How your Choice of Furniture Design Helps Create the Perfect Bedroom that Invites Sleep


Sleep is important for every human being, regardless of their age, gender or occupation and impacts both the mental and physical wellbeing of a human and kids may need more hours of sleep than adults. Studies have shown that one’s daily routine and environment impact hugely on an individual’s sleep, and therefore it is in the best interest of every person not to neglect their bedroom environment that includes furniture, lighting and relative comfort levels. Buying the right types of kids beds also becomes incredibly important for the same reason. Lack of sleep, although dangerous for any age group, is shown to significantly affect the child’s development both in the long and the short term. 

It is easy to undervalue the effect of everyday items that can contribute to your long term health and the same can be said to one’s perception of bedroom furniture items on an individual’s sleep. It is the norm to go for the usually accepted standard bedroom furniture item like the double bed because everyone else is doing it. This, however, may not be the best choice for all types of individuals, and this is especially true for those who have a busier work life or a tiring lifestyle. In this blog, we will take a look at how one’s choice in bedroom furniture design can affect sleep, and how one may want to set up a good bedroom atmosphere to invite sleep.

How to Create the Best Bedroom for Quality Sleep

While there will be individual differences between people, we shall cover all the general things that help facilitate good quality sleep in a bedroom. We will also look at features of both beds for adults and kids beds, and look at what type of accessories can help give the most comfort for most types of individuals. 

Get the right type of bed for every individual

This is one of the most important things to take care of when it comes to a family’s quality of sleep. The ideal set up consists of a nicely spaced bed for every individual. Master bedrooms can have good results with the king size bed, while other bedrooms can have normal sized beds that nonetheless help get quality sleep for individuals. If there are people with special needs like the elderly, care should be taken that they feel comfortable throughout the night and bed designs must be chosen accordingly.

Have the right lighting

Having the right lighting is important in a bedroom and we can’t stress this enough. This is because many people while designing their bedroom do not take care of lighting issues. Both natural and artificial lighting should be carefully considered while deciding on a bedroom design or when placing furniture in the bedroom. The bedroom must appear vibrant in the day but must control the lighting very well at night. This includes all types of bedrooms, including those that have bunk beds for which in particular uniform lighting can be installed by the skillful placement of lights. Certain types of lights must be avoided during the night time. For example, blue light has been shown to decrease the quality of sleep and should not be used at night to have a good sleep.

Get a good mattress

The accessories that go with a good bed design are important and even the best designer wooden bed can not provide enough comfort without the right mattress or blankets. Choose soft fabric or weighted blankets that are very comfortable. It is also important to take care of aesthetics and safety when buying such accessories. One should buy comfortable, attractive and durable mattresses, pillows and blankets for good sleep. 

Keep the room decluttered 

It is important to keep the bedroom environment decluttered and clean to get a good sleep. A queen size bed design with good storage capacity in it can help items to be kept decluttered. A cluttered or messed up bed will distract the mind and this has been proven many times in studies. It is also important to maintain the aesthetics of the bedroom and thus every bedroom warrants cleaning everyday. Even items like the mattresses or pillows need dusting and cleaning to retain a good sleep quality and these can be carried out regularly.

Have dressing cabinets and other decor items in the bedroom

Decor items like side tables or night lamps will help the bedroom in a unique way by creating the atmosphere necessary for aesthetic comfort and these should be selected based on individual preference. 


Sleep is one of the most important things for a human being, and it is important not only to have enough hours of sleep but a good quality of sleep to maintain good physical health. The bedroom thus becomes one of the most important places that when set up correctly becomes incredibly helpful in maintaining one’s both physical and mental health. RoyalOak is an online premier Indian furniture seller which specializes in many kinds of furniture items. The furniture that we sell includes some of the best bedroom furniture designs like the king size bed with storage, and accessories like rugs, mattresses and fabrics that go on to make a good bedroom. We also sell other furniture items like dining tables, sofa sets, and patio furniture. RoyalOak provides free delivery and installation services for every order the customer places.

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