How To Effectively Paint Furniture 

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Painting is one of those processes that can help in a lot of different things, and it is usually used to make things more appealing and protect it from weather conditions at the same time. Paint comes in different colours, and usually synthetic materials are used in their preparation. While paint can be directly applied to any surface and it will stick, there are ideal conditions that make paint dry better on surfaces. Additives like primers help painting easy on surfaces that are too hard to paint because of cold temperatures. Painting furniture is a practice that helps furniture items retain their strength against various weather changes and also help them look aesthetic and new, no matter what their age is. Paint can be applied to various furniture items, including both indoor and outdoor furniture. Even decor items can be painted with the help of the right tools. While painting furniture is mostly done for restoring durability and long life, some hobbyists paint their furniture items in intricate detail just because they want to.

While all the above are good points regarding how paint is used in tandem with furniture, it does not mean the process is easy. For one, painting the furniture item entails painting on surfaces that are complicated and are made of different materials. For example, legs of furniture items that are multifunctional or modular become hard to paint. When you paint such a sofa set or bed, you need to ensure that paint does not clog in the joints, which may cause problems later. Additionally, paint selection in itself must be done carefully as some paints have chemicals that react badly with wood. Some surfaces may need prior preparation when it comes to painting, and one must be educated in all these things to paint furniture items correctly. One also needs to have lots of patience to paint furniture items in addition to that to paint well.

Steps To Take When You Are Planning To Paint Furniture Items

Painting furniture items is not that hard once you know all the steps in it. Whether it be the double bed or the outdoor dining table, different furniture requires different processes when it comes to the whole process of painting, but the general steps remain the same. In this blog, we shall go over all the important steps one must take while trying to paint different modern day furniture items.

Use the right paint

While this is common sense, one should note that not all paint is suitable to use on furniture items. There are lots of emulsion paints that have moisture in them, and those can harm wooden furniture items if used without caution. Oil based paints work well for wooden items, although for items that have surfaces made of plastic or plywood, a suitable paint can be chosen that does not corrode those kinds of items. This is true for furniture like office tables that can house important wiring equipment. Depending on the coat needed, different kinds of paints may be used for different furniture items. After selecting the right kind of paint, one must buy the materials that are needed in the painting process, like primers, seals, and masks.

Prepare the surface

A degree of surface preparation is necessary for the painting to look and feel professional. Painting on a surface which is not polished or prepared in some way can also make the painting process less efficient, as most of the surface will wear off quicker than when done otherwise. When painting furniture like the double bed, sandpaper must be used to polish the surfaces to be painted, especially those that appear deformed or old. This process helps the paint stick to the surface for a longer amount of time. Sometimes, a surface preparation may not be enough for a good paint job on furniture. That is why you must see if your furniture requires additives before painting 

See if additives and primer coat is needed

Additives are important additions to the paint in question that give it additional properties. It can change the surface tension, flow, and antifreeze and flame resistance in painted products. These are added in small amounts to the paint and must be done in professional supervision. A primer coat may be added to special furniture items like the designer dining table because it helps the furniture absorb paint more readily. Some primers also allow quicker drying mechanisms, so it is better to use them on larger surfaces.

Paint in the right manner

It is important to not paint in a haphazard fashion while painting any kind of furniture. Even if it is just simple seating furniture like bought chairs online. A simple rule of thumb to follow is that the larger the furniture item, more time and work will be required to paint it. One must also be fast when painting large furniture items like the dining table. After painting, it is important to leave enough time for drying the furniture item. At this point it must be kept in a moderately dry room with optimal temperature conditions. After drying, the furniture must be inspected for any mistakes in painting and if so such mistakes must be fixed.


Sometimes, it becomes necessary to paint different kinds of furniture items to help them protect themselves from the weather. Other times paint is used to give an aesthetic new look for furniture items, especially decor furniture items. Now, depending on the type of paint used and chemicals in it, it can be used for different purposes and lasts for different time periods. By knowing the essentials about painting furniture, you can prevent mistakes or minor annoyances in the process. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller that sells all kinds of furniture online. We also sell furniture that is similar to styles found in other countries, like the American, European or East Asian countries. We service all over India and also provide free delivery and installation services.

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