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The choice of a sofa majorly depends on the personal choice of the homeowner. For getting a healthy lifestyle and sumptuous living, quality furniture designs should play a significant role. However, to keep the new sofa in a good condition depends on the way you use it and maintain it. A designer sofa when designed in a unique way suits a distinct home interior style. But the shine of the sofa will be withheld based on the way users treat it. With a view to keep your corner sofa in a new condition, you need to clean it on a regular basis and maintain it in a proper way. This article will discuss the distinct maintenance and care tips that you can follow in your daily life. 

Standard Sofa Caring Tips

Despite having different instructions for different materials of sofa, there are few caring tips that remain the same for every other sofa set.

  • It is always important to not place the sofa exposed to direct sunlight as it may fade away its colour.
  • Keep the sofa design away from heaters.Keep the sofa design away from heaters.
  • Sofa furniture is not pet-friendly so the sharp claws may cause serious damage.
  • The sofa must be cleaned with utmost care.
  • The sofa is not a place where users can jump as it will weaken the springs and there is a chance it will collapse. 

In this blog, we will discuss the different maintenance and care instructions for different sofas based on distinct materials. This context will help readers to acknowledge the different ways through which sofa set furniture can be kept cleaned and maintained properly. This is due to the reason that the colour and shine does not fade away with time. Moreover, regular maintenance and caring can help it age with grace. 

Fabric Sofa Care Instructions And Maintenance

The fabric sofa should be maintained properly so as to keep them anew and hold their shine. Let's take a look at the different fabric sofa care instructions below.

  • A fabric sofa set should be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight as it can fade out its shine and colour. 
  • A sofa brush can be used to clean the sofa on a regular basis. One can also use a vacuum to give it a nice clean.
  • There are times of accidental spills when it is important to blot the area by using a dry cloth immediately. Any kind of abrasives and chemical detergents should be avoided. The area should be cleaned gently with soapy water and a microfibre cloth so that any stains can get removed immediately. Vigorous rubbing and wiping are strictly prohibited. 
  • Every year the sofa should be cleaned by professionals.

Care Instructions For A Leather Sofa Set

Leather is always the finest material when it comes to creating sofa sets. It comprises unique grain pieces and colouring. But leather sofas are, sometimes, accompanied with little creases and markings. This adds to the natural beauty of the sofa design. Softening and stretching may happen over time however if given proper care and maintenance it retains its new shine with time. Let's have a glimpse of the different care instructions for a leather sofa set. 

  • Ensure that the surface of the sofa is free of dirt by cleaning it with a dry microfiber cloth. For areas that are difficult to reach, one can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to clean those areas. 
  • For food spills and stains, immediately clean the area with a damp cloth. However, in case of major spills, it is relevant to seek assistance from leather upholstery professionals. 
  • It is recommended to strictly avoid any chemical detergents for cleaning leather sofa sets. Clean cotton cloth can be dampened in distilled water and can be used for wiping the surface of the sofa clean. After cleaning make sure to air dry it.

Velvet Sofa Care Instructions And Maintenance

The velvet sofa is recognized well among sofa collections for its raised surface. It looks stunning in an urban living room and elevates the ultimate beauty of your home. The slightly crushed nature of the velvet corner sofa set can be solved by brushing it softly with a clothes brush. With time, the crushed appearance will add to the elevated beauty of the sofa as it ages with grace. Below are a few of the care instructions that you can follow to retain the shine of your sofa with time. 

  • Brush should be used gently over the sofa or vacuum can be used with a special upholstery nozzle. 
  • The spills should be cleaned instantly and should not be avoided as dried stains are much difficult to remove. In case the spill is mild, then a mild soap can be used with some water and a cotton cloth dipped in it to gently wipe off the area. The patch can be dried with a hair dryer and also a brush to assist in cleaning. 

Final Considerations

Sofa caring and maintenance tips are quite important if you are the owner of a sumptuous sofa set. It is relevant to have proper knowledge about the same so that you can implement them in your daily life. Royaloak presents a unique range of sofa collections including leather sofa, fabric sofa, velvet sofa, wooden sofa, corner sofa and many more. Royaloak is among the largest furniture retailing and selling companies in India that offers a wide variety of furniture products such as sofa design, recliner sofa, sofa cum bed, TV unit, sideboard, double bed, storage bed, wardrobe, dressing table, dining table, dining chairs, wooden chairs, home office furniture, ergonomic chairs, patio designs and many more. With free delivery and assembly services by Royaloak, it has become easier for customers to buy furniture online by placing orders and receiving hassle-free delivery at the doorstep. 

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