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Home decor has always been used to spruce up any space. It creates a pleasant setting that comforts and helps unwind. Royaloak-India’s no 1 furniture brand is known for its aesthetically pleasing wide variety of home decor items, which are not only budget-friendly but also trendy. We got in touch with our décor experts to get their thoughts about the upcoming trends of 2023.

Nature inspired:

In recent times people have appreciated the serenity and mindfulness that comes with nature-inspired elements. One might consider adding browns, greens, and blues to add a general atmosphere for relaxation and luxury.  Another great way would be to install a planter indoors on a dining table or a kitchen counter. This would add a touch of greenery and panache to the look of the home.

Our specialists anticipate that warm & neutral -natural colours, organic shapes, and natural elements like quartz will be used in conjunction for a look of highly peaceful interiors. The addition of natural elements to a typically designed interior will enhance the beauty and lend an opulent aspect.


Primary colours like red, blue and yellow are known to influence the space in a charming and playful way.   The colours will always affect the energy in a distinct and uplifting way.  They also provide a lot of leeway when it comes to the décor items that can be used. A beautiful primary-colored vase that is placed strategically will allow you to add depth and gravitas to the room.

Our experts say that adding a wall décor in a primary colour can also add a touch of panache to the room and tie the look of the whole room together. 


Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Instead of regular ceramics which are breakable and hard to maintain forever, people will start to prefer metals for their home décor items. Metal vases will gain even more popularity in 2023, since they are visually pleasing and almost unbreakable.

Furthermore, more designers have realized that glossy finishes on metal is always an eye grabber. Our experts suggest using metal vases & indoor planters as well, since they are eye candy and instantly grab the attention no matter where they are placed in the room.

Geometric patterns:

These items are in vogue since they have a modern design and do not need to follow a particular theme. Our experts suggest using table décor of animals with geometric patterns since they elevate the look of a regular table. These items provide an edgy look to any space without being chaotic and overpowering any other elements.

Home fountains:

Water always has calming effects on people and since the pandemic most people want their houses to be a zen place. Therefore, we have noticed an uptrend in people using small-medium-sized fountains in their house.  The fountains not only provide tremendous visuals but also sound heavenly. Our experts expect this trend to make a huge comeback and will get even chicer in 2023.

About Royaloak:

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