Elegant Bedroom Wardrobe Designs For Home


A bedroom is the main heart of any home owing to its designing and decorating. Apart from spending the night hours, a bedroom serves as the serene space of the home where family members can relax in comfort. A bedroom is incomplete without a suitable wardrobe. Wardrobe furniture renders the efficient storage space which is required for keeping clothing, accessories, and several other items. From keeping space for trunk boxes to footwear collections, modern wardrobe designs have various compartments integrated into the furniture for maximum utility. Different materials are available of which you can select the closet matching your decor. When you have a good wardrobe design with enough space, it will serve your every other storage purpose. 

In this blog, we have delineated the diverse wardrobe designs that match different Indian home decor. With the latest design approaches and mechanisms, simple cupboards can be transformed into elegant-looking wardrobes with a distinct style. In this context, we will discuss the different types of wardrobes and the door styles one can choose while picking the right wardrobe style for your bedroom. 

Distinct Types Of Excellent Wardrobe Furniture Designs

Herein, you will acknowledge the distinct wardrobe furniture designs of varied styles and crafts and different door styles of them. This context will give a brief idea to the readers which can serve as tips to consider while purchasing the best closet for your home.  

Sliding Doors

The two sliding wardrobe door designs are the ones that have many drawers and shelves for putting hangers, clothes, as well as other accessories. The cupboard is designed in a way that looks stylish and has an aesthetic approach towards the interior of the bedroom decor. Therefore, you have a lot of space to organize and arrange things. The sliding door system wardrobe is the best choice for many contemporary and modern designed home decor.

Elevated Wardrobe

Elevated cupboard designs are becoming popular nowadays. They not only serve to increase the storage space but also render an additional storage area where you can keep different types of unused materials that have their necessity only in rare situations. The cupboard can be created on the top of the wardrobe frame in the bedroom space. Apart from consuming less space, it becomes an essential piece of furniture that can be suitably arranged on the top of the bed. Various other materials like books, accessories and trunk boxes can be stored easily. 

Multipanel Sliding Doors

With various new designs coming up with time, people begin to adapt to the newfound almirah designs. The multipanel sliding door of the wardrobe runs on tracks and has generally silver frames. Different types of colours are present to render an elegant look to the bedroom. Different multipanel wardrobe designs are becoming popular in urban home decor. These are easy to use and compliment the other existing furniture designs. 

Vinyl Door Styled Wardrobes

The vinyl door styled wardrobes are meant for residential apartments. With the material vinyl, the doors of the wardrobe have been created and best fitted on the tracks. At times, they are also made from aluminium frames. 

Monal Cupboard Designs

Monal wardrobes are gaining importance in recent times. If you are looking for a designer almirah design for your bedroom, then this can come under a very cost-effective range. It generally comprises the 6 door styles, making it the best choice for large spaced bedrooms. Traditional almirah styles have become outdated bringing the latest modern designs for Indian homes. The long cupboard style has many sectional compartments for keeping accessories and jewellery materials. Several fashion homeowners are fond of additional shelves and pull-out drawers for keeping different items.  

Vintage Designs

Do you have a vintage styled bedroom interior? Looking forward to giving a classy look to your bedroom? Then vintage styled wooden almirah is one of the preferred choices. Vintage almirah designs are beautiful and elegant, providing an aesthetic appeal to the overall decor of the bedroom. This kind of wooden closet comes with drawers and hanging rails for long dresses. The wood material is natural and is highly durable. Wooden cupboards have the capacity to endure different environmental conditions and are mostly resistant to mites. They come down to generations.  

One can easily elevate the look of your bedroom with a spacious wardrobe. With many chests of drawers and shelves, it helps to keep files, jewellery, clothes as well as different other accessories.

Laminated Almirah Doors

Are you looking for a closet in which you can paint with your favourite colour and design? Laminated closet doors are the perfect choice for your bedroom. You can design your wardrobe with your own style, colour and paint. For the purpose of a more finished look, you can laminate with timber and ply. The door of this type of bedroom cupboard design is flexible for painting with texture and modifies the entire appearance of the bedroom space. 

Freestanding Almirah

Freestanding closet generally comes in a wooden almirah or metal wardrobe. The style of the wardrobe type is quite simple and minimal making it the right choice for many sleek interiors of bedroom space. It is cost-effective and matches distinct Indian home decor. Capable of getting installed in any size of the bedroom, this portable wardrobe is for people who have transferable jobs and have to shift frequently. 

Retro Closet Design

During the primitive times, wardrobes were of a specific design range that has become remarkable owing to their retro design style. In a traditionally designed bedroom space, a retro bedroom wardrobe can be installed that will complement the existing furniture pieces inside the bedroom.     

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom with modern wardrobe designs, then you have arrived at your destination. Royaloak is one of the premier furniture brand retailers in India offering distinctive furniture collections and delivering throughout the country. Prior to buying any kind of furniture, you can acknowledge entire details relating to it from the Royaloak professional and their benefits. The brand comprises experienced furniture designers having several years of proficiency in administering the best furniture designs with quality materials. 

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