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The trend of compact flats and apartments are becoming popular. This type of miniature living has become popular and offers a moderate technique of home decor to Indian homes. Thus, with restricted spaces comes the necessity of home storage options that can be accommodated inside compact spaces. In this blog, we are going to elaborate on the different furniture pieces which serve as storage for Indian homes and smart ways to store clutter and serve as functional aspects of storage options in Indian homes. 

Shoe Rack

Often there are times when family members are more and therefore have more pairs of shoes. However, due to lack of storage space, there are chances when the shoes get messed up. Don't you want to store your expensive footwear in shoe storage cabinets? Then you will require to place shoe rack storage cabinets that have ample storage options where you can store all footwears of all family members and avoid getting messed up. Different designs are present that reflect the rustic style and modern designs, you can choose the right one matching your interior decor.  


One of the best ways to enhance the interior of your home and add functional storage as well is by installing bookshelves. A bookshelf design is a functional storage unit that gives you the flair of storing books, magazines, and valuable items with plan and style. They are considered as the best platform with which you can use the space for functional purposes as well as add aestheticism to the interior. Bookshelves are often utilized as wall shelves giving the flair to determine the way of its usage. Royaloak administers top-quality bookshelf storage collections of different styles and designs. One can easily choose from a wide variety of materials. 

Bed with Storage

The usability of beds with storage has been in significance since primordial times. With passing time, the furniture items have evolved with different upgrades and modifications. The hydraulic storage with gas lift mechanism is one of the best innovations. The bed storage serves as a perfect storage system that has proper space for essential stuff that you want to hide from guests or visitors when they visit your place. The king size bed with storage is the most popular storage bed type which helps in a complete assortment of materials and goods so that your bedroom remains clutter-free. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for beds with storage benefits so that their bedroom can afford more space for other furniture items.

Study Table with Drawers

Different types of storage units have become popular these days among which some furniture units have served extremely essential. With dual functionality as well as usability, a study table with storage cabinets adds to double functional value. This furniture unit makes its best place in the study unit space. The study table comprises storage cabinets that can accommodate books, stuff, magazines, cushions, and other types of clutters. It is cost-effective and is also space-efficient therefore saving space for other furniture products. On the one hand, it serves the functionality of a study table and on the other, it is serving a storage cabinet giving enough space for stuff to store. 

Entertainment Unit with Trunks and Drawers

The classic and modern TV units are mostly placed in the living room area where the family residing in the urban home gathers to enjoy their favourite TV show or soap opera. Having crafted exclusive designs and style mixes, entertainment units like TV units with trunks and drawers are becoming popular in Indian homes. There are times when the entertainment area appears completely filled with clutters and you have no space left for storing them. This is the time when you would consider the importance of a TV unit with storage spaces. 

Magazine Rack

With exclusive magazine rack collections, Royaloak has unveiled the different renditions of storage systems that you can install at any corner of your home. Besides enhancing the beauty of the interior decor, the wooden wall magazine rack serves additional functionality. Do you have the practise to gather collectibles or collect the best monthly magazine or newsletters? Then this can be a great option to store them in a place where they will remain untouched by dirt and tears. These kinds of magazine racks with storage are strongly made with solid wood like Sheesham.

One can keep newspapers, catalogues, books, magazines, and many other pamphlets in rack stands. As the magazine rack is integrated with a storage drawer or trunk, the functionality of the magazine rack furniture increases to the next level. It serves quite useful as users can accommodate more stuff in the drawer or the storage trunk of the magazine rack. These kinds of storage furniture items can easily be installed at any corner of the home.    

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are the most useful furniture product that offers more space when you have a huge number of guests and this storage space comes to be a boon for your home. The kitchen cabinet provides open space for ample working space. For a compact and tight kitchen, a modular kitchen cabinet not only enhances the interior look of the space but also adds functionality by serving space efficiently.   

Bedside Table with Drawer

Bedside tables are made from solid wood material that make them potentially strong and serve as storage space for many things. The bedside table is combined with compact drawers and is also made up of strong solid material such as Sheesham wood. These kinds of bedside tables with drawers serve as effective storage spaces where essential things and documents can be stored so that you can also access them whenever you need them while sitting in bed. A bedside table with drawer comes at a budget-friendly rate which is functional and can be kept at the right corner of your bedroom. Royaloak provides a huge collection of bedside tables with explicit designs and therefore can be easily installed in Indian homes.


In the 21st century, people are mostly opting for compact homes and living in small apartments. However, you can devise your creative brain to make space for storage furniture to keep your room clutter-free. Are you looking for top storage furniture items? Royaloak is the best furniture retail brand in India that provides the best range of international furniture collections with unique designs and amazing style. The brand helpes elevate the lifestyle of customers all across the country.

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