How to Effectively Take Care of Your Sofa Cushions

Sofa CushionsSofa Cushions

Sofas are one of the most common furniture items that are sold around the world, and they are popular for many reasons. Primarily sofas have many functions in a home, including being a comfortable place to relax, have chit chat, think and even do serious business meetings with strangers that may come in the house. The other part is that the sofa is also a very important aesthetic element in the house. While in the West, the sofa is mostly used for its comfort and multiple functional features, the more eastern styles of sofas reflect the culture and aesthetics of living room furniture in the east, which generally varies widely. This is not to say that functionality, role or aesthetics of the modern sofa is strictly defined and there are many types of unique sofa designs that are present in every part of the world.

Normally, the sofa set price is determined by the level of functionality, aesthetics and modular design that the sofa set presents itself with. The modular design is what we mean by designs that promote smooth functionality, minimalism and modern styles. The aesthetic value of the sofa is hard to determine and varies across the world. The comfort factor is one of the things that is universal in the sofa, and is determined by the material of the sofa and the sofa cushion. The armrests, footrests and the ability of the sofa to transform also comes in the category of comfort features in the sofa. The sofa cushion is the most important part when it comes to comfort, and in this blog, we shall see how to take care of the sofa cushions effectively so that they function just as well after many years without losing their ability to give guests or homeowners their comfort.

Tips to Take Care of Your Sofa Cushions

As we discussed above, sofa cushions are the primary ways the modern sofa delivers comfort to its users. Sofa cushions are present in almost every type of sofa, be it the modern L shape sofa or the traditional sofa. But if the sofa cushions are not handled with care, they deteriorate over time and lose their ability to give comfort. Following are some tips that you can use to take care of your sofa cushions.

Know your sofa cushion

This is the first step in taking care of your sofa cushion. Not all sofa cushions are made the same, and the steps to take care of them differ by the type of cushion being used in your sofa. If yours is a traditional wooden sofa set, it may have the older type of cushions that are supported by springs. The newer, modern sofa cushions have a combination of what are called sofa downs and special fillings that are either made up of foam or other materials. Some cushions may even use types of fibres in them to make them more durable. Knowing the sofa cushion type helps in purchasing the right kind of sofa that may give maximal comfort to you and your family.

Prevent them from sliding

Depending on the sofa upholstery, some sofa cushions can begin sliding whenever one tries to sit on them. This can happen as fast as within a month or two if one is not careful. To prevent sofa cushions from sliding, one can use many techniques. These include using velcro strips to fasten the sofa cushion to the sofa or using shelf liners that can be helpful for placing sofa cushions. Non slip mats can also be used for this purpose, but they can be less effective than the previous tips. Some people use other home made remedies to prevent the problem, and these can be absolutely used if they do the job. Sliding cushions can be irritating in the newer sofa cum bed design and must be dealt with effectively.

Prevent liquids from going into cushions

Liquids are very dangerous if they get into cushion material, and therefore one must prevent it by being careful. Eating or drinking must be done so that no mess occurs in the sofa even though most modern designs like the L shape sofa design come with sofa parts that are mostly liquid proof. This is especially true if the cushion covers are made of fabric rather than a more robust material like leather or plastic. Use of sharp tools near sofa cushions are also not encouraged around sofa cushions.

Clean the sofa cushions often

Sofa cushions will inevitably become dusty over time, and the dust can cause allergies in some people and the overall comfort levels of the sofa. The cushions must be individually taken out from the sofa and must be cleaned by dry cleaning methods or using special agents that can be used on the material the sofa cushion covers. Very powerful chemical agents must not be used or must at least be used after researching their effects thoroughly. The cleaning process must be repeated appropriately so that the sofa does not appear in a dusty condition at any points of its long use.


While each sofa is a pleasure to both look at and sit in when it is new, it can easily be uncomfortable after many years if it is not taken care of properly. Sofa cushions are one of the many parts of a sofa that provide comfort to the people that use it and hence taking appropriate care of it is something that people should know more about. RoyalOak is an online furniture seller of Indian origin which can be easily accessed by any internet enabled device. RoyalOak sells all kinds of furniture, which includes the most modern of sofa set designs, dining tables and bedroom furniture. Known for its customer-first strategy, RoyalOak offers free delivery and assembly services for every order a customer makes.

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