How to take care of your bedrooms and mattresses

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Bedrooms are one of the most essential areas of the house, as they are the places used to rest comfortably through our nights. Sleep has been repeatedly shown to be very important among all animals, including human beings as it is the process by which most metabolic processes in the body reset. With an increased focus on productivity, today’s generation of people needs to take care of their sleep schedule more than ever, and this is only possible if they at least have a comfortable double bed in their homes. The mattress, pillow, blankets, and all other such accessories are incredibly important to sleep and we shall discuss a bit about them today. Bedrooms can gradually become uncomfortable if you don’t take care of them, and we here at Royaloak will make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen to you.

Bedrooms can consist of several furniture items, but usually, a good designer class bed like the RoyalOak dolphin queen bed with a melamine finish is at the center of all of it. A modern bed such as this comes specially made with engineered wood and also has anti-dust and anti-microbial properties. However, mattresses are a core part of modern beds and they are more fragile than the beds themselves. They must be kept clean and often there is more to it than that.  We will look at the most important parts of bedroom furniture and tell you some tips on taking care of them. With this knowledge, we hope the bond between you and your sleep is unbreakable because of whatever designer wooden bed furniture you may have in your home.

How to effectively increase your quality of comfort in the bedroom

There are many ways for you to effectively increase your comfort in the bedroom, and this ranges from getting the right kind of furniture to effectively make sure it functions correctly. Some furniture like bunk beds may be more suitable for your family if you have many members and wish to attain a high degree of comfort.

Buy the right kind of furniture item

The right kind of furniture item is durable, strong, and aesthetic. One must look for such furniture items if they don't have a bed in the first place. We have started from this tip as we know that this tip itself can be half the benefits of good sleep. A modern designer bed with a good, comfortable mattress will naturally perform better than any other kind of furniture item. If you have a bed already, you can skip reading this. Otherwise, make sure that you go get the right bed from a trusted manufacturer. Having extra space, as in the case of a king-size bed is almost always helpful.

Keep it clean

Traditional wooden beds can be susceptible to moisture and insects like termites, and mattresses are susceptible to much more factors. That is why it is necessary for you to keep the bedroom clean. Modern beds like the ones made with engineered wood and mattresses like the memory foam mattress are usually better at handling environmental factors in this regard, but they still require cleaning. Use hot water to wash your bedsheets, blankets, and pillow covers. Do not use water or any liquid cleaning agent on wooden furniture, use a vacuum cleaner instead in such instances.

Rotate your mattress

The mattress can be made to serve a large amount of time if you take care of it correctly. Ideally, the best mattress will not be affected by a load of a person no matter how many times it is used. However such ideals cannot be met and one must always use some tricks to increase comfort. Rotating the mattress is one such trick. The load will be evenly distributed if you do this, and experts recommend rotating the mattress every two months for the best effect. The mattress will also last longer as you get to clean it every time that happens.

Don’t use the bed in the wrong manner

Do not use the bed in a manner that it is not supposed to be used. Kids’ beds are built strong, but even they can’t withstand it for long if your kids jump on them every day. With such an anecdote, you know what we mean. It is also not ideal if you let your pets hang around your bed. They can cause serious damage to mattresses and are not great for cleanliness purposes. This does not mean that one should not take care of their pets, just that they must have their separate beds.

Control the temperature

Temperature control is essential in a bedroom to control the comfort factor. Most beds and mattresses can resist temperature fluctuations, so make sure you set your thermostat in a comfortable position. Direct and intense sunlight can be harmful to your mattress or a traditional bed, so be wary of it.


Now that you know what to do about your bedroom and mattresses to increase their lifespan, you should try implementing them in your own home. After all, even a queen size bed is worth little if it fails to provide adequate support to its users.

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