Effective ways to keep your kitchen and dining space clean


Regardless of its size, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home. Even the most primitive of houses in the world have a separate cooking and eating space, as eating is one of the primal human instincts that needs to be satisfied. The prehistoric and medieval practices of cooking were very limited and yet there is evidence of specialized equipment they used for cooking and even their seating and eating habits have been documented. Modern humans on the other hand have innumerable ways to cook a single meal, even when presented with a limited number of ingredients. The seating habits, although vary considerably across cultures, include some version of sitting together around a wooden table or at least in a common room.

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the modern home, although it may not look as such. It has high demand for supplies such as vegetables, dairy products and meat that later go on to be part of recipes that people will enjoy around the dining table. Due to this kind of material movement and also its frequent usage, both the kitchen and the dining spaces can easily become stained and messed up. The stains in the dining space can occur due to a number of reasons including spillage, and even simply because of the time spent eating in the same space. The stains in the kitchen are primarily attributed to cooking, although sometimes ineffective ways of storing ingredients can also cause the kitchen to be not clean. 

In this blog, we shall take a look at how one can keep their kitchen utensils, dining table set, and crockery and storage units clean and aesthetic.

What can help you keep your dinner room clean?

There are many different ways to keep your cooking and dining space clean. You will need specialized equipment while cleaning these places and they will also need to be replenished from time to time as such cleaning is not a onetime activity. Following are some things to keep in mind if you are new to cleaning a kitchen or a dinner room.

  • There are chemicals available in the market that can be used to clean the kitchen. Some cleaning agents can however be manufactured in your own home. 
  • Baking soda and water can wash tough stains that may appear on the marble floors. 
  • Dishwashing liquids are used to wash utensils and cooking equipment, but cannot be used on wooden furniture items.
  • Dry chemicals can be used to remove stains that are very tough but care should be taken while using them.
  • Fabric and vinegar combination will preserve the aesthetic of furniture as well as utensils when used at the end of the cleaning process.

Cleaning different elements in the kitchen and dining space

There are many hot spots so to speak that have the tendency to accumulate stains and dirt in the dining space. Some of them are easier to clean than others, and some are more noticeable than the others. While everyone may know how to wash the utensils and keep the sink clean, not many will know how to lessen the amount of natural dust that enters a dining room or how to keep the wooden cabinets dust free and aesthetic enough. Following parts will give enough information on how to clean the individual elements in your dining space.

Cleaning the utensils and the sink

This is the easiest part of the cleaning process in the dining space. An aqueous soap solution can be used to clean most of the items like plates and glass that are used by people to eat. The utensils that are actually used for cooking must be cleaned thoroughly with a brush that is designed for the appropriate use. While marble dining tables are averse to humidity and temperature variations, the cleaning of the utensils should be done so that the moisture does not affect other parts of the dining table set.

Cleaning cabinets

The wooden cabinets are one of the hardest to clean as they can easily get damaged if high amount of water is used in its cleaning process. A smooth but strong fabric must be used to clean the dust that is accumulated because of extended use and the environment. If a spillage does occur inside the wooden cabinet, one must act swiftly so that the moisture or other oils don’t leave stains on it. The temperature of the cabinet also matters and it is better to not let direct sunlight reach the cabinet so that the materials stored inside and the cabinet itself will have a long life.

Cleaning the dining table

The eating space is the second most important place that requires cleaning. Most modern dining tables come with liquid resistance and anti-dust properties, but the extended use of dining tables can make them lose such properties gradually. To not let that happen, both dry cleaning and liquid agents that are moderately strong can be used to clean them. If one has a foldable dining table, care should be taken about the joints and such so that dust may not accumulate there and prevent it from functioning smoothly.


Since kitchen and dining spaces in general are busy places, they tend to need cleaning often. A dirty kitchen is not a safe place to cook and a dining table that is not clean is not a place where most can enjoy their food. Therefore it is necessary to properly keep both utensils and furniture in the dining room clean. Royaloak is a premier Indian furniture seller and has furniture collections exclusive to its online stores that it sells to its customers. These exclusive collections include finest dining, seating and bedroom furniture in various international design styles from across the world. RoyalOak also provides free delivery and installation services for all its customers within a short period after one’s order.

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