Interior trends for 2023

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We have celebrated the design trends of 2022 elaborately. Therefore, this time we will take a look at the upcoming trends to curate a style statement that will welcome 2023 to your home sensationally.

Sustainable living:

As people are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact they have on the planet, sustainability is gaining more mainstream support. Most designers and manufacturers now make conscious efforts to guide customers towards beautifully created eco-friendly options that are sourced from sustainable resources.

In 2023, we hope to see more widespread adoption of the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ attitude. Our experts believe that we will see new life for fabrics, wallpapers, lamps, and accessories that would have ended up in landfills earlier.

The same trend will be followed for furniture items as antique treasures and unique pieces from flea markets and thrift stores that are upcycled and reused to add a touch of quirkiness in 2023.  A classic style can be coordinated with a modern look to bring an inviting and energetic atmosphere to our home.

Escape with all white Kitchen:

Designers and architects are reporting a significant reversal in multipurpose living. Now there is a clear demarcation between the kitchen and the living space. This will lead to the revival of the concept of an immaculate kitchen area. Especially in small spaces, it is important to maximize the amount of light and create an airy atmosphere. White as a neutral & reflective shade is a great way to achieve this.

Since the pandemic has forced people into using the kitchen more often than usual, we need them to feel that much roomier, lighter, and brighter. White kitchens do this perfectly, they offer a transformative aesthetic to any size room and master the art of illusion, making smaller rooms feel bigger.

Our experts suggest that a calm aesthetic will be essential in 2023. We will have two- a pronged approach to this- first would be subtly layering similar toned items for a gentle and calm space and the second would be showcasing your personality by using bold coloured/patterned home décor items that create a contrast.

Create Drama with Metal Finishes/ home décor items:

Metal is increasingly gaining popularity as it creates a sense of fun and adds a panache greater than any other material. A metal vase or indoor planter with a matte or polished look will complete the symmetry of any space.

A well-placed metal table décor will lend a look of elegance like no other. A statement lamp can add gravitas in a living room whilst a similarly shaped lamp on a smaller scale can be a lot more practical in a nook or placed on a small shelf.

Play with the flair of high gloss finish and natural shade furniture

Our experts say that people will tend to use more natural colored furniture with high gloss in 2023.  Natural shades of brown are gaining their dwindling popularity again. People will once again flock to having furniture with natural dark browns and light beige colours.

Royaloak’s Verona Italian queen-sized bed is a perfect combination of the both of these factors.
Look to reimagined design classics:

As we cast our minds backwards for the sense of comfort and assurance that familiarity brings, for 2022, we’ll also be breathing new life into historic pieces and translating them into the 21st-century aesthetic. 

Royaloak’s Emperor Collection echoes the sentiments of 16th-century furniture – modernized with the latest technology and contemporary details. Design trends are ever-changing, but the way we make furniture is centuries old. We at Royaloak intend to marry the modern with the traditional.

Embrace the carpet

Carpets are now gaining their long-overdue recognition. Bringing warmth and comfort underfoot, a statement rug will complete your decorating scheme in style. Rugs can either be monochromatic like Royal Oak Shaggy Wesson Carpet or have a blend of colours that complement each other. You can also experiment with the textures as some of rugs have shaggy textures while some are cotton blends depending on your preferences.

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