Important Tips To Design A Budget-Friendly Modular Kitchen

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Nowadays, people are mostly giving up the traditional kitchen model and are adopting modular kitchen to set up their dream home. Modular kitchens are factory finish ready to install having wide option of finish, colour and mechanism to give personal touch. If you are looking for setting up a modular kitchen at your home, then you must be considering the budget of availing them. The designing and installation of modular kitchens require effective expertise and expert Kitchen designers. The cost of a modular kitchen varies depending upon the material, finishes, and colours. However, if one can optimize with the right planning and right criteria, then you will be able to get the whole requirement within your budget. 

This blog emphasizes the relevant tips to design an affordable modular kitchen in your home. A number of factors should be considered while carefully planning for the accessories, cabinets, appliances, and countertops. So, her’s your guide to design a modular kitchen in a functional & pocket friendly way.  

Comprehend The Size And Usage of Modular Kitchen

The modular kitchen size whether it is L-shaped or U-shaped affects the price of the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen then you will require a lesser number of cabinets and thus can be organized as per the size of the kitchen space. If you have average-sized kitchen space and thus the design is arranged as per it. Thus, the size of the kitchen impacts the choice of the modular kitchen design and size. One can determine the size depending on the requirements. If the individual has a large joint family, then the kitchen requirement will be large in size and as such the modular kitchen dimension. 

Components of a Modular Kitchen

While creating a modular kitchen, a number of elements need to be considered like what are the household items you want to store and how do you want to do it. The premade cabinets, as well as parts, are fitted together in order to create a completely functional kitchen. Coming to the distinct elements of a modular kitchen, it comprises:

Wall modular kitchen cabinets for overhead storage.
The work surface is on the base of the floor cabinets.
Channels and hinges serve as the functional hardware.
Depending on one’s choices, various colour, finish & design of shutter make kitchen modern, contemporary or classical, it gives vibes to Kitchen.
Countertop materials such as wood, granite, laminate, and marble.
Several appliances are also combined such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, as well as sinks.
Consider The Finish and Material of The Cabinets

While fixing the budget of the modular kitchen, you have to keep in mind the material you selected for the cabinet and also the finish. A considerable portion of the budget goes for the cabinets, material, finish and installation. Cabinets are made of materials like polymer, acrylic, foil, laminate and so forth. One can also opt for pocket-friendly material such as laminated particle boards and MDF. The modular kitchen price is affected by all the aforesaid factors and carefully planning them will considerably optimise the budget. 

Mentioned below are the top cabinet materials:

Various surface finish like acrylic, PVC Foil, laminate on ply & MDF boards available in options. Wood veneers are not that much expensive but it renders the aesthetic look of wood furniture and protects against moisture as well as insects. 

Laminates can significantly reduce the cost and are also durable. The pre-laminates come in different colours and one can easily match it as per the home decor.

For the creation of kitchen cabinets, aluminium and steel give the perfect material base within a cost-effective budget. 

Ply board sheets have a tough composite framework and are thus a good choice when it comes to determining the material of cabinets.
 Royaloak is one of the leading furniture brands in India and they have a huge range of modular kitchen designs of international design and style mix. It is time to experience the modern way of international living with designer modular kitchens.

Modern Accessories for your Modular Kitchen  

A small modular kitchen concept can be well accommodated by rightly utilizing the small space. One can have a separate section for crockery, plates, and so forth. The modular kitchen storage is a functional unit for storing detailed items that people focus less on while planning for the kitchen design. Different modular kitchen accessories like door knobs, trays, pull-outs, handles, and stainless steel baskets well-suits the modular kitchen.     

Countertop materials for Modular Kitchen 

A number of materials are there for countertops and many options are available. Granite, as well as marble, are the two most used materials for countertop materials. Considered as the best countertop fit, high-end finish or quartz and granite are mostly used. The choice of the countertops must be made considering the functional side of them in addition to the beauty that it adds to the kitchen decor. Such commonplace materials like granite, ceramic tiles and marble are used for making countertops in modular kitchen design sets. Owing to the flexible usage and stain-resistance of granite, it is a popular material in Indian homes. 

Kitchen Painting 

People have always taken an artistic approach to creating the kitchen wall design painting an artistic approach to creating the kitchen wall design and it also gives a major transformation to your kitchen decor. Without going to just colour it white, one can choose a bright refreshing colour that adds elegance to the entire decor of the kitchen room and also to your cooking space. If you select a deep colour then you can go for a neutral shade. For oil and heat, you can put a grease-resistant wall painting that complements your kitchen space.

Final Conclusion

The aforesaid tips will not only benefit you in the proper planning of modular kitchen designs but also you can get the best modular kitchen design for your kitchen space. Royaloak is the best modular kitchen designer in Bangalore that delivers high-quality furniture pieces all across India. One can browse the different international modular kitchen collections such as American, Italian, Turkish, Vietnam, and Malaysian style of modular kitchen designs. From getting international acclaim to getting global recognition in the international furniture industry, Royaloak has set milestones embarking on a steady journey towards growth and development. Their main aim is to help individuals change their lifestyle and live in full-fledged comfort. Feel free to visit the Royaloak online furniture store to know more.

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