How comfort factor in the bedroom affects sleep


There are lots of things to consider when buying furniture items, and most of them relate to the furniture's purpose. Furniture in general has always been about making things less effortful in the long run for most people, and it has added the aesthetics and cultural aspect to it. These other factors are often just as important as functionality because most furniture is intended to function in the long run. There are also many categories of furniture items, usually relating to the different rooms the furniture belongs to. Living room furniture like the sofa set for example always carries with itself a decorative aspect. However the same cannot be said for most dining room or outdoor furniture items. Here, the category of bedroom furniture is special because it is the only area in which the decorative design has functional value to it. The comfort factor, which is the subjective amount of comfort you may get because of your double bed, also depends on the decorative design of the bed.

There are many things in what goes on to be the comfort factor of a bedroom. It is obvious that the furniture design plays a part. But here is also evidence of accessories like mattresses, pillows and blankets heavily impacting it. Sometimes room space and aesthetics also matter. Why is the comfort factor so important you ask? Because it is the most important factor when sleep is concerned. In this sense, it is directly related to sleep and increases the quality of sleep. Sleep in itself is important and the lack of it is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, car accidents and overall a lower quality of life. There are however methods of increasing the comfort factor inside the bedroom. For one, each person can sense when the bedroom no longer appears comfortable. In this blog we shall explore this supposed level of comfort, how it relates to sleep levels and how to maximize it by selecting the right choice of wooden bed design when you’re out shopping for furniture.

How sleep is affected by the level of comfort in the bedroom

In this blog, we shall explore how the bedroom affects sleep and how to increase the comfort factor in the bedroom. The steps are simple, and if you follow them you can turn your single bed into an object which just invites sleep whenever you want to.

Furniture determines how well you sleep

The first thing to note is that furniture determines how well you sleep in your own home. Most modern furniture items are designed to suit a purpose and after that purpose is fulfilled, manufacturers add aesthetics to it. However modern furniture is multifunctional, and hence modern beds can do much more than just be a bed. The most extreme example in this aspect is the sofa cum bed design, which can transform itself when needed. If one buys such furniture, one can increase the comfort factor in their bedroom.

Pillows and mattresses are important

After the furniture itself, mattresses and pillows are the second most important thing one should pick carefully to increase the chances that you sleep well in the bedroom. This is true especially for the mattress. The blankets and pillows are next in line with ones that have softer downs bringing more comfort in the bedroom. The wrong mattress can make even the king size bed uncomfortable, so it is incredibly important for you to buy the right one. It is also important to replace uncomfortable mattresses once they reach the end of their lifespan.

Reduce dust in your bedroom

It has been shown that dust reduces the quality of sleep. To counter this, one must keep their bedrooms as dust free as possible. This can be done by cleaning the room and beds through vacuum and using rugs. Rugs trap tiny dust particles from the air and don’t let them float around in the bedroom. They are also available in various colors and therefore increase the aesthetics of the room. You can, for example, get the right rug color that fits well with your child’s taste which will help them sleep well on their kids beds you bought them.

Low light is better for sleep

Low light is necessary in the bedroom for good sleep. The color of the lighting also matters. It is proven by science that for example blue light has the most potential for keeping a person awake and red light is preferable for bedrooms. It is also important to have the same amount of light on all beds for everyone to get effective sleep. This is difficult to achieve if you have bunk beds installed, but such requirements can be met by effectively placing the bunk beds so that all beds get equal amounts of light because of natural or an artificial light source.


Comfort factor is determined by many factors, and all these must be thoroughly selected for when you buy bedroom furniture. This is important because sleep is one of those states that humans spend at least a quarter of their lifespan in, and it has serious health effects if ignored. However, with some conscious effort, one can choose their furniture correctly and make small changes in their rooms that will help your health and lifestyle immensely.  RoyalOak is India's leading furniture retailer. We sell a wide range of furniture, including living room, bedroom, dining room, and home decor items. We also sell culturally diverse furniture products comparable to those seen in the American continents, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. These are only available in our store, and they are reasonably priced for their level of quality. We also have free delivery and installation for every furniture product that you may order from us, and this is for every order and not limited to a first time order.

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