Ideas to Make your Dining Room the Heart of your Home


Dining rooms are an important part of the home as they are the places where a family fills up their daily meal. Although most cultures have different practices with the dinner table, it is important to note that all cultures value the practice of eating together. The dining room also plays a significantly important role in special occasions that are held by the family. A Dinner room, is the room where most of the banter and fun take place for everyone in the household.

A good dining experience helps maintain the needed communication between everyone in the home. Regardless of whether they are friends, family members or acquaintances all of them do visit the dining room so having a good dining table set with all the essentials of fine dining material is essential to maintain and increase good relationships with them.

How to Have a Better Dinner Room Experience?     

Ask any interior designer, and they will tell you that a dinner room is kind of the heart of a home, where personal bonds are strengthened and differences are celebrated. There are many tricks to make the dining room experience better. It has to do with buying the right dining room furniture that suits both the physical and cultural aspects of a house. Lighting, decoration and exposure to the environment also matter. Following are some of the things one should take care of while looking for a better dining room experience.

Add personality to space with an attractive dining table

The main attraction in the dining room, the object that everyone places their eyes on when they first come for a meal is probably the dining room. This is why having a beautiful marble top dining table can be a very effective choice for increasing the beauty of a house. The choice of the dining table depends on the homeowner’s preference, the size of the room and the shape of the room.

  • There are many types of dining tables. Dining tables made out of marble is the most popular one due to its easier maintenance and high aesthetic value.
  • Other variants include dining tables that are made of wood, glass and metal. Wooden tables can be made tough and resilient by many manufacturing processes.

Add sideboard, hutch & buffet furniture and family photos

Sideboard furniture is to be then added to the dining room for efficient storage and use of cooking and eating tools. This includes all items like plates, cups, or glassware that are frequently used. Family photos can also be placed in the relevant places in the room, because as they say family that eats together stays together, and having family photos adds to that!

  • The sideboard, hutch & buffet furniture can be placed near the ends of the dining table or in the space between the kitchen and the dining tables.
  • Family photos can sometimes be replaced by wall art, depending on the occasion. Seating arrangements must not be disturbed while such replacement occurs. 
  • The storage furniture must be made attractive to add to the aesthetic value of the dinner room.     

Have a round table if space is tight     

Not all houses are big enough to accommodate a large dining room. That is why other options must be explored. The round dining table is another kind of dining table that can fit into smaller rooms as it saves space since it cuts off the corners but still has a large surface area. This kind of table also helps when the shape of the room is unusual. Many round tables can be bought to counteract this kind of problem.

  • Round tables allow for easy movement in the dining room. Typically, they allow for 4 members to enjoy having their meal together
  • Many different kinds of round dining tables are available in various materials like, Glass top dining tables, marble top dining tables and wooden dining tables are some examples.   

Add the relevant lighting

Many things in the dining room are affected by the lighting, including humans. The lighting system used must be sophisticated, providing different types of ambiance. This is important as lighting systems help to enhance our focus to our surroundings.

  • Suitable lighting must be selected for the suitable furniture. Glass dining table, for example, may require less light than other types of dining tables as they reflect more light.
  • Natural light must not be omitted in the discussion. A significant amount of natural light must be added to the room by placing the wooden dining table close to the windows.
  • Automatic adjustment systems may be used with the lighting, to make the diner room ever ready to provide service. 

Add wall art     

Decorating the dining room with elements like metal wall art is another important method of increasing the value of the dining room experience. Culturally relevant wall art must be hung along the walls of the dining room to enrich the dinner room.

  • The wall art must be installed on the sides of the glass or marble dining table, as this makes it easier to view it while dining
  • The walls themselves must be painted with colors that match with overall ambience of the room and enhance the aesthetics.
  • The wall art must be easily movable when the situation calls for it. This becomes helpful whenever items in the room undergo cleaning or other routine placement changes.

The importance and use of a dining table set has just increased in the past two years. In December 2019, the Coronavirus outbreak started, which has been going on for two whole years and has taken the world by storm. This means that whenever a get together does happen such get together presents themselves with a stronger sense of personal bonding. It is shown by many studies that personal bonding is easier while eating food, and this is where a good dining table set proves its worth.


It is important that a dinner room has a sense of richness in both functions and aesthetics in one’s own house. By choosing the right dining room furniture and decorating it with stuff like wall art and frames, this aesthetic can be achieved. Maintaining such a room is also important in the long run for ensuring family comforts. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller and they sell all kinds of furniture, including dining room furniture like the popular marble dining room table. The customer has the ability to buy any furniture online and RoyalOak will deliver them to their doorstep with no delivery charges. They also assemble your furniture for free.

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