Leather Sofa Trends 2022

Leather sofasLeather sofas

Leather is one of the most important luxury items to be ever used in furniture. It has traditionally been made by tanning and treating the skin of certain animals with chemicals. It is a very strong and durable material, while still being flexible. It is used in a wide variety of applications like clothing, footwear and furniture. In furniture, it is primarily used in seating furniture like sofa sets or the couch. The material is very aesthetic in its appearance which also makes it suitable for being a central part of the living room, which is what most living room sofas are designed to be. Leather sofas were invented a long time ago, and have since been evolving in both designs and functionality. The leather sofas of today are a far cry from the old designs which only had basic comforts compared to their modern counterparts. The changes and the trends have since not stopped, and new trends come to light every year.


Each product market always has certain products that get sold more than other products of the same class. Such products are usually called trending products. Trends may refer to the products themselves, or changes in the market or in rare cases what customers demand from the market. The trends in the furniture industry have to do with aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. Even in the case of the leather sofa set it is the same, and new material and newer designs are becoming famous in the market. However, many of the older designs are here to stay simply because they are very successful. If you are looking for the best luxury furniture, it is better to look at the trends as they capture what is most successful in the market. By diving deeper into one of the products that catch your interest, you can pick the best leather sofa design that can work for you.

Top Leather Sofa Set Trends In 2022

If you are looking for the best kinds of leather sofa trends this year, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss all the leather sofa set design trends that are currently famous and also explore the reasons why they might be trending and how long such a trend will last. Following is a list of such trends in the leather sofa industry.

Aniline leather is becoming popular

Natural aniline leather is the name given to the leather that is made from natural sources rather than artificial sources. It preserves the natural soft, supple nature of the hides in the sofa set or other furniture like couches that it is used on. Most often than not, wax finishing is done on aniline leather, that gives it an exotic look and increases the relative comfort to similarly classed other sofa sets that use other types of artificial leather.

Artificial leather is being used for special sofa parts

Although not that popular in most countries, artificial leather is now increasingly being used in certain parts of many sofa sets because it has properties that make it suitable for that part. Examples include outer edges of the sofa and certain parts of a wooden sofa that require thinner sheets of leather or must have properties that are hard to be found in natural leather. Artificial leather is also popular for another reason that it is comparatively way cheaper and seen as environmentally friendly by many people. They also provide more resistance to sunlight and other such advantageous properties over natural leather.

Modernistic styles are being preferred

Modernistic styles mean that furniture is increasingly modular, and statistics suggest that more modular weather sofa sets are being preferred by the people around the world. Smooth and sleek designs of sofas that use the modernistic approach like the L shape sofa are also being made increasingly by leather than fabric because of the cheaper manufacturing costs of leather in the present era. Curved backs, soft seats with big puffy arms and a bigger concept of comfort for the home is a characteristic of the modern leather furniture, and it seems many people want those characteristics. 

Traditional leather sofas are still trending

Traditional leather sofas that have straight backs just like a wooden sofa but have increased comfort than the latter. They usually have rounded arms and nail trims in them. Such a designer sofa set is increasingly being made from artificial leather, which has since reduced their price and while this can be the reason for their popularity, many people genuinely desire traditional types of furniture. Whatever the reason, the statistics seem to suggest that traditional leather sofas are not going to be replaced in any way shape or form from the furniture market.

Newer shapes are appreciated by people

While most wooden sofa set designs still rely on sofa designs that look the same, modern designs have come up with new shapes both for leather couches and sofa sets. These new shapes catch attention and are thus preferred by pole who want to have a different look and feel to their home interior. They still have comfort levels on par with other kinds of sofas, because they still use the best kinds of leather available in the market. 

As such these are the major trends in the sofa industry as of now. As new designs come along, such trends are bound to change. 



Leather sofas are luxury sofas that provide a high level of comfort. Unbeknownst to lots of people, they come in a wide variety of designs, each with their own unique features. By studying trends in the market, one can easily look into the best kinds of leather sofas that suit their home. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller and has been selling furniture items for a long time. We sell the best of Indian furniture, while also selling popular American, European, middle eastern and east Asian furniture. We have the best leather sofa sets while also having other sofa sets like the popular wooden sofa. We also sell a variety of dining room and outdoor furniture items and decor furniture items that go with it. We offer free delivery and installation services to all of our customers for every one of their orders.

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