Gifting Furniture To Parents: Rocking Chair, Recliners and the Lift-Up Chair


Gifting Furniture To Parents: Rocking Chair, Recliners and the Lift-Up Chair

While gifting one’s parents is a proud moment and also a very happy moment for the parents and the children alike. Oftentimes however youngsters fail to see what is actually a good gift for them. This is mostly because of a lack of insight or some kind of communication problems. But in this blog, we will tell you why that buying furniture for one’s own parents is better than any alternative plans you may have in order to please them. It is a known truth that the human body ages and needs support in its elder years, and buying comfortable seating furniture like the recliner is one of the ways any kind of pain associated with old age can be made to go away. 

The seating furniture even though looks the same in many different aspects, has functional differences that it must satisfy to meet the comfort levels required for the elderly. Recliners were first manufactured because of this concept. The beauty of the recliner sofa set lies in the fact that it can push the entire chair up from its base and assist people to reach either their standing or sitting positions without putting any pressure on their body. That often means more safety and comfort than a similarly looking traditional wooden chair. The most modern of these chairs and seating furniture is also designed to function for a long time and to be as smooth as possible in their functions.

Furniture designed for the elderly

There are many types of furniture that are designed especially for the elderly. While powered variants like the lift-up chair have only recently begun to catch attention, recliners were famous in western countries for quite a long time. The rocking chair was the first kind of recliner in the world. Its inherent popularity lies in the fact that it is easier to manufacture, and provides enough support despite not having high technology embedded in it. In this blog, we will look at each such furniture and its specialities.

Rocking chair

This piece of furniture has been developed by independent cultures around the world. The rocking chair has traditionally been made of natural wood, although now engineered wood and even some composites are used to build it. Unlike the modern recliner sofa set, the rocking chair works by the principle of centre of mass of the body. It is designed in such a manner that the rocking occurs up to a certain angle only. The backrest angle can often be extended but this is not automatic. Footrests may or may not be present in the more traditional rocking chairs. The sides of the rocking chair can incorporate any design that is preferred by the homeowner.


The recliner sofa set is the modern-day equivalent of a rocking chair. Recliners have better cushioning mechanisms that give more support to the elderly. Some are not powered, that is do not need electricity for functioning. Both armrests and footrests are always present in a recliner. Some recliners have a headrest as well. 

Most of these parts are made adjustable. The traditional recliners use the principle of levers to function. Mechanical levers extend the footrest and help recline the chair to a predetermined angle. Powered recliners on the other hand offer more control and adjust the recliner to any desired angle easily. The type of recliner is determined by the features they offer and the specialities they hold. All the chairs that are discussed after this are also types of recliners however they have distinct features.

Lift-up recliner chair

A lift-up chair is a special type of recliner chair that lifts itself up through a powered mechanism. It is usually sold as a separate chair rather than a part of recliner sofa sets. The elderly might have a problem standing up due to the stiffness of their bones and body due to their age. The lift-up chair also has other features that are common to recliners, that being the extendable footrests and adjustable backrests. The cushioning of the lift-up chair is also made according to the requirements of most elderly people.

Therapeutic recliner chair

The therapeutic chair is another type of recliner chair that is most suited for the elderly. It often has all the features that are necessary for it to be compared to modern recliners and then other features are added to it on top. The therapeutic recliner chair is a powered chair that comes with an easy set of controls. It has fully adjustable headrests, armrests and may contain swivel motion. It sometimes has vibratory pads attached to it that give it more comfort than other recliners. It is also mostly sold as a chair rather than part of a sofa set.

Other points regarding the recliner sofa set

After discussing some of the most used recliner chairs and sofa sets for the elderly we can take a further look at peculiar facts regarding them.

  • While most of the discussion here is based on the functionalities, most recliners also come with a significant amount of design elements embedded in them. 
  • The seating of the recliner sofa including the armrest and headrest is usually made of leather or leatherette. Different colours of recliners are available.
  • when not in use they can be made to take as little space as possible. Most recliner chairs can be moved with the help of powered mechanisms. This is again, incredibly helpful to the elderly

All these points further cement the notion that this type of furniture is what you should give to your parents if you want to make them truly happy. 


Parents become incredibly happy when their kids gift them anything but it is wise to pick a gift that will be useful to them every day. Good furniture items like the rocking chair or a recliner sofa not only make them happy but also help them live longer. The said items are examples of furniture that are designed with the primary purpose of supporting the human body when it is frail and old. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller and sells all kinds of furniture. It also sells furniture focused on the elderly. Many varieties of such furniture are available in our stores. We also deliver the products for free and assemble them free of cost.

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