royaloak admires different tastes, which is why we have a wide range of corner sofas such as fabric corner sofas & leatherette corner sofas. They typically feature a longer lounger side and a shorter side, with the added advantage of the ability to add additional pieces to create a custom configuration that best suits your needs and space.

Browse our collection today and discover the perfect corner sofa to transform your space into a cozy and inviting haven. Royaloak's collection of corner sofas is sure to have something that suits your unique style and preferences.

L-Shaped Sofa: Also called a sectional sofa, these L-shaped sofas are specifically designed to fit along walls to create an L-shape seating arrangement. These sofas are usually composed of multiple pieces that can be arranged in a variety of ways to accommodate the needs of the room and the preferences of the user.

Whether you want a right-hand configuration or a left-hand configuration, Royaloak has got you covered.  Browse through Royaloak's collection of L-shape sofas & find something that suits your unique style and preferences.

Premium Sofas: Premium sofas are high-quality luxury sofas that are typically made from superior materials such as top-grain leather, durable fabrics, and solid hardwood frames. These types of sofas often have features like extra padding and cushioning for added comfort, as well as sophisticated designs that make them stand out in any living room.

Browse through Royaloak's collection of L-shape sofas & find something that suits your unique style and preferences.

Single-seater sofa: It is the perfect companion to enjoy your me-time, act as a reading spot, and for relishing coffee by yourself. At Royaloak, you will find extremely spacious and plush single-seat sofas for experiencing the ultimate comfort. You also have a wide range of materials to choose from with our Fabric single-seat sofa, leatherette single-seater sofa, and leather single-seater sofa. Explore Royaloak for the best single-seater sofa collection.

Two-seater sofa: The two-seater sofas are extremely versatile in nature and are the timeless design featured in many Indian homes. Royaloak has an exquisite collection of 2 seater sofas that provide comfortable seating without taking up too much space. You also have a wide range of materials to choose from with our fabric two-seat sofa, leatherette two-seater sofa, and leather two-seater sofa. Explore Royaloak for the best two-seater sofa collection.

Three-seater sofa: Our collection of three-seater sofas offers a luxurious and comfortable unit to relax and unwind. Royaloak’s three-seater sofa provides excellent posture support and comes in various color options.

3+2 seater sofa: If you have a large family or an empty corner, the sofa sets are the perfect solution. They feature a 3 seater + 2 seater combination which is ideal for any large space. And is perfect for entertaining guests.


So what are you waiting for? Browse our beautiful range of Sofas today to elevate the look of your space with India’s no. 1 furniture brand and enjoy the benefits of owning international furniture at unbeatable prices.


Why Buy Royaloak Sofas Online?

Premium-Quality Material: All our sofas have met international standards of safety and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure only the highest quality materials are used. The best-skilled artisans with decades of experience craft our sofas with the utmost passion to ensure that our customers get the best the furniture industry has to offer.

International Collection: Royaloak is India’s no. 1 furniture brand with international collections from across the globe. The finest furniture from America, Turkey, Italy, Malaysia & Vietnam, etc comprises the ‘Country collection’ at Royaloak.

Additional Offers: Shopping at is always sensational as we also provide free delivery and installation, 0% EMI and excellent customer support. We also provide one year of warranty on manufacturing defects.

How to take care of Sofas?            

To care for your sofas, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. This may include vacuuming to remove dirt and dust, using a mild detergent to spot clean stains, and occasionally applying a protector to help prevent stains. You should also periodically get the sofa professionally cleaned to ensure it lasts for a long.


Types Of Sofas

Fabric sofa Corner Sofa
Wooden Sofas L Shaped Sofa
Leatherette Sofas Premium Sofa
Leather Sofas Single Seater Sofa 
Sofa Beds Two Seater Sofa
Sofa Sets Three Seater Sofa
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