Essential furniture for work From Home

Work from homeWork from home

Today, with the lockdowns all across the country and with no clarity of when the current lockdown is going to end, or whether we will have another one, it is essential for all working professionals to have a well-appointed Work From Home space. Here, we try to list down the work from essentials that all smart working professional should have:-

Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the essentials of WFH is to spend most part of your day in endless meetings sitting on your chair. In such a scenario, investing in a good ergonomic chair is the best decision one could make. A good quality chair for home is the step one to have a good WFH set up.

Computer Table & Study Desk

A desk which aids your working style goes a long way in increasing your productivity in WFH set up. It could be a simple computer table or a folding study table, one should make the choice based on one’s working style, this might look like simple decision to make but it goes a long way. Many retailers are offering a office table + Chair combo deals, you may want to consider it as it would help you save some money too.


While setting up a Work From Home Set up, you may require a filing cabinet or a shelf to keep your documents organized. Considering the requirement, we would suggest that, you look at investing in good bookshelf as it could be multipurpose and can be used post lockdown too. A well designed wooden bookshelf will add aesthetic value to the room and will surely make a statement.

A pleasant Working Environment

Since, one would be making a new work from home set up, you would need to ensure you take into consideration needs of your work and everyone in the household. You would need to ensure that there is enough space for your desk & office chair for you to work and move around comfortably.

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