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Furniture is something every household needs, and that is why it is regarded as one of the most essential components of the house. Depending on its types, furniture has many functions, but furniture design is often also very relative to the culture of a family or an individual. At RoyalOak, we know this and therefore try to offer premium quality furniture collections that cater to many people’s unique cultures and design sensibilities.  

American collection 

The american culture prefers its home to be wide and incorporate as many features as possible. A typical american home consists of multiple bedrooms and a living space, and space is also made for customized garages and backyards. The Double bed is more popular than single beds, and a porch or patio is also wanted by most people. 

At RoyalOak, we have a variety of furniture designed to fit the American culture. American furniture is known for its large size, high backrests and high-quality wood. Appropriate detailing is done through our expertise, and we ensure customers only get their beds, recliners and designer sofa set of their choosing. Some unique features of American furniture are given below.

Very strong frameworks, and a high degree of comfort.
Built for homes of the modern-day and age.
The best material including wood, leather, leatherette and fabric are used to create this type of furniture.
Turkish collection

Handcrafted materials are very popular in turkish homes. Turkish culture incorporates large living rooms and beds for family members. Treating the guests is an important part of the culture, and hence turkish people prefer sofa sets and couches with maximum comfort. Leather recliners, designer sofa sets and handcrafted dining table rooms are thus popular. We at RoyalOak know this and thus have an interest in the turkish style furniture.

For people with higher artistic tastes, the Turkish furniture collection is surely an eye-catcher. This type of furniture adds a classical touch to the modern era and adds various functionalities without losing its minimalistic elegance. This type of furniture originated from the Ottoman empire and contains designs and detailing similar to those which are commonly found native to Turkey. Following are other important points regarding the Turkish style of furniture.

Turkish collection features recliners, bedroom furniture and sofa sets that are native to Turkish culture.
Turkish furniture is more artistic compared to furniture from other countries.
High quality tarnished natural wood is used, which gives a higher gloss and lasts for a long time.
Italian collection

Typical Italian homes are smaller than american houses. Because of this, open kitchens are preferred in italy. Italian people like being true to their tradition, and thus both their house and furniture incorporate many artistic elements. Italians also like their living spaces and the dinner room bright with lots of air, and thus windows are placed strategically

The Italian furniture collection at RoyalOak captures all of the beauty and elegance of Italian handcrafting. Hand-crafted furniture was a big part of the Italian culture and this is now replicated by modern techniques. Our Italian furniture and home décor collection feature wooden beds, designer dining tables and the L shape sofa set which is commonly found in European homes. Following are important details regarding Italian furniture.

Italian collection features furniture that is modelled after the famous Italian style of manufacturing.
The design in Italian furniture contains a wider colour palette with more neutral and unusual colours, apart from usual vivid colours.
Neo-classical design, famous in Italy, is brought to life with Italian furniture, particularly true in beds and sofa sets.
German collection

While most apartments in Germany offer home spaces which are smaller than a typical american home, actual German homes are considerably large. German furniture including their wooden bed, dining tables, cabinets and workbenches are highly durable and last for a long time. Germans are also required by law to keep their surroundings around their homes clean, and cleanliness is a great part of their culture.

Our German furniture collection is another important type of furniture you don't want to miss. Known for their accuracy, Germans create furniture with tight and accurate measurements most well suited for European homes. They also pay a lot of attention to quality and only high-quality wood is used for the manufacture of furniture like the designer bed. The German collection features a distinct mix of art and technology. Here are other important features of German furniture

German furniture is designed in accordance to give maximum comfort in cool climates, which is what Germany experiences most of the year.
While minimalistic, high quality is maintained in sofa sets and the bed which is designed for dealing with space restraints.
German furniture pays more attention to functionality and less so to detailing.
Emperor collection

Emperor collection is the name specifically given to Indian furniture designs sold alongside furniture sets that resemble other cultures. Indian culture is rich and diverse, which is reflected in the handcrafted woodwork in the country. Incorporating exotic living room and dinner room furniture and lighting, the best indian homes also demand for outdoor furniture that helps guests enjoy every occasion.

We at, RoyalOak is primarily an Indian premium furniture seller, and thus have a lot of expertise in selling high-quality furniture that reflects Indian culture and design sensibilities. The emperor collection features Indian sofa sets, the artistic marble dining table, wooden beds of different sizes all embedded with high-quality materials. Important features of the emperor collection are

Stringent quality tests are carried out for every piece of furniture that is in the emperor collection.
The emperor collection features the finest quality Indian furniture.
Wood and other materials like cosmetics and leather are designed in such a way that it is easy to maintain and artistic at the same time.
Malaysian collection

The malaysian interior design has taken a minimalistic approach when it comes to their houses. Their living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms mostly feature the minimalistic yet clean look. Often woodwork and living room furniture is mixed with neutral but eye-catching colors. Malaysian office spaces also like avoiding any distractions and support this type of office space.

The Malaysian furniture collection is another style of furniture available at RoyalOak. It combines designing and detail present in Malaysian culture with modern manufacturing mechanisms to provide its users with a very good experience. It comes with colourful textiles that are made of high quality and remind its users of Malaysian culture. The modern bed and wooden dining table sets that are made in this type of style are also very affordable compared to other styles. Following are other important features of the Malaysian furniture collection.

The Malaysian furniture collection is known for its durability, and longevity.
Malaysian and other Asian furniture have intricate designs compared to the European ones.
The comfort factor is not lost in Malaysian culture because it uses high-quality textiles and fabrics. 
Vietnam collection

The Vietnam collection is another important style of furniture that is sold at RoyalOak. Vietnamese culture is varied, and living spaces vary across different cities. Like indian culture, tradition is highly respected here and the best homes in Vietnam incorporate furniture that reflects this.

Along with the Malaysian furniture collection, this style is the other renowned Asian furniture styles that is famous. It reflects East Asian Vietnamese art and culture and uses high-quality wood. The wooden sofa set and couches that specifically cater to Vietnam are known for their intricate design and thick, sturdy framework. Here are the other important features of the Vietnam furniture collection

Depending on the comfort level, many types of furniture are available in the Vietnam collection.
Custom fabrics can be chosen to fit in various Vietnamese furniture.
Our RoyalOak furniture also comes with warranty, and Easy EMI payment option is available for buyers that are interested to purchase furniture from our premium design collections. Each piece of furniture undergoes multiple quality checks before it is ready to be delivered, as we want only the best for our consumers. 


Although there are many furniture stores out there, not many of them have exclusive collections of different types of furniture, and not many are able to replicate the art and culture of different countries. RoyalOak is a premium furniture brand that sells furniture all across India and gives its customers free delivery and assembly features. It makes sure customers get the best value for the price of the furniture.

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