How To Protect Your Furniture From Pets


A significant question that has come up among people and pet lovers is how to keep a balance between maintaining one’s home furniture and pets. Though it can be difficult to protect your furniture from your pets, we have made it easy. There are times when your cat scratches your favourite linen on the sofa or dog has been carrying food all the way through the chair, you need to undergo some clean up and touch-ups. At the time of decoration, pet owners ought to choose fabrics and leather that are easy to clean and also offer scratch-resistance. Some kinds of furniture are meant to prevent any scratch or dirt from small children and pets. In this context, we will discuss the ways to protect your furniture while keeping up with your house pet. 

Sofa protecting from pets

When it comes to sofa set furniture at home and pets, the first thing that comes to mind is cat scratches, urine stains, smell, and muddy paws. However, there can be some uncertain situations when your dog might have scattered dog food on the sofa and you need to clean it immediately. You may be completely dumbfounded by the sight but think of ‘Hooch’ in the famous movie ‘Turner & Hooch’. It will ward away all your frustration. Therefore, you need to figure out some ways through which you can keep your pets away from the furniture.

Explaining Significant Tips To Protect Furniture From Pets

Wiping up

There are times when your dog plays in the backyard and due to rain previously, the place became muddy. Thus, when the dog comes inside your home they tracked all mud and dirt to your place. In order to cut this situation off, you can place an old cloth or old rug near the door. This will help you to immediately wipe their feet off as they enter. Doing this regularly will make a routine for them and they will instinctively do it gradually.

Clean Sweeping

Do you allow your pets on your fabric sofa? Then you need to vacuum it or also wipe it down every week. One can also remove the washable cushions and clean it at regular intervals so that it does not become your pet’s favourite spot with dirt. Vacuuming it at regular intervals will keep all dirt as well as dust away and you will be able to maintain it properly.  

Take A Specific Cover

Different types of home furniture such as modern sofa, recliner, and other seating ottomans can be well-protected if your drape or cover it with a blanket and it makes all the cleanup easier. As your pet comfortably places themselves on the blanket their muddy paws and dirt prints get planted on it. You can just remove the blanket and wash it to find all dirt and paw print gone. If you want a more urban stylish look for your furniture, then add a wide range of slipcovers for sofas. One can also opt for slipcovers for chairs for protection from pets.   

Redirecting The Scratching

By diverting the cat’s mood or scratching element you can set a specific scratching tool by redirecting their natural instinct. One can place a favourable cat scratcher near furniture around so that your cat does not end up scratching your favourite leather sofa

Setting up a favourable place for your pet

This does not imply that you have to give your pet their personal couch. It will work great if you provide a soft as well as a comfortable dog bed and you can notice the difference. He will love to sleep in his place. However, if he did not find the place interesting you can simply engage him with a bone or toy to chew on. 

Various Other Alternatives 

One of the most frequent situations that you face is when your puppy or cat gets excited to climb to your bed or guests bed. The result of it is a bed full of fur. When they have their own bed in our small enclosed comfortable place, they will mostly cut their hangout in your bed or guest bed. In order to keep your designer bed clean and clutter-free, you should clean it every day. By shaking the bed sheet and cleaning them on a regular basis will help you to maintain cleanliness at home even when guests arrive. 

Limit them with boundaries

People may have the precious piece of furniture at their home and pets are quite common in modern Indian homes. One can use a bitter-tasting spray on the couch or sofa putting which can keep away all pets. One can also use some kind of sound that frightens your pet. However, we will never recommend some process that ends up hurting them.  

One of the best ways to deter pet cats and dogs from damaging upholstery is by giving an alternative. It is the natural notion of most pets to like things that smell like their owners. You can test some pet bed styles in which your pet remains comfortable and select the right one. You can place one piece of clothing from your regular wear in the place that has your smell for engaging them to nest in there. Additionally, one can also put some miniature walkways and shelves for cats as they love walking to heights and give them their own playfulness. In this way, you will be able to maintain a happy balance between pets and furniture at your home.  


Pets are a very important part of our family and are also a member that grows with us and stays with us even at our worst. Human beings are ought to make mistakes and similarly, pets do too. Furniture can be cleaned, replaced and repaired however a pet once gone, leaves a unfillable void. So keeping this in mind we can adapt our surroundings and furniture furnishing as per them so as to balance consistency between them. Royaloak is the leading furniture brand in India that provides high-quality living room furniture, bedroom furniture, office and WFH furniture all across the country. If you have pets and are unable to make the right choices of furniture, our experts will guide you on the best ways to protect furniture from them and also keep them clean.

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