How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Weather


While furniture is always an important need and part of the house, there is a special place for outdoor furniture. This is because it is especially important for people who want to connect with nature and also has its very own aesthetic appeal which is attractive to many. Many types of furniture items are part of outdoor furniture. The main among them are the outdoor dining sets, various seating furniture and sometimes even decor items. Marble dining tables are particularly popular in outdoor furniture. While it is true that outdoor furniture gives a fresh look to a home, many parts of the furniture will be inevitably made of wood, which has little protection against vagaries of the weather. This makes it more susceptible for harm that is caused by the exposure to its environment. While summer heat can dry up furniture items and introduce cracks due to expansion, the relative wet seasons can weaken the furniture items in other ways. This is the extra burden that must be taken care of when dealing with outdoor furniture. 

Many people when they think of buying outdoor furniture only have the aesthetics in mind. Durability and longevity also matter for furniture items and it comes to decisions like placement, correct use, and maintenance of the furniture item that determine how long each survives. In this blog we shall discuss how to counter problems caused by weather when it comes to patio furniture like the classy dinner arrangement that is placed outside. A large part of this is knowing what kind of weather problems you are likely to encounter. Knowing when to not expose your patio furniture to the environment at all is also important because sometimes one cannot effectively protect furniture items from bad weather conditions.  It will cover additional methods that you can also apply on your indoor furniture like the wooden sofa set to make it more durable.

How to Effectively Take Care of Outdoor Furniture Against Harmful Weather?

Taking effective care of furniture items against the weather involves a lot of insight. It is also important to consider the different requirements of each furniture item to be considered when it comes to weather protection. The process actually starts with selecting the right outdoor furniture item, and making sure the weather protection is applied regularly. Following are the many things you can do to protect your furniture from the weather conditions. 

The right placement

Like the L shape sofa set has a right place in the living room, every outdoor furniture item must also be placed in the correct manner. This differs in every outdoor environment as it depends on wind and rain conditions and sometimes the material on which the furniture is placed. Normally the furniture must not be facing the direction from which your house faces the maximum onslaught of the weather changes. This is important as some items which are large enough to not be moved easily can suffer harm very quickly if the weather decides to change quickly. 

Paint where it is OK to do so

Paint is incredibly beneficial against weather, but precaution must be used while painting items to ensure joints and other important parts must not be clogged by it. Items like desks and seating equipment that have no moving parts are the best furniture items to paint on, as the likelihood that paint itself can cause harm will be very low in these items. Paint protects furniture items from harmful UV rays, heat and preserves the aesthetic of the furniture item when it is done right. Latex paints are better than oil paints when it comes to protecting furniture from weather effectively. The paint should be reapplied to items when one notices fading, peeling or chipping of wood.

Apply water sealer or varnish

Water sealants that are made of insulating material like epoxy or rubber must be applied to outdoor furniture items if you want to keep them from harm that may come from moisture. We say moisture because not regarding the effects of rain, moisture alone is enough to cause serious problems over a long duration of time. Varnish is also an option for delicate furniture items to protect against moisture and wetness. Varnish does not work as well as paint, but it is what you must use on furniture that cannot stand the strong chemical content of the paint. Varnish might be used for multifunctional furniture items that have a lot of moving parts, like the sofa cum bed design.

Purchase covers

Even the best water sealants, paints, or predesigned furniture that is designed to overcome mild weather problems cannot protect your furniture from things like storms, which have potential to physically shake large furniture like an entire dining set. While moving the furniture to a safe place is an effective option, sometimes the weather can change rapidly. For this reason, purchasing covers that can completely engulf your furniture items can be effective in protecting against storms. These covers can be then restrained to the ground by using harnesses or similar equipment to protect furniture items.

This is the general advice for keeping your patio and outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions, and more things can be done when one looks into how individual furniture items work.


Outdoor furniture is certainly an important type of furniture to have, and even more so if you have regular guests or have a breathtaking view from your backyard. However, the weather must be taken care of when it comes to outdoor furniture, because it can easily get spoiled otherwise. RoyalOak is an Indian premier furniture seller and sells all kinds of furniture. From outdoor and patio furniture to the best indoor furniture like the 4 seater dining table, we have all the types of furniture you may want. We even have home decor items that go with various furniture. RoyalOak also takes care of delivery and installation charges for all the furniture orders it receives.

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