Latest Trends in Bookshelves


Furniture is one of the few that has a strong say in the aesthetics and functionality of a home. There are many types of furniture, some of which are discussed more than others. Those who don't know their surroundings may not care much about that, but the features they provide cannot be ignored. A bookshelf is one of the most under-discussed furniture items in most groups of people, because this is an item that only attracts attention when people need it. This obviously doesn't apply to people who are attracted to books, whether they be subjects concerning fiction or nonfiction. The modern book rack design has evolved gradually over many years, and like many other items has created trends in certain periods of time when such improvements happened. This evolution is still happening, although such things are not immediately visible. The trends in bookshelves can come from many factors including better materials, better design or a new functionality that can be added to it.

Like all trends, the most effect of bookshelf trends can be seen in the market and in the perception of such furniture tems. Some trends have a significant effect, while others can be momentary. Those that have significant effects will be born out of a major change. The improvement of manufacturing techniques is a good example of this, as since such techniques  became commonplace, the old hand crafting techniques dropped significantly. This is not to say that people with such skill do not exist, in fact, many vintage wooden book rack designs sell for a higher price because of their handcrafted designs. The modern book racks feature a lot of additional functionalities like multipurposeness, stronger structure and high aesthetic value. In this blog we shall see what is the direction of the market in the present era, and how a customer can navigate their way to getting the best modern designs of bookshelves for their home considering both functionality and aesthetics.

Modern bookshelf trends in the present era

There are many trends that are happening in the furniture industry and bookshelves in particular. Following are the trends that are happening right now in modern bookshelf designs.

Stronger materials

Most modern bookshelves use higher grade materials than the early version of the bookshelf design that came before them. These materials can be artificially produced, like engineered wood with medium to high gloss provided by use of environmentally friendly materials. This is not to say that natural woods are not used, in fact, Sheesham wood and similar materials are still very popular. This is because the properties that these types of wood possess are still very much in demand in the market. Plastics have recently come down in trend because of their tendency to not stay environmentally friendly, but there are plenty of alternatives that are available for them.

High aesthetic value

The more aesthetic bookshelves always are top on the trending list and it is no different in the present era. Unique designs like wall mounted bookshelves pick up a top place in such lists because they catch the eye. This is also the reason that bookshelves that have glass doors are valued more. Aesthetic designs of designer status may reduce emphasis on functionality, but most of the time, functionality is given equal importance to aesthetics in most furniture including bookshelves. 

Modular design

Nothing can be so frustrating to someone who likes books that the space in their bookshelves may run out and they cannot do anything about it. But this is no longer the case in the modern book almirah designs. This is because of modular design. Modular design means that addition of space can be easily carried out for the bookshelf you purchased. It also means that all bookshelves that employ this kind of design can be easily assembled and disassembled, if so required. This can be helpful if you for some reason want to move the bookshelf to a new room or a new location. 

Multipurpose designs

Multipurpose designs are trending in the market because of their higher value of functionality. In the case of bookshelves, the multipurpose designs incorporate storage through drawers or additional cabinets. Some bookshelves can also be effective showcases because of their aesthetic appearance. This is very likely for the bookshelf with glass door designs that is increasingly becoming popular in the market. The dedicated storage spaces are made considering many factors and are very protective of anything that is kept inside them.

Better manufacturing processes

Overall, the manufacturing processes have gotten better and more intricate details can be easily added to bookshelves while they are being made in the manufacturing phase. This has also led designers to try out newer design techniques and some of them have become very successful in the market. It has led to people gaining access to better designs that are long lived functional and have high aesthetic value. While not a market trend, it definitely has a major impact on how the market functions.


As you can see there are many trends that are going on in the bookshelf market and many more in the overall furniture market. Trends are important because they set the apparent value of the items that are sold. They can also point out important inventions in the realm of product design and product distribution. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture brand, and sells various kinds of furniture but not limited to indian styles. We have American, European, Middle eastern and East Asian furniture styles that we sell in our exclusive collections. We have various kinds of furniture including dining room, bedroom and living room furniture. We also have sturdy patio furniture and decor items that go along with it. We also follow trends in the market to bring customers the very best of furniture items. We have free delivery and installation services for every customer order and this reflects our customer first strategy.

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