How to Purchase the Right TV Stand for Your Home

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The living room is a place where the family spends most of its time, and therefore has the most decorative value in the house. It is the place where important meetings and discussions often take place and is also the same place a homeowner might sit and relax with their coffee on a lazy afternoon. A modern living room is incomplete without a TV and a TV unit, which provides most of the important entertainment services in an otherwise uninteresting house. It appeals to people of all ages, and thus having the right kind of furniture for such an entertainment service is vital

In this blog, we shall discuss the most important steps to consider before buying different types of TV stands, and features that are present in different kinds of cabinet design. We shall see how measurements become important, how to install the said TV cabinet, and compare different TV cabinet designs for the living room

Top things to do before ordering your entertainment unit furniture

Following are some things a homeowner absolutely must do before ordering a particular piece of furniture for their entertainment unit. They are as follows.

Take note of the switches and the various plug points in the room

This is the first thing one needs to check while planning to buy a user-friendly TV cabinet design. The entertainment unit must be placed where there are enough plug points, preferably with an extra number of plug points and switches for best circumstances of operation

Measure the available space inside the room

Although most living rooms are comfortably big, it is important to measure the space of the room before one chooses their TV cabinet design. Depending on the room size, the choice of purchase is likely to change. This step is even more important if one is trying to install the entertainment unit in other rooms of the house, say, a master bedroom for instance.

Measure the TV dimensions

This is the next thing one should consider while buying the entertainment unit. The TV size must be measured without missing any kind of dimensions. The length, breadth and depth of the TV should be measured. Any stability issues must also be noted in this stage which might arise while placing the TV on the TV stand. The number of cords and wires going into and out of the TV must be noted, which becomes important while assembling the wires into the stand correctly. 2 inch of safety space is typically what you may need for easy handling of the TV in the entertainment unit.

Types of entertainment units

Entertainment units come in different sizes and shapes, and a homeowner should carefully choose the one that is most suited to their requirements.

TV stands

TV stands are the type of entertainment units that do not have a separate space enclosing the TV unit. They typically have a storage space, and their utility is determined by the amount of weight that they can carry and their width. When the width is considerably smaller, they are called a corner TV stand.

TV cabinets

TV cabinets are the entertainment designs that often enclose the whole TV and look considerably more beautiful than a traditional TV stand, and it also has space for storage and all essential wires that the television and the entertainment unit such as a DVD player may come with. TV cabinets also protect the entertainment unit from dust and other components as glass doors are mostly provided for the TV to be sealed behind.

Wall units

Wall units are a TV cabinet design where the TV is hung from a special wall mount. The wall mount TV comes with storage spaces and an alternate stand, should the homeowner decide to place the TV in the old way. The stand is designed like a large cabinet, with lots of space to accommodate the wires and other entertainment devices. Storage spaces are provided, and enough room is provided for decorations and showcasing.

All three types of entertainment units come with unique designs that might resemble furniture from different cultures. 

How to choose a good TV stand?

Following are some tips to follow if one wants to choose a good TV unit furniture in their home.

Be sure about the storage needs

This is an absolutely important thing a homeowner must know before buying a TV cabinet design. It determines the number of drawers, shelves and storage spaces needed exclusively for the control units that are placed within the TV cabinet. For example, the storage space required for a normal TV will be less than the storage space required for a TV with a game controller unit and sound system attached to it.

Choose between glass or wood doors

Even the most basic TV unit design will come with storage and doors these days, and it is up to the homeowner to choose whether those doors will be made of glass or wood. Places that have high humidity and temperature differences must make use of glass doors. Glass doors are also generally a better decor item than wooden doors.

Choose the right wood

There will be parts of your TV unit design that will be made of wood, and the choice of wood is crucial for both the longevity and decorative utility of the TV cabinet. The different type of woods that are popular as TV stand materials include rubberwood, Sheesham wood, oak wood and teak wood. Sheesham wood is the most popular as it has more strength and also looks more pretty than other types of wood.

Have unique lighting options

The wall mount TV will look the best when it has customized lighting designs attached to it. There will be dedicated places where the lighting must go, but customizations can be made as desired. The most important places where lighting must be present is with the controls of the entertainment unit, but showcasing items may also need lighting which can be customized as a homeowner desires.


It is important to know how to select the right TV stands for the entertainment unit that is installed in your house. This is because the TV stand furniture is as diverse as the entertainment units themselves and are often highly customizable with additional storage benefits. They being the main entertainment units in the present time, also serve as an important decor item in the living room of any particular house. RoyalOak is a premier Furniture brand which sells internationally acclaimed furniture in different parts of India. It sells various types of furniture including different types of TV stands, cabinets and sofa sets for living rooms.

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